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12 male idols who are known to derp Oppas Kpop y Memes

12 male idols who are known to derp Oppas Kpop y Memes


Todo un crack se mamo 😂😂

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EXO-L and Starlight here ✋

I've been surrounded by it for 1 and a half years, yet I still don't understand Kpop.

The beauty standards in Korea are monsterous! Beauty is beauty, no rules applied! | KPOP-CALYPSE | Pinterest | K pop, Korea and BTS

You know sometimes when YouTube videos stop because the wifi is slow, I have had it pause at the weirdest times, and others are pretty awesome.

from the story ~ KPOP MEMES III ~ by CalypsEko (~Khaï~) with 964 reads. Je suis si content tu peux pas voir mon v.

Youngjae + Mark

The difference XD


Eunhyuk's face derp!! <3 #kpop #superjunior #meme

the only true way to learn english, through korean idols ~~

Because he always looks handsome and manly :D

Read Jin from the story bts memes [ book 1 ] by cookybae (Kookbae) with reads.

Omo that's me

Find this Pin and more on BTOB Derp by halyang_lsg.

I think all international fans believe this is true. It's so hard to see our

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Namjoon wtf stahp killing me with ur- idek anymore. Find this Pin and more on Kpop memes ...

Every. Single. Time. they dont look the same

first off great advice from one of the handsomest men in kpop and second thiS HAIR

... bias is like telling someone you plan on seducing their husband until he leaves them for you. Trust me, don't do it if you know what's good for you and ...


exo memes - Google Search

kpop meme

boom mind blown

I know im crazy when i know who each 12 members are/suho/baekhyun/chanyeol/lay/D.O/kai/luhan/kris/tao/xiumin/sehun/chen

Park Hae-jin (박해진) - Picture @ HanCinema :: The Korean Movie

I know you can't resist that face. Funny Kpop MemesExo ...

Shinhwa memes

10 male idols who slay the high note game | http://www.

Read from the story MEMES BTS by mamadores (✿єɢɢos✿) with reads.

i even have the video cut in my favorites :DThis. Killed. Me.

BTS 'Weekly Idol Jin Derp Face' Wallpaper

bahahahhahahahahahahahhaahahahahahahah <3

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Little known fact: I'm more than slightly obsessed with this Kpop band, B.A.P…

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Big Bang làm khuấy đảo giới trẻ hiện nay…

minseok looks so comfy and boyfriend here im soft

this guy is really my bias in EXO. I always wish that someday i'll met him ^______^

Blue Hair *Woah, never seen Key with blue hair... very smexy ;D

EXO derping | I love how Sehun has an entire row

BTS V don't know who kaneki is but V does look like him and he look hot. I had a hard time deciding where this went// oh please, fuck me

Y'all heechul babies a or of male idols in their 20's but iv never seen him baby females anoly Hani

Omg do you know how many pictures I have of Suho being a mom? A LOT like 30 or something cause who

I knoooow... but hey, thats not all Canada gave to the US so look at the bright side :D

☆~like hello BTS lol. Find this Pin and more on kpop memes ...

2 years with EXO, What can I do Exotic's, when I know the jokes

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#wattpad #hayran-kurgu Aşık oldugum 12 çocukla ilgili hayaller kuracağım. Nasil olsa hayaller gerçekleşmek için vardır.

D.O you are such a squishy~! keke I wanna squish your cute face and kiss your cheek~! *pouts* Saranghae Kyungsoo oppa~ most adorable human being ever I luv ...

WhatsApp (BTS Y Tu) - Memes

554 best funny kpop and idols pics images on Pinterest | Exo memes, K pop and Kdrama memes

my heart beats so fast xD then i say (in a quite voice to my sister) "look its a cute asian guy! Find this Pin and more on kpop memes ...

1er meme de moi,soyez indulgent:

#haru #mc #buddy #army #starlight #korea #derp #videos #horror #mizah #turkiye #kpop #editor #idol #groups #derpfaces #fail #ifşa ...

Im still shook || BTS || BTS Memes

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Yup that fucking happened

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Yep this is my thought process, I listen to kpop before and after as a stress reliever

Siwon the New SM CEO

One thing to note here: this face for J-Hope (I don't know his real name so we can use his stage name) is not a ...

Here is a random Bangtan derp face collection for you because why not! ❤❤❤ #BTS #방탄소년단

Exo always flirting though 🤗😉😉

me all time when it comes to kpop and kdrama but in reality I'm actually pretty popular 😏

Exo derp squad in action

This applies to me wanting the albums, lightsticks, and to go to the concerts of all the Korean groups I like

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I can't believe this lol.

Key <3 | allkpop Meme Center

BIGBANG #MADE #LOSER | BIGBANG ♡ FANGURL ಠ_ಠ ~Love | Pinterest | What's the, Exactly and Tries

GD at the end xD | allkpop Meme Center

my oppas' winks *dies* | It's funny how there are so many members

Haha I'm like Park Bom, corn for me thanks. Find this Pin and more on Kpop Memes ...



isthatweird" lol Ken and

233 best Bigbang Meme images on Pinterest | Bigbang, Meme and Memes humor

srsly there are boys prettier than me lol

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Bts dna memes

Oh my gosh BLOCK B!

Big Bang's 2 extremes for TOP.. Put a shirt on Taeyang.. Wait

12 idols who are still children at heart | http://www.allkpop

The Hyun Family Moments

She's secretly all of our ideal type tho lol

#shinee on the absence of jonghyun from Why So Serious - d'aaaawwww

I was like aww Suho appa called D. What how dare you do this to Baekhyun!

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exo derp - Поиск в Google | EXO : 12 High namja | Pinterest | Exo, Exo 12 and Exo memes

Waiting for subs

Plus proche de la réalité qu'autre chose

With Exo - Normally I hate these memes because they're so mean-natured but, gotto admit. When the meme's about EXO'S "instruments". ya know.

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