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26 The way to Vaikuntha qualities of the supreme Tiruppavai

26 The way to Vaikuntha qualities of the supreme Tiruppavai


26. The way to Vaikuntha: qualities of the supreme. #Tiruppavai #Krishnafortoday

When delusion crumbles: #Tiruppavai #krishnafortoday

24. MangaLAshAsana. 'Hail to Thee!' #Tiruppavai #krishnafotoday



#Tiruppavai #krishnafortoday

Madhava : #Tiruppavai #krishnafortoday


Tiruppavai notes 15: folly of pointing out shortcomings of a devotee. #krishnafortoday


#Tiruppavai #krishnafortoday

Krishna for Today: 29. Eternal servitude. #Tiruppavai #krishnafortoda.

#Tiruppavai #krishnafortoday

Blue sapphire on a banyan leaf: #Tiruppavai notes 26 #krishnafortoday

23. The lion's stride. Narasimha, Raghavasimha and Yadavasimha. #Tiruppavai #Krishnafortoday

#Tiruppavai #krishnafortoday

Krishna, Madhava, Vaikuntha. #Tiruppavai notes 09 #krishnafortoday

#Tiruppavai #Krishnafortoday



Tiruppavai notes 11. #krishnafortoday

26. The way to Vaikuntha: qualities of the supreme. #Tiruppavai #Krishnafortoday | KrishnaforToday | Pinterest | Supreme, Krishna and Hinduism

The austerities #Tiruppavai #Andal #krishnafortoday #watercolor #spirituality”

Andal - and the divine month. #krishnafortoday

4. Monsoon, the measure of prosperity. #Tiruppavai #krishnafortoday

#Tiruppavai #krishnafortoday | KrishnaforToday | Pinterest | Krishna, Indian gods and Hinduism

Andal's Thiruppavai in easy to read Tamil text and English | Theistic Indian Philosophy | Monotheistic Religions

keshav ( @keshav61 )

#Tiruppavai medias


keshav ( @keshav61 )

keshav ( @keshav61 )

Thiruppavai - Pasuram26

... her to srIrangam and accepts her and she returns back to paramapadham leaving us behind these two precious gems (thiruppAvai and nAchiyAr thirumozhi).

Find this Pin and more on Aandal by chitragowrisind.

ANdAL is an avathAram of bhUdhEvi nAchiyAr, the divine consort of srIman nAryAyaNan. bhUdhEvai nAchiyAr appears in this world as ANdAL (also known as gOdhA ...

Jan 30, 2016

keshav ( @keshav61 )

Jan 31, 2016

Krishna's List of 26 Divine Qualities!

Jan 28, 2016. '

Jan 21, 2016

Jan 27, 2016

keshav ( @keshav61 )

The period is considered inauspicious in some regions in India. Danurmasa is considered as inauspicious to do any good things other than Godly functions.

Jan 22, 2016

In this Pasuram she goes to the next girl and asks her to get up so that they can go the beautiful mani mandapam and recite the holy names of Sriman ...

Archana jois ( @jois_archie )

"Nayakanai nindra " , this is the 16th Pasuram , many alwars have composed Pasurams for awakening Sriman Narayanan, in Sanathana Dharma we believe that ...

Thiruppavai Eleventh Pasuram

The month of Dhanurmasam is very auspicious to Vishnu devotees. Unlike the other days when the Lord Vishnu starts his day with Suprabhatam, this month he ...

Jan 19, 2016

Jan 16, 2016

Jan 24, 2016

Jan 29, 2016

Jan 23, 2016

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thiruppavai Pasuram-16 to 20

Tiruppavai notes 12. #krishnafortoday

engum thiruvaruL petru inbuRuvar embaavaay.

Srivaishnava Tutorial Part2 | Religious Philosophical Concepts | Hindu Philosophical Concepts

koodi irundhu kuLirndhElOr embaavaay

ChaturBhuja Narayana and Gopis (from the vintage line-art edition of "Shree Tiruppavai")

Once Sanat Kumara rishis out of intense love and devotion for Lord Vishnu rushed hurriedly towards Vaikunta to have his Darshan. Jaya and Vijaya, the gate ...


Tuesday, March 8, 2011


What do Upanishads say about the state of eternal bliss called 'mo:ksham' | Chinnajeeyar

Swami Desikan also refers to Brahma losing the Vedas to the two demons, Madhu and Kaitapa. Once Lord Brahma was tired of his creative activities and took ...

'Medha' means memory or intellect and 'Su' as a prefix means superior or excellent, so Sumedhah refers to one with the superior intellect.

... 15. of ...

... celebrations; 29.

Thiruppavai - Pasuram25

Swami Desikan as Sarva Tantra Swatantrar (Master of all arts, crafts):

6. atma niksepa: entrusting the burden of protection exclusively to God.

Five Heroic Qualities of Lord Rama!

Swami Desikan composed 10 verses on “Saranagati” (absolute surrender) in his “Adaikkala Patthu” wherein he seeks refuge of Lord Varadarajar of Kancheepuram ...

Lord advises Andaal once again to sing one more song as pleasant as Thiruppavai. ...

A month of beautiful kolams , Thiruppavai and Vaikunta Ekadesi


A statue of Krishna

Mathangalil Naan Marghazhi !!!!!!!!Part XIII

'Shankha' means a Conch which can generate a high pitched musical sound and 'bhrit' means one who bears it. Based on this, Sri Adi Sankara interprets this ...


Thiruppavai Resource | Learn About, Share and Discuss Thiruppavai At Popflock.com

Thiruppavai - Pasuram21