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1688The Yacht of Willem III and other Ships on the IJ before

1688The Yacht of Willem III and other Ships on the IJ before


CANNON FIRED (HET KANONSCHOT) By Willem van de Velde, the Younger, 1707 (Rijkmuseum Amsterdam) A warship in calm waters fires a cannon. Two boats are on the ...

'De windstoot', Willem van de Velde (II), ca.

HMS Discovery was the consort ship of James Cook's third expedition to the Pacific Ocean in

Large Ships and Boats in a Calm


The ill-fated USS Scourge & USS Hamilton on eve of their demise on Lake

A Yacht Firing a Cannon Shot

The Frigates Aquilon (32) and the Pallas 3(2) at anchor in

Christian Molsted, 1862-1930, The breakthrough in the battle of Koge Bay on. Sailing ShipsPirate ...

Cut of the IJ to Amsterdam with the 'Golden Lion', the former flagship of Cornelis Tromp by Willem van de Velde the Younger.

William boarding the Brill

Calm: HMS 'Royal James', a Royal Yacht and Other Shipping

The Explosion of the Spanish Flagship in the Battle of Gibraltar April 1607 ~ Cornelis Claesz van Wieringen, ca Amsterdam

William III lands in England at Torbay. Date: 1688 - Stock Image

De terugkomst in Amsterdam van de tweede expeditie naar Oost-Indië, Hendrik Cornelisz.

Castle on a River in Holland

James heads into exile.

HMS Active · Sailing BoatSailing ShipsShip ...

New Bedford Whaling Museum painting

A Ketch-Rigged Royal Yacht in a Breeze

James slips away from London on 18th December, heading for the coast.

William of Orange

English Royal Yachts at Sea, in a Strong Wind in Company with a Ship Flying

de la Salle's 300-ton , le Belle, was lost at sea in 1688

Sailing, Candle, Boating

IGR/17: The boat Neptune, 1677, depicting Jeremy waving a sword,

A Royal Yacht with a Fleet Getting under way in a Breeze

17th century naval battle

Assassins Creed III HD desktop wallpaper Widescreen High

This elegant sailing ship with its tall masts is probably moored at Penney's Quay.

Small 100 passenger 'adventure' cruise ship we sailed on in 2010, visiting many of the islands - a sign of things to come?

Calm: A States Yacht and Many Other Vessels in a Light Air

The Battle of Barfluer 1692 - Backhuysen.jpg

William Bligh being set adrift by the mutineers from the ship The Bounty.

The Sea Raven was a Q ship converted to look like a merchantman but with extra hidden cannon! As the pirates came alongside so the sides would drop and they ...

An English Yacht Saluting a Dutch Man-of-War in the Port of Rotterdam

1 The Dutch Navy in 1700; Effective and Potential strength

A Dutch Whaler Close-Hauled in a Breeze

William III leaves with the fleet to England, 1688, Jan Luyken, Baltes Boekholt

The Dyfken replica from www.cooktownandcapeyork.com

Current Lot

A Dutch Yacht before the Wind in a Harbour

Detail of The 'Triumph' by Willem van de Velde the Elder


Whatever the reason was for William to cross the Channel, it sure was an invasion of one state by the armed forces of another state with the purpose to ...

Roy M

Old Nau - Carrack model

The 'Triumph' by Willem van de Velde the Elder

Boat Name: Le Soleil Royal Year Launched: 1669. Country: France Constructed By: L. Hubac at Brest ship yards. Sculptures by Caysevox. Size: 2000 tons

James II, picture, image, illustration


Ship model kit Berlin, Corel (www.victoryshipmodels.com)

Two views of East Indiaman of time of King William III, ca 1685, by

Equestrian portrait of William III by Jan Wyck, commemorating the landing at Brixham, Torbay, 5 November 1688


Ironclad SMS Preußen of the German marine (build ca. 1873) - Stock Image


An English Royal Yacht Under Sail with a Fishing Boat Laying a Net

He may have come in 1432. The Chinese sailed in fleets of ships called junks. They would have been headed to the Spice Islands to trade.

A replica of Captain James Cook's ship HMB Endeavour, during his first voyage to Australia. Cook's home harbor of Whitby, Yorkshire, England.

William III and Mary II reigned together for five years. William reigned on his own following Mary's death in 1694.

Plaque at the house in Rochester where James spent the night before sailing for France

I realised afterwards that this was because in 1661 General William Baillie and Sir James Lumsden were going separate ways each having their own ship ...

On the way we made a brief visit to Nemo, the Science Museum. The building, designed by Renzo Piano reminds me of a ship's prow ploughing through the water.

Berlin 1:40

Edward Fox of 44 Market Street, Brighton photographed the Barque Andromeda in 1866.


An Indiaman and a Royal Yacht in a Storm off a Rocky Coast with a Castle

On closer approaches identify and track in along the leading-light alignment marks bearing of 269.5°- 270.5°T that takes a vessel over the sandbar.


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R.H. Penney lived in a house to the left of the high gabled Southwick Methodist Church in Albion Street, the only building to survive the massive ...

Visitors can board the ship and look around both above and below deck

The Alastor was photographed at Mauritius in 1888 having survived a typhoon and she looks a sorry sight indeed.

Ship model Bellona, historic wooden static kit Corel - VictoryShipModels.com | Wooden model ship kits

How many times has Britain been invaded?

How different were the strategies of the Dutch and English East India Companies between 1600 and 175

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SHIPS Imperial German Ironclad Preussen 1877. The Graphic - Stock Image

On the seaward end of the South Bull is the corresponding Lyons Light Fl (3) R5s beacon.


Portuguese Carrack - 1585 - Wheatley

Dutch attack on the Medway The Royal Charles carried into Dutch Waters, 12 June 1667 National Maritime Museum

... Sailing-trawl-gear-2.jpg

King William III of England, (1650-1702) (lighter).jpg

The Golden Hind Ship in Brixham Harbour Devon - Stock Image

In addition, four to five hundred auxiliary troops of native militia (mainly from Cochin) were aboard.

The Pool of London, River Thames, London, England in the 19th century.

Le Soleil Royal

Santa Caterina do Monte Sanai 1520

The Project Gutenberg eBook of From the North Foreland to Penzance, by Clive Holland.