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A 1920 cartoon from the Industrial Workers of the World depicts the

A 1920 cartoon from the Industrial Workers of the World depicts the



File:Iww in ohio american employer.jpg

Today in labor history, September The Canadian government outlaws the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) and other organizations.

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Irish World and Industrial Liberator , February 1, 1879.   Click

Big Piney WY Examiner - A newspaper editorial cartoon from critical of the IWW's antiwar stance during World War I

Cartoon depicting I.W.W. goals as a labor union

Drawn for the New York Call , reprinted in the International Socialist Review , June 1911

(June 3, 1909, p.1). The Industrial Worker ...

IWW Wobblies | IWW-Sticker ca. von 1913 in Detroit. Die Wobblies führten bei .

Reprinted in Art Young: His Life and Times Click images to enlarge.

In the August, 1917 printing of Solidarity the caption reads “Copper Trust to The Press: 'It's all right pal, just tell them he was a traitor'”.

An anti-union cartoon depicting labor union infighting in 1912, published in The American Employer. The cartoon apparently struck a positive chord with at ...

Ryan Walker, The Comrade, December 1903.


Cartoon from the New York Globe during World War I, trying to portray anti-

Cartoon from "The One Big Union Monthly" ...

Ryan Walker, Appeal to Reason , May 16, ...

Hot takes, dank memes, and educational resources delivered every hour on the hour right to your door. Find this Pin and more on IWW 1905 To 1920 ...

Is the worker worth his hire? Maybe in the short haul that makes sense, but in the long run it is stupid.

Art Young, Good Morning , September - October 1920.

(April 23, 1910, p.1). Unlike the conservative AFL, the IWW ...

Ironically, this scare mongering by the press publicised IWW methods such as the go-slow far more than Wobblies could ever have done on their own.

A 1920 cartoon from the Industrial Workers of the World depicts the Philadelphia longshoremen's strike, led by IWW Local 8. (Industrial Workers o…

The Messenger , December 1919.

On this day 3 May 1953 women nightshift workers at the Ivan Karadjov tobacco warehouse in

the Wobblies Standoff in Centralia Washington

IWW depiction of the War Plant [11


It Takes A Village – VNV Tuesday 3/28/17 Unions Empowered Us

Cartoon from Direct Action

In one bizarre article, 'The Critic' responded to an auctioneer's listing of 'famous IWW hens' in the Manawatu Evening Standard with: “'IWW hens?

Title: Wobblies! A Graphic History of the Industrial Workers of the World Contributors: Mike Alewitz, Seth Tobocman, Sue Coe, Sabrina Jones

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IWW poster memorializing the ideas and words of Frank Little.

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Upper Crust Vitamins Washington New Dealer A. Redfield Syd Hoff

Original lithograph (untitled) depicting an I.W.W. meeting

Anti-union cartoon in monthly magazine The American Employer depicting the AFL as a cannon aimed at a government building, 1914

Art Young, "The Last Supper," Good Morning , January 1, 1920

Sacco and Vanzetti

Political cartoon from 1919 depicting the Russian revolution's impact on the Paris peace talks

Image of Chicago Herald Illustration. This cartoon is a ...

The Working-Class During the Industrial Revolution: Growth & Ideologies - Video & Lesson Transcript | Study.com

An organized worker walks proudly with his good friend. Note the wooden clogs, another

This cartoon from the monthly magazine of the CPLA illustrates the organization's view of the American Federation of Labor.

Click images to enlarge.

Despite the cease of hostilities in Europe, surveillance of anarchists and the IWW did not end with the First World War. Industrial unrest and social ...

Upper Crust Madame Washing New Dealer

A fat businessman is told “Here, if you're so keen for fighting in Viet Nam, take these tools yourself and go to it!!!” Artist illegible [Confo, perhaps], ...

The October 1937 issue of The One Big Union Monthly, with articles on the General Defense Committee, Spanish Civil War and AFl vs CIO turf wars.

Steel Workers and their employers come to fair resolution following the violent and widespread strikes of

Image of Too Heavy a Load for the Trades-Unions

John Knott's political cartoon Come to Texas! provides an illustration of the decentralization of highly-centralized industries to Texas during the late ...

Debs' introduction to Red Portfolio .  Cartoon by Ryan ...

Cartoon from Riebe's 1919 pamphlet, Crimes of the Bolsheviki.

Anti-Communist sentiment: This cartoon shows a U.S. Army machine gunner holding off hordes of Reds and Wobblies (Industrial Workers of the World party ...

The February 1938 issue of The One Big Union Monthly, with articles on the Spanish Civil War, Sacco and Vanzetti and 'boring from within' unionism.

... thereafter learned his craft in the editorial offices of Chicago and New York's biggest papers, working for a time under Thomas Nast, the most important ...

This 1896 political cartoon depicts the coal trust as a wealthy man in a top hat

The I.W.W.: its First Seventy Years (1905-1975). The History of

New Zealand's first IWW local was formed in Wellington in December 1907, and other locals were formed in Christchurch and Auckland—both of which received ...


Undated editorial cartoon depicts Upton Sinclair and his EPIC program during his 1934 run for governor

external image electionday.jpg

Walter Crane, The Comrade , 1901.

Labor vs. Management


Further Reading. Preamble of the IWW ...

A government employee works unbothered while two politicians stand in the background trying to figure out

Suggestion for historical mural

This Ain't Your Archie Bunker's “All In the Family”

A Beautiful Snow, Daily Worker, 30 December 1933.

In response to a No Help Wanted sign the IWW suggests, “Lay the Boss Off - It Makes More Sense.” Artist T.L., IWW, Ithaca, NY, ca. 1960

Lawrence strike_0.jpg. A political cartoon appearing in a local newspaper depicting the standoff ...

Massey's red baiting had significant support from a number of high profile allies. The Protestant Political Association, led by the vehement Reverend Howard ...

The state also kept tabs on the second wave of syndicalist organisations, such as the Alliance of Labour and the One Big Union Council.

For those in power monitoring these developments, the possibility of a general strike seemed imminent. Recorded industrial disputes had risen from 8 in 1915 ...

... Aug 20: ...

Cover of Ernest Riebe's ironically-titled pro-revolutionary pamphlet, Crimes of the Bolsheviki [1919], ostensibly published by the "All-American Publishing ...

Ben Fletcher (1890-1949)

William Jennings Bryan espoused Populists politics while working within the two-party system as a

The Industrial Workers of the World was the radical alternative to the American Federation of Labor.

Rebel Girl: Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, Activist in the IWW and the ACLU

Cartoonist John Knott provides his audience with a glimpse of various points of views on New

A man in the labor union is protesting while a woman is trying to reach President

The Missionary in Cottonland

Nice kitty, nice doggie. Nice Kitty, Nice Doggie is a political cartoon by John Knott depicting the rising tension between labor ...

The Rebel Worker - No.3 (Winter, 1965)