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470 ct Olive Green Idocrase Gemstone Gems and Minerals

470 ct Olive Green Idocrase Gemstone Gems and Minerals


2642 Carat Olive Green Apatitie Gemstone

thumb image of 2.6ct Barrel Checkerboard Olive Green Idocrase (ID: 362901)

thumb image of 0.9ct Pear Facet Green Tsavorite Garnet (ID: 467687)

thumb image of 4.7ct Pear Facet Lively Green Peridot (ID: 442826)

thumb image of 1.6ct Round Facet Blue-Green Mystic Topaz (ID: 490059

thumb image of 2.4ct Cushion-Cut Lively Green Peridot (ID: 447012)

470 Ct Olive Green Idocrase

Cushion Shaped Olive Green Diamond

thumb image of 1.4ct Pear Facet Yellowish Green Kornerupine (ID: 389367)

Items similar to Rectangle ct Rare Idocrase / Vesuvianite Sugar Loaf cabochon - Peridot colored Vesuvianite on Etsy

thumb image of 6.4ct Oval Cabochon Greenish-Blue Grandidierite (ID: 471871)

thumb image of 4.4ct Oval Cabochon Greenish-Blue Grandidierite (ID: 472002)

Green Gemstones from GemSelect

thumb image of 42.1ct Oval Cabochon Green Maw-Sit-Sit (ID:

... Olive Green Gemstone Gold Finish Semi. Demantoid Oval 116 Ct

thumb image of 1.3ct Pear Facet Greenish-Blue Grandidierite (ID: 470660)

No Reserve Gemstone Online Auctions Auction Gem Rock Auctions

thumb image of 5.1ct Oval Cabochon Greenish-Blue Grandidierite (ID: 471864)

thumb image of 48.6ct Round Cabochon Green Aventurine (ID: 485204)

thumb image of 51.5ct Cushion Cabochon Green Variscite (ID: 472206)

thumb image of 46.2ct Cushion-Cut Green Apatite (ID: 429703)

thumb image of 91.7ct Fancy Cabochon Violet Charoite (ID: 344690)

thumb image of 31.4ct Oval Cabochon Pastel Green Jadeite (ID: 382614)

thumb image of 4.9ct Oval Cabochon Greenish-Blue Grandidierite (ID: 471977)

thumb image of 6.4ct Oval Cabochon Green Actinolite Cat's Eye (ID: 486232)

thumb image of 31.5ct Oval Cabochon Multicolor Cat's Eye Opal (ID: 484320)

fire obsidian - Google Search

Green Tourmaline

"Vesuvianite - Quebec, Canada" - this is so gorgeous! Like faerie-green!

thumb image of 77.6ct Baguette Cabochon Green Maw-Sit-Sit (ID:

thumb image of 27.8ct Oval Cabochon Green Jadeite (ID: 471383)

thumb image of 1.7ct Diamond-Cut Golden Orange Zircon (ID: 434396)

Diopside -- this is an example of the "lighter, yellowish" color,. Gems And MineralsCrystals ...

thumb image of 1.9ct Oval Cabochon Pink Opal (ID: 491421)

thumb image of 4.4ct Round Cabochon Green Agate (ID: 473726)

thumb image of 42.9ct Cushion-Cut Lemon Quartz (ID: 469551)

thumb image of 2.1ct Diamond-Cut Green Tsavorite Garnet (ID: 398452)

thumb image of 2.5ct Round Facet Lively Green Peridot (ID: 480563)

thumb image of 3.4ct Round Facet Lively Green Peridot (ID: 490427)

Green grossular Garnet from Merelani, Arusha Region, Tanzania

Facet Rough Apatite Olive Grn. (Price per Ct)

Peridot Gemstones

thumb image of 4.3ct Pear Cabochon Greenish-Blue Grandidierite (ID: 471980)


thumb image of 1.8ct Cushion Checkerboard Multicolor Mystic Quartz (ID: 487543)

thumb image of 7.9ct Octagon Step Cut Purplish Pink Mystic Topaz (ID: 489640

Vanadium Chrysoberyl

thumb image of 3.2ct Oval Cabochon Green Agate (ID: 444060)

thumb image of 1.9ct Oval Facet Red Ruby (ID: 465482)

Purple mangan Vesuvianite covered by an outer layer of yellow/green Vesuvianite | Quebec,

thumb image of 3.4ct Oval Cabochon Red Strawberry Quartz (ID: 480376)

thumb image of 0.8ct Pear Facet Light Pink Morganite (ID: 457720)

thumb image of 4ct Oval Cabochon Green Quartz Cat's Eye (ID: 472882)

авантюрин, Бразилия

Heated Orange Sapphire

About Peridot Burmese Peridot Gemstone

thumb image of 3.3ct Oval Facet Lemon Quartz (ID: 423354)

thumb image of 2.9ct Oval Facet Honey Red Andesine Labradorite (ID: 334642)

Peridot Rough Stone

thumb image of 0.7ct Oval Facet Yellow Sphalerite (ID: 466482)

thumb image of 1.3ct Oval Facet Green Chrome Diopside (ID: 464970)

Chrysoberyl: Chrysoberyl, Cat's Eye & Alexandrite Gemstone Information - GemSelect

thumb image of 6ct Pear Facet Yellow Golden Citrine (ID: 456460). 6.03 ct Citrine

thumb image of 2.8ct Drilled Faceted Sphere Brown Smoky Quartz (ID: 479143)

thumb image of 1ct Pear Facet Red Pyrope Garnet (ID: 488483)

thumb image of 5ct Oval Facet Orange Sunstone (ID: 475985). 5.02 ct Sunstone

thumb image of 11.4ct Marquise Slice Bi-Color Ruby in Fuchsite (ID:

thumb image of 6.1ct Oval Cabochon Greenish-Blue Grandidierite (ID: 471866)

thumb image of 9.2ct Oval Cabochon Multicolor Agate (ID: 481559)

Copper Ore Jasper, jasper gemstones, green gemstones, olive ...

thumb image of 5.4ct Oval Facet Lively Green Peridot (ID: 484263)

thumb image of 5.7ct Pear Cabochon Greenish-Blue Grandidierite (ID: 471862)

thumb image of 1.8ct Pear Facet Greenish-Blue Grandidierite (ID: 471965)

159 Ct Natural Lime Green Peridot Loose Gemstone 563

thumb image of 6.8ct Oval Cabochon Green Agate (ID: 443628)

Uvite with Magnesite and Calcite :: Mina da Pombas, Serra das Eguas, Brumado, Bahia Brazil. Find this Pin and more on Green Gemstones ...

thumb image of 5.7ct Oval Facet White Topaz (ID: 425868)

thumb image of 7.1ct Round Facet Spotted Green Bloodstone (ID: 478350)

thumb image of 1.3ct Cushion-Cut Pinkish Purple Sapphire (ID: 448581)

thumb image of 27.5ct Cushion Cabochon Green Seraphinite (ID: 391121)

Hydrogrossular Garnet ( Idocrase ) from Afghanistan,

Natural Babingonite With Prehnite Mineral Specimens,76cts

thumb image of 2.4ct Oval Cabochon Orange Sunstone (ID: 474265)

thumb image of 3.2ct Octagon Step Cut Bi-color Ametrine (ID: 459555

0.9ct Green Chrome Diopside Gem from Russia Natural and Untreated

thumb image of 1.4ct Oval Facet Green Sapphire (ID: 461209)

O.82 ct Indicolite Tourmaline Gemstone. I love the color and brilliance! Gems And MineralsCrystals ...

thumb image of 1.8ct Oval Facet Greenish-Blue Grandidierite (ID: 471963)

thumb image of 2.2ct Oval Facet Yellow Golden Citrine (ID: 450613)

thumb image of 0.8ct Cushion-Cut Green to Pink Color-Change Diaspore (

thumb image of 0.9ct Oval Facet Green Demantoid Garnet (ID: 458754)

thumb image of 4.9ct Cushion-Cut Light Pink Morganite (ID: 446191)

thumb image of 3.3ct Marquise Slice Bi-Color Ruby in Fuchsite (ID:

thumb image of 1.7ct Round Facet Red Strawberry Quartz (ID: 474895)

thumb image of 1.9ct Pear Cabochon Multicolor Fire Agate (ID: 489188)