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A Girl Called Honey Pulp t Vintage books

A Girl Called Honey Pulp t Vintage books


Robert McGinnis cover for a Honey West mystery “Girl On The Prowl”.

HONEY IN HIS MOUTH | pulp art cover modern noir crime

Killer Covers: Scandalizing the 'Burbs

Sin Street (originally titled Scarlet Patrol) by Dorine Manners is a vintage tale of call girls, crime, and the vice racket.

Anne Frances is Honey West, girl detective. A short lived crime show that aired on ABC's season based on pulp novels written by Gl.

Beneath her golden skin flowed the dark blood of her savage past.


honey-rider: “ Sexmahlia by Wolf Larkin PB 1967 .

I'll Get Mine by Thurston Scott, Popular Library. She Loved Men, Money & Marijuana! Find this Pin and more on Vintage Pulp Book ...

The Mattress Game http://ift.tt/1oNKf8O

Murder Without Tears

LINGERIE LTD #lingerie #vintage #pulp

Backwoods Tramp by Harry Whittington, Gold Medal Book She knew what she wanted—a man to take her away from the dirt road and the one-room shack she called ...

Fickling - Dig A Dead Doll - I have 'em all, "Honey West novels.

Strategic placement of "Adults Only" warning on this pulp fiction ...

Paperback Pyramid (PBO, Title : Honey in the Flesh Author : G. Fickling Cover artist: Harry Schaare Yours for: M.

Richard Deming - Anything but Saintly Perma Books 1963 Cover Artist: Bob Abbett "The violent death of a beautiful call girl leads to all-out war on the ...

"Fringe Benefits" | Vintage Pulp Fiction Paperback Book Cover Art | Sugary.Sweet

The plot thickens!

graphic Postcards Ecards of Pulp Art Products of Classic Vintage Paperback Book and Pulp Fiction Magazine Covers adult lesbian queer gay girlie greeting ...


meanwhile, back in the 'burbs.

Hang By Your Neck

A Woman Called Trouble by P.A. Hoover New York: Ace Books Inc, 1958 "

Vintage 60s Untamed Lust By Orrie Hitt Sleaze Pulp Novel Book by Dopedoll on Etsy https

Rand Crawford - Gang Girls Playtime Books 1963 Cover Artist: Robert Bonfils "She lied, plotted, gave her body freely to become the gang leader deb!

Lulie by Peggy Gaddis - Pulp Erotic Novel Illustrated Cover Vintage 1962

Death Deep Down. Pulp Fiction ArtPulp ArtFiction BooksVintage ...

"Honey West is an Aaron Spelling TV show from based on a character from pulp detective novels. Apparently Spelling was in the UK and saw the Avengers and ...

Trailer Trollop- "They lived in a house of sin... on wheels

Fair - Bedrooms Have Windows Dell Books 1952 (reprint) Cover Artist: Mike Ludlow

She was a fun loving frolicking doll who took to her romps like a drunk to

Don't Ever Love Me - vintage pulp book cover retro femme fatale with gun

Honey From A Dark Hive - Bernice Kavinoky

A provocative novel of a Jewish girl, a Catholic boy and a love that defied all…

Brandon House 729 1965

honey-rider: Cover art: Paul Rader . 1960

We ...

Anyone familiar with this page knows that I tend to favor vintage book covers over old magazine fronts. But I have to confess, the blog Pulp Covers has been ...

Strip Street, Venus Books #169 1952

The Frightened Stiff. Vintage Book ...

Rainbow Book # 110 - Sleepy Time Honey - Kathryn Culver - 1951.

Erle Stanley Gardner - 1933 The Case of the Sulky Girl by

"The Evil Men Do" | Vintage Pulp Fiction Paperback Book Cover Art | Sugary

HOP TO IT!, by Hector Lassiter

Ha, good one! Except it's spelled jamb. J-A-M-B. Girl in a Door

"You've heard about girls like Happy"

Bookmobile Bad Girl Pulp Fiction "She gave it away free all over town" Vintage Pulp Novel Cover Art

Pulp Fiction Art, Pulp Art, Book Cover Art, Book Covers, Vintage Books, Vintage Girls, Adventure Magazine, Indian Paintings, Sociology

belly-dancing pulp | I love this. It looks 50's to me, sy. Pulp Fiction BookVintage ...

pulp book covers - Google Search

Vive la France!

A cover gallery for Dell Books

The D.A. Calls It Murder, by Erle Stanley Gardner

I love how she's sitting on a tombstone! Vintage Book ...

It's a story about a lecherous dude named Jack who lures women into his basement rape-room which he calls the “Snuggery”. Don't expect this to show ...

Leisure Book #1166 1966

A Girl Called Honey. Other editions. Enlarge cover. 10105234

Two-fer Tuesdays: Taking It to the Streets

Fabian titles always have a way of surprising. In this case, Honey Baby, as “told to” Rex Nevins (whoever that was) is the narrative of seventeen-year- old ...

A GIRL CALLED HONEY: Sheldon Lord (pseudonym

The Heat Is On: Resort Girls

As women and families across the country march today in support of equality and fundamental rights, I'd like to share this interview I did with Trina ...

Pulp Friday: more adventures behind the bamboo screen

2. The Girl ...

For the original side of our line, where we're publishing new books, we began with Max and I each writing a book of our own – Max wrote FADE TO BLONDE, ...

Twice a Fool was published by Vega Books, above, and by Fabian Books, a version that was identical in every way except the company logo.

As usual with Fabian Books the cover for Cherita is uncredited, but their low rent house artist really scored a hit here. This is a beautiful image of a ...

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13 - 'Joy' has not changed too much from the Cameo Book #309 edition and the Les Romans version. Original art by George Gross.

The 1963 tell-all Honey Baby, for which you see the uncredited cover art above, is a novel narrated by a call girl named Honey Baby Ashley to author Rex ...

Above, cover art for War at Bluestem Basin by John Nemec, the prolific author behind books such as Naked in the Night, The Spy Who Came to Bed, ...

“At least once in each book,” notes Kathleen Gregory Klein in The Woman Detective: Gender and Genre (1995), “she inhales too deeply and breaks a bra strap ...


Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Odd Girl Out, by Ann Bannon (1957)

sleazy reads 13. “

Encyclopedia of Pulp Fiction Writers

We saw this Robert Bonfils piece at pulpcovers.com and couldn't resist re-using it. Bill Russo's Substitute Wife, 1962, from Playtime Books.

Seven Days to Death, by J.J. Marric

This ...

You Probably Want to Read Some Lesbian Pulp Fiction | Autostraddle. “

The Honey Blonde Just Had To Die

4, Honey In The Flesh

Adventure for Men is new magazine for us, part of a group a friend couriered over from the U.S. last year. The art in this April 1968 issue is uncredited in ...

We have quite a bit of Spanish pulp we've been lazy about sharing, but today we're remedying that at least a little. We snagged this little item entitled El ...

“Glen Was a Shooting Star, a Miracle”