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5 Things More Likely Than a Shark Attack Shark and Shark attacks

5 Things More Likely Than a Shark Attack Shark and Shark attacks


I'm here today to balance the score a little. Statistics put the risk of a shark attack worldwide at about 1 in almost 300 million.

What are the most likely places to be bitten by a shark? Plus, 5


This Great White Shark in South Africa is a deadly beast, but humans pose more

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PHOTO: A great white shark is pictured in this stock image.


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A great white shark swims off off the coast of South Africa. The long term

Very few species of sharks attack humans

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Hugging A Shark


What are the Odds? Testing the claim that you're more likely to be struck by lightning than attacked by a shark

Data collected from the Centers for Disease Control 'WONDER' Database and the International Shark Attack File (RCL Illustration)

Sharks are Massive Marine Predators, But They Probably .

02 - UF reports 2017 as average year for worldwide shark attacks, deaths - University of Florida News

Hammerhead shark with yellow fish

Bite-size summary: Is

Shark death statistics

bull shark

Shark Attack

... that never fails, and start killing any shark ...

Shark attacks are rare, and almost never deadly

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Image titled Prevent a Shark Attack Step 11

shark attacks in 2017

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Sandbar shark, swimming, underwater view, Jupiter, Florida

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01 fanning shark attack

Discovery Shark Week Modal ...

Dead white shark at Bondi

shark week sharks

Shark attack

A great white shark

Great white shark attack

FactFile: the facts on shark bites and shark numbers

La Réunion has seen way more attacks than its neighbor Mauritius, and scientists are struggling to figure out why


Shark Attacks: What Are The Odds?


A tiger shark (pictured) was caught in the Margaret River region in February

Species of sharks known to attack humans.

... sharks. Coconuts

Great white shark 7.30.2012 whytheymatter hi 111754

Extra digits are much more likely than shark bite scars.


Great White sharks live in the coastal waters of all the world's major oceans. Dave Fleetham, Design Pics/Perspectives/Getty Images

Great White Shark (Photo: Getty Images)

In fact Myth 6 Only rogue sharks attack


How Are Sharks Less Dangerous than Vending Machines? An Exercise in Conditional Risk

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diver on the surface fending off a shark attack

Sand Tiger Shark

Great white shark near Cape Hatteras