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A duergar prisoner otherwise known as brain food for yesterday39s

A duergar prisoner otherwise known as brain food for yesterday39s


The mind flayer, also known as an "illithid", is one of the coolest, most "D&D" monsters out there.

A duergar prisoner, otherwise known as “brain food” for yesterday's ...

Mohawk duergar is the best.

Elven Woman in armor Aiming a Bow and Arrow. “


The adventurers then came to a hallway with gargoyles, which ended up being two encounters in one. The gargoyles animated and attacked when Lucky opened the ...


2003 Maggie I. Wang

Deepking Horgar, ruler of Gracklstugh

They head back to the mine, but Murgol is not available. As far as the Duergar miners know, no other group has been hired to clean the mines yet.

Find this Pin and more on Male Duergar by razir6112.

You will help me free the Elder Brain."

Staff Pick [2E] Let's read The Illithiad [Archive] - Page 2 - RPGnet Forums

The intro to Ysgard assumes you'll be spending most of your time on the first layer, which makes sense because that's where most of the major attractions ...

Kryptgarden Forest is the demesne of the gargantuan green dragon Claugiyliamatar, also known as Old Gnawbone. She appears in all her glory in the ...

It was in one of these wider caves that the attack came. The roper ambushed us, drawing Tor and Keth in with it's tentacles, while the giant rats that ...

Six duergar mercenaries were encountered in a special heated and shuttered room. These evil dwarves were able to enlarge themselves to giant proportions and ...

Know your role!

Ditcin (Sinlord of Gluttony)(Large) - The Sinlord of Gluttony. (Native American)

Illithid devours a Drow's brain. The most horrible thing about Mind Flayers, except their deadly psionic powers, such as mind control, is their diet: they ...

What does a young Dwarf look like? [Archive] - Giant in the Playground Forums

Selling your Soul at a Premium Know Thy Soul

Part Singapore, part oilfield-factory complex, the plumes of smoke & bursts of intense flame are contrasted by the spotless, almost empty streets.

i know this is like old news and i'm usually not much of a meme person but hey it was too catchy to resist

What ...

Fan art of Keyleth attacking K'Varn, by Kit Buss.




... Brought to undeath by the Horn of Orcus, finally slain by Tiberius Stormwind, who also removed the horn.

Wolfe had been searching for a cure to this Grackl-lung disease he'd contracted. The duergar only laughed at him, and told him he'd have to toughen up or ...

Ain't she the best?

The fishing industry must be really exciting in this city.

THE ...

From D&D 4e: "Duergar raid, pillage and take prisoners when it suits them, using captives as slave labor and sacrifices for their infernal altars."

... but any higher ranking archon of the same church can know anything a pawn knows if the pawn is close by and they spend a moment or 2 regarding the Pawn.

"In the Deeps, even the points of light are pretty damn dark." -Anonymous dwarf adventurer.

I've known Jekka and Mirian Raas for far longer than might be apparent. Their first adventure was published in the 2015 release Beyond the Pool of Stars, ...

[Let's Read] Drow of the Underdark [Archive] - RPGnet Forums



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Another Gen Con debut, the Duergar Soldier is a fantastic repaint of the Dwarf Barbarian from Dungeons Deep. He works great as a singular villain or as one ...

D&D 4th Edition - Neverwinter Campaign Setting | Forgotten Realms | Elf (Dungeons & Dragons)


They come to me, with things made by duergar hands, and things from the old place of grey houses. They ask me questions, but I tell them nothing ...

You will notice something else in this book. Nothing is referred to by a page number. It's by chapter. Here's an example:


The prisoner had little information to offer. They had each been captured by the cult and imprisoned down in that chamber. They had been tortured so badly ...

"Try to take over the world!"

The Elder Brain is pleased that his thread has been bumped in his absence. --------- You open the hatch that leads up and out of your Sept, ...

Prophet Vanifer of the Cult of the Eternal Flame.

>Grubthak the Knob Goblin Grub as he was originally called is my longest run character I've played for seven years now off and on and has gone through ...

Goliath, Barbarian/Dragon Shaman - Played by Micheal Scanga (Character illustration (at left) is from a Deviant Art portfolio belonging to 'Lordrhino15' ...

duergar “

The Infamous Assault on Dragondark Tower

Male Duergar "Dark Dwarf" Fighter Warrior - Pathfinder PFRPG DND D&D 3.5 5E 5th

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Fighting back the duergar slavers!

Barghests may be worshipped by goblins, but they're far from benevolent masters.

As they enter, a creature that appears to be little more than a sack of mustard-tinted flesh with a giant mouth, three legs, and tentacles is snacking on a ...

... to a life ...

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Rumpadump and Stool. "

While not her main aspect, the goddess Sarenrae fits the bill when she needs to, ...

Chain Devil (kyton)

Lamentations of the Flame Princess (lotfp) Fuck For Satan cover

I'm not sure if the mask is what you had in mind, but I think he looks like a fantasy Deadpool. Also, the term "bastard sword" seemed a little open to ...

Gaming is a subculture.

Drizzt battling Entreri.

As I embark on this adventure, ...

More than a few times I stopped & laughed & said to my players, "this stupid evil dwarf city is fabulous." It's such an awful place, but after the ...


He turned around and explored south east. There he found a large mushroom cavern which he also avoided. To the north he heard moans and metallic sounds.

[Let's Read] Drow of the Underdark [Archive] - Page 2 - RPGnet Forums

11 Transformation 509

The ...

Unified Food Theory


I never owned Villains & Vigilantes growing up as a gamer but I sure played it. We tried about every supers game in the late 70s and early 80s and while ...

After dinner, the staff cleared the crockery and we set up to run Pathfinder Society Scenario #9-00: Assault on Absalom. I played at one of the high tier ...


Nüwa, also known as Nügua, is a goddess in ancient Chinese mythology, best

The Dark Seldarine. From left to right: Vhaeraun, Kiaransalee, Lolth, Selvetarm, Ghaunadaur, and Eilistraee.

Picture Thursday 42: The Secret Tower (II) by René Aigner

It's based in no small part off a couple of posts on the official forums under House Rules. I've taken those ideas, expanded and fleshed them out and come ...

Fan Disservice: Urgathoa ◊ ...

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