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A strange manlike figure can be seen walking in the clouds t

A strange manlike figure can be seen walking in the clouds t


Cloud Walker

cloud walker. © Nick O'Donoghue A strange man-like figure can be seen walking ...

An extraordinary picture captured by a plane passenger at 30,000ft shows what looks like a

Cloud Walker

human like figure in the clouds


One internet user has commented that the figure looks like the robot from the animated movie

Human-like figure appears in clouds

It shows a distinct figure walking among the clouds. Nick said it was taken en-route to Cork in Ireland aboard an Easyjet flight.

Cloud cuckoo land: He certainly looks very odd

This Giant Human-Like Figure Appeared In The Sky And Freaked Everyone Out

Human like shape on clouds

A Plane Passenger Spotted a Mysterious Figure Walking On The Clouds At 30,000ft

"Godlike" figure appears in volcanic cloud over Chile

A strange human-like figure appeared above Mukuba Mall in Kitwe, Zambia. Some

[ IMG]

180 best Walking On Cloud 9 images on Pinterest | Clouds, Mother nature and Cloud shapes

A widely shared image appears to show a giant figure walking about the clouds. However the most likely explanation is that it is two plumes of condensation ...

Luke Skywalker: But what was he doing up there?

Cloud Walker

180 best Walking On Cloud 9 images on Pinterest | Clouds, Mother nature and Cloud shapes

Faces in the Clouds from weather.com. See the little boy? Cool,

http://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/t ...otography-competition-round-192/david-fuller/

It's likely that a similar finding can be made in this case if the photo time is known.

You almost can see a man like figure walking in this lightning strike!!!! I see a horse. Anyone else see it? I see the horse DSC Amazing~!

A possible candidate is the Doel power station in Belgium, which is roughly on the Vienna-Gatwick route, and has two cooling towers. And has been observed ...

Human-shaped cloud appears above Zambian shopping centre

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Mysterious 'humanoid' UFO filmed floating in the sky - but is it actually the Ghostbusters' marshmallow man? - Mirror Online

ENORMOUS SHADOWY FIGURE walking on clouds CAUGHT ON CAMERA by Plane passenger at 30,000ft

The cloud surfer as snapped from a pane window by Nick O'Donaghue

PIC: Irishman spots very strange figure in clouds during flight back to Cork for Christmas

Look intently at what is seen in this cloud formation AWESOME !

Face in Clouds.......you can download the video on You Tube

Heart cloud

Some of these clouds I've seen! 7 Phenomenal Wonders of the Natural World: Mammatus Clouds.


Jesus In The Clouds | Is this a real picture of Jesus in the clouds?


Nacreous clouds ~ sometimes called mother of pearl clouds, rare but once seen never forgotten. Mostly visible within 2 hours after sunset or dawn.

Amazing Cloud Formations You Probably Haven't Seen Before

Mammatus clouds formed above Regina, Canada shortly after a thunderstorm.

Face in the clouds: Some people have even suggested he has a face

#SpiritHoodsUK #SpiritHoods #Monday #Motivation #unicorn #clouds

Jesus-shaped cloud suddenly appears in sky comforting residents of city ravaged by killer landslide - Mirror Online


It looks like a reflection of a man outside the plane

through Portuguese desert

Strange Cloud Formations - Bing Images


I can see the face of Jesus Christ in the clouds!!! Look!

The ...

Nick O'Donoghue snapped Iron Giant image on EasyJet flight to London Gatwick | Daily Mail Online

The rare cloud phenomenon was recorded on a mountain called Sancancio (Image: CEN)

Figure 10 - The proof's in the pudding so they say.

We have not been able to locate the definitive source of the kite photograph, but it appears to be a “Spirit Man” kite designed by Martin Lester:

Figure 8 - We sign our checks with Xs but they cash them just the same.

People believed they could see Jesus in this cloud (Image: CEN)

The apparition looked like a Dementor from the Harry Potter movies (pictured)

Nick O'Donoghue snapped Iron Giant image on EasyJet flight to London Gatwick | Daily Mail Online

Dolly, let me say that one who can sing as pure and true as the blackbird before dawn on a luminous May morning, has nothing to fear from Jolene or anyone ...

They fawn over the least things in rap verses, but that's what makes the poetry special; the ability to make words mean more than they ordinarily would ...

We see Strange throwing out flaming discs for Quill to leap across amid


Figure 7 - There, that should keep em talking for while.

He says he felt the strange cloud sensed it was being photographed, as it simply vanished, leaving only this mysterious shape on film.

man in clouds

Shadow men... harmful or harmless?

Floating like a friendly ghost, the Spirit's legs swim as if it's propelling itself aloft. A soft kite with nothing to assemble or break, it stuffs into a ...

Figure 1 -


Strange creature seen walking through desert in Portugal

bellingcat - Interview with "WowihaY," the Man Who Narrated MH17 as it Happened - bellingcat

Argentina: Tucumán - Another Alleged UFO in the News

Nez Tour Art

'Remember, social media is a magnifying lens. It will multiply whatever is there.'

We don't need a bullet hole in our leg as our reminder. This place is a reminder to us, surrounding and enveloping us.

Jesus is Coming: Appears in Sky on May 21, 2014.


Figures and Textures: Waves, Fences, Fantails, Skyscrapers

Most of us are more familiar with our astrological sun sign than our moon sign.

How I Learned the Importance of Emotional Intelligence (Hint: the Hard Way)

Black figure some claim is bigfoot spotted in norther California

I spent nights trying to figure out what went wrong.

The witch chasing the car

The mysterious creature

Humans are all different.

He who learns but does not think, is lost! He who thinks but does

Her second marriage with Will's best friend didn't survive either. Twice widow, twice miscarriage. What's left for her? Faye accept a ...

Some of us think holding on makes us strong; but sometimes it is letting go

The Promethean Fire and Pandora's' Revenge