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2 september 1870 SEDAN Napoleon III Bismarck amp Wilhem I aquarel

2 september 1870 SEDAN Napoleon III Bismarck amp Wilhem I aquarel


Otto von Bismarck and Napoleon III to surrender on 2 September 1870, after the Battle

Emperor Napoleon III of France surrenders to Kaiser Wilhelm of Prussia the day after the battle

Famous Depiction of the Captured Emperor with Bismarck

Meeting between Otto von Bismarck (1815-98) and Napoleon III (1808-73) at Donchery, 2nd September 1870, print. Franco-Prussian War, France, 19th centu.

Bismarck Napoleon Iii

Interview bewteen Napoleon III and Bismarck at Donchery, during the Franco Prussian War - Stock

9 best Prussian paintings images on Pinterest | Battle, Prussia and Military history

Wilhelm Camphausen - Bismarck und Napoleon III. nach der Schlacht bei Sedan (Entwurf)

Napoleon III surrenders to king Wilhelm I of Prussia after the Battle of Sedan. The

Napoleon III leaves battlefield after defeat in Battle of Sedan, September 1870, Franco-

events, Franco-Prussian War 1870 - 1871, politics, news of the defeat

Charles ESCRIBE Charge de cavalerie (1870-1871) Aquarelle 20 x 30cm. Napoleon Iii19th ...

Prince Otto von Bismarck-Schonhausen. American cartoon of 1886 by Joseph Keppler mocking Bismarck as an 'Angel of Peace' in the Balkans following his role ...

ksedan1870 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Franco-Prussian War 1870-1871: Napoleon III of France surrendering his sword to

Capitulation, surrender negotiation, Franco - Prussian War, at Donchery, France, September

Battle of Sedan. 1 sept. 1870. Capture of Emperor

Surrender of the French army, Franco-Prussian War

Emperor Napoleon III surrenders to Otto von Bismarck and Baron von Moltke in Sedan

The capitulation of Sedan the night of September 2, 1870 - Stock Image

Franco-Prussian War 1870/71, the defeat of the French near Sedan on

Painting titled 'The Capitulation of Bailén' by José Casado del Alisal (1830-

Wilhelm Camphausen - Napoleon III. Und Bismarck nach der Schlacht von Sedan

Begegnung mit Kaiser Napoleon am Morgen des 2. September 1870. Illustration for Otto von

Franco-Prussian War 1870-1871. Battle of Champigny 30 November-2 December

Bellevue Castle near Sedan, France, venue of the meeting between King William I and

Proclamation of Wilhelm I as German Emperor

From the first the war was one terrible downfall for France and Napoleon. The French army was not ready. The men who had boasted that everything was in ...

Hoisting the German Flag at Fort Vanves outside Paris 29 January 1871- The Franco-

Napoleon III, 20.4.1808 - 9.1.1873, Emperor of France 2.12.

Battle of Sedan France Franco Prussian War 1870 - Stock Image

EUGÈNE COURBOIN, National Guard, Franco-Prussian War

Wilhelm I.

War of 1870: The capitulation of Napoleon III (illustration from Hugo's 'Histoire d

Prussians attack French artillery at the battle of Gravelotte Saint-Privat during the Franco-

Engraving depicts men reading the notice of the Capitulation of Sedan. Dated 1870 - Stock

Franco-Prussian War Uniforms, the second part of a painting guide produced by the

Prussian cuirassiers on the march in northern France

Otto von Bismarck (1815–1898), chancellor of Germany from 1871 to 1890

Franz von Lenbach ~ Pintor de retrato

Napoleon III, Emperor of the French, caricature, 1870 - Stock Image

1870 Sedan The charge of General Marguerite. ArmourWeaponsDramaNapoleon IiiArmy ...

Napoleon III and France during the Coup dEtat of the 2nd of December 1851 - Jacques

These and other effects were links in the chain of causes that set off World War I and World War II.

fateful years: 7 - what were the aims of Otto von Bismarck?

Napoleon III au Camp de Chalons- by Edoaurd Detaille

Chasseurs d'Orléans.

Franco-Prussian War - Strasbourg - October 15 1870

Christian Wilhelm Allers - - Portrait of Otto von Bismarck

Napoléon Charles Louis De Frondat, 1870

Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent Wearing the Jewel-Studded Helmet Artist: Anonymous, Italian, Venetian, 16th century Date: ca. 1532 Medium: Woodcut

Napoleon III (1803-1873), Emperor of France 1852-1870

Willkommen in Berlin Illustration for Otto von Bismarck (Hofman, - Licences available from

Unified 1600 independant German States, Campaigned for 50 years, Holy Roman Emporer, Drowned in Turkey on the Third Crusade, Had a ridiculous Beard.

08, 1970 - A Hundred Years Ago The Battle Of Sedan; A

William I at the Battle of Königgrätz or the Battle of Sadowa, Austro-Prussian

The Battle of Waterloo painting 1824 Jan Willem Pieneman ( detail ) Dutch Netherlands( In

1870-1871. Conflict between the Second French Empire and

Erste Begegnung zwischen dem Prinzen Wilhelm von Preussen und Otto von Bismarck 1835. Illustration for

Cavalry Sedan 1870 - Stock Image

Prussian uhlans of the Franco-Prussian war 1 Captain of the Rhenish Uhlans 2 Trooper of the Pomeranian Uhlan regiment 3 Lance-corporal of the Old March ...

The Capitulation of Sedan on 1st September 1870 - after a painting by Anton von Werner

Napoleon III, 20.4.1808 - 9.1.1873, Emperor of France 2.12.

Otto von Bismarck and German Emperor Wilhelm II.

Franz von Lenbach ~ Pintor de retrato

Popular imagery War 1870 capitulation ofNapoleon III in Sedan - Stock Image

Franz von Lenbach ~ Pintor de retrato

Napoleon III was taken prisoner at Sedan and kept in Germany for a time in case Bismarck had need of him to head the French regime; he later died in exile ...

Battle of Sedan was fought during the Franco–Prussian War on 1 September 1870.

Wilhelm II Otto von Bismarck

Napoleon III and Bismarck after the French surrender at Sedan, Franco-Prussian War

French, 1870

Frederick William III, King of Prussia (1770-1840), and his wife

1870-71 - Franco-Prussian ...

Crown Prince Frederick William of Prussia, 1870. Artist: Anon - Stock Image

Franz von Lenbach ~ Pintor de retrato

OTTO von BISMARCK (1815-1898) French magazine cartoon of the German statesman at

The Battle of Waterloo painting 1824 Jan Willem Pieneman ( detail ) Dutch Netherlands( In

Rare photos of Napoleon III's Imperial Guard - Armchair General and HistoryNet >> The Best

Museum of the Franco-Prussian War and Annexation - Armchair General and HistoryNet >>. Napoleon IiiPrussiaArmchairItaliaMuseumsSofa ...

Voltigeurs of the French Imperial Guard officer 1870

Prussia and France come to grips at the Battle of Sedan in 1870, as Napoleon

Cool Past Pics on

William Ewart Gladstone, 1809 - Liberal statesman and author

Message about the victory by King Wilhelm I, written by the Prince of Bismarck,

Portrait of Prince Otto Edward Leopold von Bismarck, "the Iron Chancellor."(

King Frederick William IV

THE SURRENDER AT SEDAN. Photogravure from a Painting by Anton Von Werner.

These and other effects were links in the chain of causes that set off World War I and World War II.

The pontifical Zouaves

The capitulation of Sedan, Honoré Daumier, 1870

from Wikipedia by ...

Self-portrait as a Shiva bhakt (c.1870) by Maharaja Sawai Man

From ancient cave drawings to the Internet, men have been reporting their wars almost as

Deutsch-französischer Krieg 1870/71 Schlacht bei Sedan am 1. September 1870:

William Pyne, waterman (1806)

Louis-Napoléon Bonaparte aka the Emperor Napoleon III by Franz Xaver Winterhalter

Rembrandt and his Wife Photogravure from the original Painting by Rembrandt. Dresden Gallery.