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39Orphan39 Alien Planet Found Nearby Without Parent Star t

39Orphan39 Alien Planet Found Nearby Without Parent Star t


This artist's illustration shows the temperate planet Ross 128b, with its red dwarf parent star

In the Zone: How Scientists Search for Habitable Planets

Huge Space Telescope Needed to Seek Life on Alien Planets


The Search for Another Earth – Exoplanet Exploration: Planets Beyond our Solar System

Artist's impression of the free-floating planet CFBDSIR J214947.2-040308.9 – Exoplanet Exploration: Planets Beyond our Solar System

Alien Planet Kepler 186f - A Cousin of Earth

Superflare Blasts Proxima b, the Nearest Exoplanet, Dimming Hopes of Life

'Super-Jupiter' Discovery Dwarfs Solar System's Largest Planet

An artist's impression of the star LHS 1140 and its super-Earth planet, LHS

This chart shows the size of the TRAPPIST-1 star and planets compared to Jupiter

The Search for Alien Earths - How Coronagraphs Find Hidden Planets – Exoplanet Exploration: Planets Beyond our Solar System

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An Earth-like planet orbiting a star that has formed a 'planetary nebula'

NASA's Kepler Mission Discovers Multiple Planets Orbiting Twin Suns – Exoplanet Exploration: Planets Beyond our Solar System

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Infographic: Profile of planet 51 Pegasi b

An artist's impression the surface of Trappist-1f. Astronomers originally thought this might be

Alien Planet Made of Diamond Discovered

Forbidden planets: Understanding alien worlds once thought impossible | Science | AAAS

Top 5 Potentially Habitable Alien Planets #space #astronomy #science

'Diamond' Super-Earth Planet May Not Be So Glam

Closest Alien World to Us

7 Earth-Size Planets Orbit Dwarf Star, NASA and European Astronomers Say - The New York Times

The Kepler-90 planets have a similar configuration to our solar system, with small

Nasa to launch Tess on hunt for 20,000 new worlds | Science | The Guardian

Exoplanet HIP 65426b is the first discovered planet around star HIP 65426.

Strange New Worlds: The Amazing Alien Planet Discoveries of 2013

22 stunning photos of our solar system and beyond in 2016

Twelve New Kepler HZ Candidates


If we made contact with aliens, how would religions react?

Looking towards the sky around Orion from Alpha Centauri with Sirius near Betelgeuse, Procyon in Gemini, and the Sun between Perseus and Cassiopeia ...

TRAPPIST-1 is a planetary system, located 12 parsecs away from the Solar system (39 light years), near the ecliptic, within the constellation of Aquarius.


... to be learned from the original Kepler data and likely to be unknown planets lurking in the light curves missed by the computers waiting to discovered.

Milky Way

Artist's conception of a multitude of tiny diamonds next to a hot star.

Exoplanet Fomalhaut b (Dagon), 25 light-years away, with its parent star Fomalhaut blacked out, as pictured by Hubble in 2012.

Have Aliens Built Huge Structures around Boyajian's Star?


A possible ninth planet may be the reason for a tilt in our solar system

Proxima Centauri, our closest stellar neighbour (Credit: ESA/Hubble)

A star forming region in the Large Magellanic Cloud

Population of Known Alien Planets Nearly Doubles as NASA Discovers 715 New Worlds

'Super-Earth' Alien Planet May Be Habitable for Life

The Crop Circles are often believed to be created by aliens, as there is no

And have we already seen it on Mars?

Earth is one of many planets (Credit: Mopic/Alamy Stock Photo)

Nikole Lewis, astronomer at the Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore, announces the discovery

The newly discovered super-Earth orbiting the nearby star GJ 1214.


Alien. A large egg-shaped object that is cracked and emits a yellow-ish light

Some scientists believe this is a seed sent to earth by aliens

An artist's conception from a couple years ago of Kepler-62f, a planet discovered in 2013 that is comparable to the newly found Kepler 452b.

The rocky alien planet Kepler 186f is an Earth-size world that could have liquid

Jupiter's tumultuous atmosphere

Planetary nebula IC 289 is a cloud of ionised gas being pushed out into space by the remnants of the star's core

Comet Shoemaker–Levy 9 colliding with Jupiter: The sequence shows fragment W turning into a fireball on the planet's dark side

Alien life could be found on other planets within the next 20 years, Nasa claims

A group of self-proclaimed paranormal researchers may have found proof of aliens near the

Number of planets, relative parameters and spacings[edit]

Sizes of Kepler Planet Candidates – based on 2,740 candidates orbiting 2,036 stars as of November 4, 2013 (NASA)

A bust of an alien described by Betty Hill sat on her coffee table. Hill