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3969 Marshall JMP Marshall amps t Marshall jmp Music

3969 Marshall JMP Marshall amps t Marshall jmp Music


Modded Marshall JMP 1977 - Josh Middleton


Marshall 1992 JMP Super Bass [1967-1981]

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1974 Marshall JMP MK2 6550 vintage 50w Tube Head Amplifier Serviced & Ready

1980 Marshall MK II Master Lead 50w 2204

... Marshall JMP, marshall plexi, Marshall Super Lead, master volume amp, vintage ampsDavid Szabados · 1976MarshallStack

Marshall Master Model Lead 100W Mk2


Marshall 2203 JMP Master Volume Lead [1975-1981]

Marshall JMP 100

Marshall JMP 2204 with Les Paul

1976 vintage Marshall JMP 1987 50 Watt amp head

'77 Marshall JMP stock

Original 1976 Marshall JMP Super Lead - MKII, 100w

Universal Audio Marshall JMP 2203

Marshall Artist Vs JMP

Well used Marshall. Even better amps, speakers and combos available at…

NAMM '12 - Marshall Amplification 50th Anniversary JTM1, JMP 1, JCM 800, DSL 1, and JVM 1 Demos - YouTube

*you can see that the serial is printed right below the left corner of the on/off switch*

1978 Marshall JMP 1987 MKII

Marshall JMP 2x12 1978 combo guitar amp review

1978 Marshall JMP 2203 100 Watt Tube Guitar Head

1977 Marshall JMP 2204 - KISS TONE

Marshall JMP model 1987 (1972)

1979 Marshall JMP 50 watt head - tone sample

1969 Marshall 1987 plexi jmp 50w

1976 Marshall JMP 50-watt

1971 Marshall JMP Super Lead 100W - Playthrough

1972 100 Watt Super Lead

A rare 1969 50-watt Marshall 1986 JMP with its 8x10 cabinet. www.

Marshall JMP 2204 - Kiss Guitar Sound

3 Versions of Marshall JMP Mk2 Comparison - Super Lead - Master Volume - Super Bass

NAD: 1979 Marshall JMP MKII 2204 50 Watt (Splawn Modded)

14 Marshall Amps Comparison - Shootout - JMP Vs JCM800 Vs JCM900 Vs Vintage Modern and more - YouTube

1971 50 Watt Marshall JMP - HK Modded

20 Ways to Record a Marshall JMP Amp

I've always wanted one of these. They are quite rare. I don't think any amp has surpassed the early 'plexi' Marshall era in terms of sound and style.

Vintage 1978 Marshall JMP Amplifier Head Red Tolex. Monster Amp!! - YouTube

Marshall 50th Anniversary Limited Edition JMP-1H - 70s Era Head image 1

Marshall JMP 2144 Reverb Boost 1979 | Playthrough (2204 - Early JCM800)

Marshall JMP 20 Lead & Bass - 1973 - Original Vintage Marshall Amplifier - YouTube

1971 Marshall JMP 1992 Super Bass Red_0.jpg

RARE 1978 Marshall JMP Super Bass Fawn head superbass superlead 100w plexi 1970s

Universal Audio Marshall Plexi Super Lead (Musikmesse 2015)

1976 Marshall JMP Super lead! I just purchased this amp what do you tech guys think of it? I dont know Sh*t about amps, I hope it's original or mostly ...

Marshall 2061X Handwired 20W Amp Head

Marshall JMP 2204 50 Watt


1977 Marshall JMP 2203 MK2 Fawn DEMO

AMPS IN THE ZONE #1 late 60's/early 70's Marshall lead spec amps

1968 Marshall JMP50 at FULL VOLUME!

Photo 4 of 10 Ordinary Marshall Rack Power Amp #4 Marshall JMP-1 Samples With 9200 Power Amp

50th Anniversary Marshall JMP-1C Farewell Review | Les Paul, SG + Stratocaster Tones

Help date this Marshall JMP


1979 Marshall Master Volume 50w 2x12 combo & Les Paul

Mitch Mitchell's Marshall JMP Super Lead 100-Watt

1979 Marshall 2104 JMP

Marshall JMP 2203 Master Model Lead 100w Mk2 from 1979 (pre JCM800) - YouTube

Marshall Jmp, Marshall Amplification, Guitar Amp, Bass Guitars, Marshalls, Instruments, Gears, Musicians, Music

1978 Marshall JMP 2204 50 Watt head

UAD Marshall JMP 2203 by Softube Trailer

1977 Marshall JMP 100 Superlead combo - with master volume/no pedals

JMP 1 Pre Amplifier with Marshall 9200 Stereo Power amp for sale

Marshall Valvestate Vs JMP


Canadian version of a late 70's non-MV JMP


Marshall JMP- 1979 - Lee Jackson mod

Marshall JMP 2061X/2061CX Handwired 18 Watt 1/2 Stack Amp

Shapiro: Marshall JMP Master Volume amps from '76-'77 seem to have less gain but still plenty, while the ones from '78-'81 have more gain.

'79 Marshall JMP 2150 - YouTube

Marshall JMP Super Bass from 1969

Marshall CODE 50W 1x12 Guitar Combo Amp

Marshall JMP 2104 MKII (80')

1978 Marshall JMP 50-watt Head and Cabinet

Marshall JMP 2203 / Jose Arredondo mod - Metal


1969 Marshall JMP "Black ...

Marshall JMP-1 & Replifex & Marshall 9100 poweramp via two Harley Benton cabs

Marshall 2204 1978

Review Of The UAD Marshall JMP 2203 Plug-in From Universal Audio - YouTube

Amp-Cabinet: British Style JMP/2203

Marshall JMP 2203 on bedroom level

Vintage 1976 Marshall JMP 4x12 1935B Bass Straight Speaker Cab Celestion G12M