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3990s Girls Will Obsess Over These Colorful Lisa Frank Tattoos Lisa

3990s Girls Will Obsess Over These Colorful Lisa Frank Tattoos Lisa


I used to have tons of Lisa Frank stuff. I remember when all my school supplies just had to be Lisa Frank!


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welcome to the space jam. its your chance, do your dance at the space jam. I have the movie still!

Bath & Body Works Art Stuff Fruitie Cutie Lotion

No wonder I love tattoos when doodle bear was my childhood toy!

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I loved the Pleasant Company American Girl Catalogs! I learn so much about the historical characters time periods from those catalogs!

"Thunder girl, flying like thunder, while others must wonder, what it's like

I loved these. Until all the glitter clumped on the tip

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I died when I got this for Christmas one year!

I with VS would bring these sweatshirts back. I'd buy them in every color. Stephanie Seymour Victoria's Secret, 1999

Baby Born

I saw my kids making these in class the other day and had to laugh cause they thought I had never seen one lol

Daniella Pestova - Cosmo Jan 1991 by Scavullo

Space Maker Pencil Box - Anyone remember coloring the top of these with markers, putting glue, letting it dry and making badass tie-dye bookmarks?

You wished you had a best friend like Ricky Vasquez — and style like Angela &

Is this the most intense photo youve ever seen

Handkerchief Tank Tops | 19 Things '90s Girls Used To Wear In The Summer.

20 Snack That Will Make You Miss The OMG puffy bite sized doritos! Best snacks ever! Miss these!

dude, this is THE pencil box that everyone had.

Funny pictures about Future generations won't experience this. Oh, and cool pics about Future generations won't experience this.

ate way too much of this as a kid.i would blow the biggest bubbles ever and then have a huge fat wad of gum as a result of chewing 3 pieces haha

I was obsessed with these haha

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