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10 Alternative Search Engines To Google IMN Blog Posts

10 Alternative Search Engines To Google IMN Blog Posts


DuckDuckGo prides themselves as being the search engine that does not track or personalize your searches and results. They even offer handy visual guides on ...

Looking for an alternative to DuckDuckGo? Give Search Encrypt a try. Like DuckDuckGo, they are a privacy-based search engine. It includes a general search ...

Want an open source search engine? Check out Gigablast. While it doesn't always get things right, it does provide a retro look, results return quickly, ...

StartPage was the first search engine to allow users to search privately. None of your details are recorded and no cookies are used, unless you allow it to ...

The following are 15 search engines that you might consider as viable alternatives to Google. This list includes both general search and specific offerings ...

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Use Buzzsumo if you have a topic in mind and want to see which articles on the web were most shared for that particular search. There is a paid version that ...

SimilarWeb allows you to search for website or app profiles based specific domains or app names. Domains with a high volume of traffic will have data ...

Search Encrypt

A collaborative search engine.

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Keyhole allows you to search for hashtags, keywords, @mentions, and URLs. Want to see how your latest blog post was shared across social networks?

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Twitter's Advanced Search is a great way to find better results on Twitter. It is especially great for businesses looking for a local audience by allowing ...

With Google Video Search you'll be able to search for videos on any topic and filter your results by duration, date when uploaded, video source, ...

Another Web Search engine that takes on all the privacy issue associated with Google search engine is IxQuick. This web search engine stores none of the ...

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We're talking about search terms – the words people type into search engines like Google.

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Want trees planted while you search? That's what Ecosia does! Simply run your normal searches and Ecosia will use its surplus income to conservationist ...

ask.com search engine

DuckDuckGo - The Privacy Search Engine on the Rise - Secure Search - SEM & SEO

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SEO Book keyword research tool

Scribd is the largest social reading and publishing network that allows you to discover original written content across the web. Sort results by category, ...

DuckDuckGo is one of the fastest growing web search engines, which has gained particularly because of its plans on maintaining user privacy.

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A privacy conscious no-tracking search engine.

With Google sunsetting its site search product, many companies are wondering where to turn for this functionality. Columnist Paul Shapiro provides some ...


WordPress Reading Options

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Is each page and blog post formatted properly?

When you're writing a blog post, keyword research is best utilized for the title and headline of the post. For example, if I wanted to write a post here on ...

The search engines will vary based on your browser and settings. The Search Results will be displayed in a page called Search Engine Result Page.

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Yippy Search Results


It attempts to get information pertaining to search queries from personal profiles and member directories, which can be highly sensitive.

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For example, if I run a blog about digital marketing, I'd enter something broad like “email marketing.” From this, I can extract the following keyword ideas ...

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Bing offers an image search that starts out with the top trending images, then leads to images which can be filtered by size, layout, and other criteria.

lycos search engine

alternative private search engines

However, they aren't the only search engine on the web. In fact there are literally hundreds of alternatives to Google.

It's possible to update the information on Yippy Search or report it as discontinued, duplicated or spam.


Promoting Choice and Innovation

I've been using Duckduckgo since last few days, and I am really loving it. It's the best search engines for geeks and after using this you would also find ...

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When Google's Matt Cutts first announced the search engine would be penalizing a large guest blogging network, many people in the SEO industry instantly ...

Gigablast - An Alternative Open Source Search Engine-gigablast_com


webmeup alternative darnell


Before setting up additional RSS feeds and paying for 3rd party services, we would like to remind of the feature that comes prepacked with WordPress.


The best thing about Yippy is that they don't store information of the users like Google does. It is a Metasearch Engine, and it is dependent on other web ...

While all of the above Google Alternatives tackled the issue of Privacy, Gibiru takes on Censored content. Do you happen to know that most of the content ...

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A blog search started from the Google home page, for the term security, showing

Well ...

2. Yahoo Gemini


Ecosia — The Search Engine with a Heart

Boardreader Search

Google Docs

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9. Checking Links