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1418 Soldats Kanaks w a r t Musique and Wwi

1418 Soldats Kanaks w a r t Musique and Wwi


Notice how thin the prisoners are; Rations had been dramatically reduced at the end of the war.

1914-1918 - Soldats anglais - Bataille de la Somme en 1916

German soldier with flowers, 1914 - 1918.

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Here is a collection of 29 incredible colorized photos showing everyday life of French soldiers from 1914-1918, during World War One. F..

17 portraits saisissants de Poilus, ces soldats qui ont vécu l'enfer des tranchées de la Première Guerre mondiale

German soldiers, apparently mustered for loincloth inspection, World War I.

Faces of World War 1

WW1, Young German signal man about 1917-18. World War IEditorial ...

Romantik im Stahlgewitter

Photos of the First Marine Division in the World War II era

Légion Étrangère - Les médailles militaires (French Foreign Legion)

14-18 soldats algériens

Group portrait of soldiers during World War I. (Credit: PhotoQuest/Getty Images)

WWI, 1916. le 115e R.I. de ligne - Delcampe.net

World War I (1914-1918). New German infantry uniform. Engraving,

French WWI Veteran Pierre Recobre (1889-1983) at a ceremony in the early

14-18 soldats belges

FIRST WORLD WAR 1914 - 1918 WESTERN FRONT (E(AUS) 711) Walking

Le devoir de mémoire : 14 18 : Les OUTRE-MER aussi ! Soldat guadeloupéen.

Soldats d'infanterie, munis de masques, prêts à aller à l'assaut. World War IFor ...

Trois soldats atteints de conjonctivite intoxiqués le 23 mars 1918 ; photographie médicale Description : Photo · World War IMars1914 1918French ...

uniforms World War I. WW1 uniforms - Armchair General and HistoryNet >> The Best Forums in History

Verdun 1916 - les troupes allemandes défilent devant le corps d'un soldat français,


The US Army of World War I More

CPA-PHOTO: Soldat du 4° Régiment de Zouaves / Guerre 14-18

Royal Scot, just before going to the Somme

Daddy, what did YOU do in the Great War?

Le soldat Lheureux du 401e d'infanterie en octobre 1916.:

"Forward! The enemy is approaching, you can hear his footsteps. But the

Old German postcard: Military-humorous series 'Always professional', № 4 '

war of the lost battalion world war 1 | ... LOST BATTALION ARTICLE 1919

German army uniform (WW1) A soldier in German army uniform from around the period of World War 1 (1914-1918)

Carte Postale Postcard 1914-1918 Unis contre les Barbares Linked against the Barbarians | by

Maurice Maréchal: a musician in the Great War

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Kanak, les oubliés de la guerre 14-18 - France Inter

“French soldier in World War I preparing his correspondence ” writing on a wooden case.

Paysanne donnant à boire à des soldats Français (probablement 26e Régiment de Chasseurs à Pied. World War ILe Capital1914 1918Triple ...

Soldats français à l'heure du repas dans la région de Lorette.

An Albanian volunteer serving with the Albanische Legion established in January 1916 by the Austro-Hungarian Army. AUSTRO-HUNGARIAN ARMY BALKANS 1914-1918

historicaltimes: “ Manfred von Richthofen, , 1914-1918, ”

Beautiful WWI Nurse Antique Photo

Italian and French forces at Reims, during World war one

German aviator Hermann Goering in the cockpit of his airplane, ca. 1914-1918

Section de mitrailleurs : quatre soldats, dans les ruines en train de tirer Description :

WW1, French soldiers with flamethrowers.

Sarko veut bazarder les Poilus

German WW1 Photo Book 1926 w/600 rousing reality pictures of WWI Italy

Un projet pluridisciplinaire à l'école primaire autour de la musique

War art, Trench Life. Europeana 1914-1918, CC BY-SA

WWI, "1917, will be a year of victory for the soldiers".

Ymca Wwi, World War I

Carte Postale Postcard 1914-1918 Dessin de soldats Allemands dans les tranchées Drawing German soldiers

Database of the 1.3 million who died for France in the First World War

la premiére guerre mondiale

View the Mod DB WW1 Reference Group image German Soldiers 1914-1918

World War I

Reenactment: World War I 1914-1918

Germany Declares War On Belgium - August 1914 - Washington Times

1914-1918: Hole in a helmet. “Saved by shrapnel helmet. This

This is Visual Journalism [75

Q Battle of Cambrai. A wounded German prisoner in the grounds of a chateau (just outside Cambrai) used as a British Division's advanced dressing station 8 ...

10 Things You May Not Know About World War I

Original Vintage Posters -> Propaganda Posters -> Sow Potatoes For Soldiers French WWI Propaganda

World War I German soldier wearing body armour

The Battle of Verdunwas fought from 21 February – 18 December 1916 during the First World · World War IMilitary ...

Chansons des soldats de France»

Soldiers of the US 29th Infantry Division take cover after a German sniper has already killed

Vintage Photograph - Seaforth Highlander of Canada, First World War (V)

2014-2018 The Great War Centenary 1914-1918

Marshal Foch and General Sir Wiliam Roberton bidding adieu at Cologne Station [picture]. World War IThird ...

FRENCH ARMY WESTERN FRONT 1914-1918 (Q 69982) French soldier using a periscope

First World War – IRNWC – International Research Network for War Commemoration

1914 - 1918 The Great War Fokker Dr.I Triplane ✠

Soldat stress post traumatique guerre 14-18

German cavalry in gas masks, World War I (1914-1918).

World War I (1914-1918). Poster 'COME ON!',

Portrait d'un jeune soldat allemand pendant la bataille de la Somme, 1916.

Reenactment: World War I


74 best The literary war: Poets, Poetry and Prose of the First World War images on Pinterest | World war, World war one and History

Verdun : Halte-là. Carte postale.

Colonne de soldats français

World War I, German Soldier In Winter Canvas Print / Canvas Art by Everett

French soldier, armed with a carbine Lebel sample 1886 (Lebel Mle 1886 93R35)



A trench lies still with the bodies of Austrian soldiers, 1915. World War OneWar ...