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9mm DRT JHP Ammo Gel Test GUNS t

9mm DRT JHP Ammo Gel Test GUNS t


DRT Terminal Shock 9mm Frangible Gel Test

9MM Federal 150 Gr HST JHP Micro Clear Gel Test Glock 26

AMMO TEST: 9mm Winchester Silvertip 115 gr JHP

9mm Makarov Pow R Ball Ballistic Gel Test

.45 ACP +P Hornady XTP 200 gr JHP Gel Ammo Test

DRT 380 Auto 85 Grain HP Clear Gel Test

Nosler Defense 9mm +P 124gr Bonded JHP ballistic gel test

DRT Ammo 9mm vs Bare Clear Ballistics Gel

DRT 45ACP vs Wood & Ballistic Gel

Ammunition - Liberty 9mm +P Civil Defense Ammunition ...

9mm HST Micro 150gr JHP Short Barrel Test

At The Range: DRT .45 Auto Ammo Test

9mm DRT JHP Ammo Gel Test

Winchester Hybrid-X

Click on the penetration graph of each load to see photos from the gel test like

Glock 42 G42 ammo test: Precision One .380 ACP review in ClearBallistics gelatin - YouTube

I really enjoy testing new stuff that is truly unique and different. This new ammunition from Liberty Ammunition falls right into that category.

DRT Ammunition 9mm Terminal Shock Testing

Dynamic Research Technologies 9mm Ammo

Ammo Quest .380 ACP: Remington UMC bare gel test

Handgun Self-Defense Ammunition Ballistics Test

Ammunition - DRT 9mm Terminal Shock Ammunition ...

test guns

ballistics gel

... Ammunition - DRT 9mm Terminal Shock Ammunition


9mm gel test: DRT 85 gr frangible

Ten Top Self-defense Ammo Picks

Using Clear Ballistics gel blocks allows us to observe the penetration depth and wound channel without

Expanded Bullets

Feed Your Revolver: .38 Spl & .357 Mag Ballistics Gel Test Overview

18" Perma-Gel block

... Ammunition - G2 Research 9mm R.I.P. Ammunition ...

detail: Extreme Shock EPR and AFR

... Ammunition - Liberty 9mm +P Civil Defense Ammunition

ammunition tested

Liberty Civil Defense Ammunition 9mm Luger +P 50 Grain Fragmenting Hollow Point Lead-Fr


Ammunition - G2 Research 9mm R.I.P. Ammunition ...

Pistol in .380 ACP ready for ballistics testing.

Some ammo is designed to fragment on impact. We measured the weight of the largest

I don't consider myself more than a hobbyist when it comes to ammunition – I reload a little, play around in SolidWorks a bit, and read dry, ...


I pulled and cross-sectioned a 45 bullet so you can see how much of

On the other hand, the 45 ACP +P load performed really well. The

(No primers as no live ammo is allowed in SHOT Show.)

It just might be the unsung hero of the ammunition world: frangible rounds. Of course, it also seems to be widely misunderstood, not to mention underused.

By LC Judas


It is bigger than most .40 caliber guns, but the 10mm GLOCK 20 is

Fiocchi Extrema XTP(TM) 90-grain XTP JHP, part # 380XTP25

This specific load is definitely worthy of additional testing and introduction of barrier materials in front of the gel block. Check back for future tests.

At at hair under $0.45 per round, Freedom Munition's new X-DEF is less than (or way less than) half the cost of most premium self-defense ammo.

Federal Hydra-Shok 129-Grain JHP

SIG SAUER P365: The 9mm Concealed Carry Pistol You've Wanted

detail: Winchester SXT

Ammunition - Alchemist 9mm Z-Clean Ammunition

Ammo Quest 380 ACP: PMC Starfire bare gel test

Liberty Ammunition recently reintroduced its Civil Defense line of ammunition in new packaging.

Ruger LCP II in .380 ACP

DRT 40 S&W 105gr Terminal Shock ammo

DRT offers a variety of frangible rounds

9mm 85gr Lead Free Training TMJ 50 Round Boxes. $20.99. DRT Ammo ...

Try putting some modern self-defense ammo like this

Winchester Hybrid-X new ammo

Underwood Xtreme Defender Ammunition 9mm Luger +P 90 Grain Lehigh.

Monarch® FMJ 9 mm Luger 115-Grain Pistol Ammunition

380ACP 85gr Terminal Shock 13808520

Unfortunately, the company that made HPR ammo has gone out of business. But there are still a few online outlets that are selling remaining stock in a few ...

An example of case rupture. This typically blows the magazine, but can do more

Black Hills 125-Grain JHP +P

In fact, coupon code “TTAG” is already functional on the Freedom Munitions website, good for 5% off everything site-wide. Including ammunition from the 20 ...

You might be more familiar with Creedmoor's rifle rounds, but the company also makes a .38 Special round in one of my favorite recipes: 125 grains and +P. ...

wadcutter bullets

9mm 124gr Elite Terminal Shock 1912420ELITE

The 1911 Pistol: Daniel Shaw, retired US Marine Infantryman and Combat Weapons Master Instructor talks about why he doesn't trust his life with the 1911 ...

ammo boxes clear ballistics

SIG SAUER jumped into the ammunition market two years ago with a limited selection of self-defense handgun loads. Since then, the company has expanded to ...