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10 LesserKnown People Who Were The First To t

10 LesserKnown People Who Were The First To t


He took the name “Mr. T” to gain respect from White people who used to call his father and brothers “boy.” He self-ordained himself “Mr. T” so the first ...

The Top 10 Television Shows of 2017

Even YouTube Stars With 1.4 Million Monthly Viewers Earn Less Than $17,000 a Year, Research Shows | Inc.com

A forensic reconstruction of Cheddar Man's head, based on the new DNA evidence and his

Friday, May 26 marked the start of Ramadan, a month of fasting in the Islamic religion to mark the first revelation of the Quran to Muhammad. Here are 15 ...


star wars actors you didn't know were in star wars joel edgerton keisha castle

11 Awesome facts

lal bahadur shastri. What is the first ...

Two of these things are not like the others... AMC

Who is the father of democracy? Not Thomas Jefferson, as many people oddly seem to think. It was, in fact, the little known Cleisthenes. He first introduced ...

chris pratt jurassic world

Barbara Bush Bob Hope Hillary Clinton

5: He was the first actor to have bagged the Filmfare best actor award. He won this for the movie Daag. Dilip Kumar has won 8 Filmfare awards and has been ...

In the mood: Actor Marlon Brando poses for a portrait circa 1953. (Photo

For Morgan Freeman fans, The Shawshank Redemption is the one movie that has it all: Plenty of kindly old wisdom for his character to impart, ...

This one might have been a first for a music maker: In


Jedward and the Olson Twins

The notables who planned to sail on the fateful voyage included a world- famous novelist, a radio pioneer and America's biggest tycoons

You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who 




10 Things About Roseanne You Never Knew

One in 10 people have traces of cocaine or heroin on fingerprints, study finds

Nope, this isn't a speculative history scenario and Nazis don't come into it. In 1842, a society was established in Germany, the Verein zum Schutze ...

I love how this starts off so normal and then you see Jacob Black and Alpaca

Less than a month after welcoming his first child with girlfriend Jen Harley

reese witherspoon

Katy Perry had to change her name as it was the same as a famous actress (Image: Getty)

Lesser known R-rated historic tidbits

3. Talking about Age. First Child: My son is 10 ...

From my very first breathe I've been known as “my little brotherâ

Everyone's favourite ass-kicking, bubblegum-chewing, demon-destroying show Buffy the Vampire Slayer first aired 20 years ago today.

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'The Rape of Recy Taylor' explores the little-known terror campaign against black women

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Jaap Arriens/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Also, museum staff, members and community members will be there to teach people about animals ...

Dimitrios Pagourtzis. Credit Galveston County Sheriff's Office, via Associated Press

Polish by birth, Catherine the Great assumed power in Russia when her husband Peter III

Our little (big) girl is 10 months old today! People aren't

More than 30 million American adults are living with kidney disease and most don't know it. “There are a number of physical signs of kidney disease, ...

Howard Schultz Starbucks CEO

17 Celebrities Who Married Ordinary People

This personalized kids baseball t-shirt is part of our Little League Collection and is available for a limited time.

Will Smith was arrested in 1989 after being involved in an assault so serious one man

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For many, braces are an awkward memory from middle school or high school. Although orthodontic R&D strive to make current teeth straightening methods as ...

10 Billionaires With Surprisingly Frugal Money Habits

100 Random Movie Facts You Really Need To Know

“When we first started

10 Medical Student Syndrome

inspirational speeches by women

Director: David SchmoellerA group of friends on a road trip end up stranded at a

Seth Green

Carol Burnett - honestly I think she was one of the first women unafraid to be seen as something other than beautiful. Not that she wasn't pretty, ...

This photo was named the most recognized photo of National Geographic. His other less famous ...

The 25 Most Influential People on the Internet

ABC's "Jimmy Kimmel Live" features a week of guest hosts filling in for Jimmy

... Silicon Valley could help the last people you'd expect — and Elon Musk has given $15 million to a contest that will prove it More "Better Capitalism" »

Elon Musk

leighton meester cinema society

One of the most enduring mysteries in Hollywood is Greta Garbo's retirement from acting in 1941

Gillian Anderson

... front page 10/10/2017 Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe could be jailed for 16 more years. Photo : PA #thetimes #tomorrowspaperstoday… https://t .co/4U1udnY1eP"

I was so swamped when I received my first foster newborn that I didn't have time to look-up local mommy groups, more less join one.

Apparently the name Mark Sinclair didn’t sound tough enough

Windows 10 April 2018 Update review: It's about the little things


There's definitely a buzz of excitement today in our house because little known fact…we really love dressing up. This will be the first year that we haven't ...


Jeffrey Dahmer gave the people in his apartment building sandwiches that could've possibly been made from his victims' flesh.

John Adams (October 30, 1735-July 4, 1826)

Morgan Grant and Hilary Cassoday - two new US passport holders

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Marilyn Monroe was abandoned by her widowed mother, and she spent much of her childhood

Okay, so the little Lion

Luke Hemsworth

Instant success isn't the only kind of success.

Donald Trump


Fancy another woman prime minister – well at least she will keep No 10 clean and tidy! Seriously though, you can always rely on Wikipedia to produce some ...

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After his father's death, Nelson Mandela was adopted at the age

2. Vin Diesel and Paul Vincent

10+ Men Before & After Shaving That You Won't Believe Are The Same Person

Famous People Who Found Success Despite Failures

Sweden's PewDiePie is the most popular YouTuber in the world right now.

Trump Celebrities