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39Ihi39ihilauakea Marsilea villosa HAWAIIAN TROPICAL FLOWERS

39Ihi39ihilauakea Marsilea villosa HAWAIIAN TROPICAL FLOWERS


'Ihi'ihilauakea (Marsilea villosa) endangered species. Hawaii FlowersEndangered ...

Leaves of the Hawaiian species Marsilea villosa.

... Marsilea villosa - Habit at Maui Nui Botanical Garden, Maui - Credit: Forest and ...

... in Hawaii, Marshman/Wikipedia. Azolla filiculoides in Germany, Christian Fischer/Wikimedia Commons. Marsilea villosa, Forest & Kim Starr/Wikipedia.

Marsilea villosa - Image: Starr 061108 9798 Marsilea villosa

Author: Marian Chau Institution: University of Hawaii at Manoa Department: Botany Family: Marsileaceae (Pteridophyta) Taxon: Marsilea villosa

Kupukupu: In Hawaiian language, Kupu means to sprout. This fern was therefore symbolic

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Raul Villanueva

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Группа махровых, класс полушаровидные (соцветие махровое, язычковые цветки расположены плотно и загнуты к. )

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