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A trail buddy I met on the JMT just uploaded this highlight video of

A trail buddy I met on the JMT just uploaded this highlight video of


John Muir Trail 2017 July 24th - August 11th

John Muir Trail Highlights Part III - Get ready. Ready for colossal peaks. Mile after mile of martian, above-the-treeline landscapes. Gem-colored lakes.

john muir trail in minutes panorama

john muir trail in minutes sunset tarptent

If you'd like her recent first aid kit, just drop me an email. Thanks to our title sponsor, Trailtopia, who are also sponsoring our other podcast, ...

john muir trail in minutes zak and poncho libre

George Andrews has a deep love of hikers and hiking so, when he retired, he wanted to involve himself in the community. He had always been keen to keep the ...

john muir trail in minutes sunset

John Muir Trail Video Highlights

The Hike: John Muir In a Week

How to Apply for a Southbound John Muir Trail Permit in 2018

To balance out images that show contemplation and meditation (a person just sitting and watching a sunset) I try to shoot active hiking images as much.

John Muir Trail Trip Report: Mt. Whitney summit

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john muir trail in minutes the muir hut

John Muir Trail Days 13-15 – Mammoth Lakes to Yosemite Valley

Yet, when he returned home, he became afflicted by a crippling depression that seemed to snuff out the good that had come from the trail.

Preparing to Hike the John Muir Trail

John Muir Trail Trip Report: Crabtree Meadow

Half Dome

Fastest Known Time on the Arizona Trail

To complete a high route, everything must go right. Your attempt, for example

john muir trail in minutes hitTheRoadZak

John Muir Trail Profile

Mighty Blue on the Appalachian Trail is a strong proponent of the flip-flop as a concept but less happy about the name!!

John Muir Trail Trip Report: Kearsarge Pass to Mt. Whitney

John Muir Trail Trip Report: Center Creek Basin Camp

Spot Gen3 Review: A Backcountry Communication Device. IMG_5948. DO YOU HAVE QUESTIONS ABOUT THE JOHN MUIR TRAIL?

Kyle Bock gave us an entertaining list of changes he might make were he ever to hike the AT again, and Steve read Chapter Five of "The Year We Seized The ...

John Muir Trail Trip Report: Flower Lake

8-Step John Muir Trail Planning Guide

View from Kearsarge Lake, just off the JMT, August 2017

The details are still in the works. Jim is anxious that our listeners are made aware of this important anniversary. Many hikers are unaware the Act even ...

john muir trail in minutes high sierra trail

He seemed so comfortable out in the woods that I assumed that he had been a lifetime hiker.

Meet the Updated Minimalist 24 and Vagabond

Video: Movie trailer for 'Mile.Mile and a Half' gives awesome glimpse of team's trek on the John Muir Trail.

As I approached the dunes, I looked for a good place to camp for the night, and the Mt Blanca Rd proved to be the perfect location.

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July 4 – Be Free

John Muir Trail – Days 10-12 Fish Creek to Mammoth Lakes

John Muir Trail Highlights: Section 4

photosbygriffin: Campsite along the John Muir Trail.

Resupply storage building at Muir Trail Ranch near the midpoint of the official JMT route. Photo credit: Brien Crothers

John Muir Trail

The Yellow-Bellied Marmot

Simple Lightweight Backpacking Food Ideas - Top Picks from the John Muir Trail

Thursday, August 24: It was pretty obvious that the trails in this area were almost primitive and not anywhere near the maintained quality of the JMT.

During the summer of a group of multimedia artists spent 25 days hiking the 219 mile long John Muir Trail.

Southern Terminus of the John Muir Trail

Gossamer Gear's Guide to Stocking Stuffers for Outdoorsy Folk

The Begbie Falls area is at the end of a logging road that offers many side trails for mountain bikers, hikers and climbers, but the real highlight for us ...

youngest Pacific Crest Trail hiker, Emerson Miller and his mother, Olivia Miller, have finished their mile journey to first brought you this story back in ...

A short but steep trail brings you to stunning sweeping views of Portage Glacier. This location is only a 40-minute, (900 foot gain), hike from the ...

Tuolomne Meadow

As I approached the dunes, I looked for a good place to camp for the night, and the Mt Blanca Rd proved to be the perfect location.

Chester tied up away from the helicopter landing area. Video Player

John Muir Trail 2012 Video

We're Taking a Long Walk

JMT Trip Planning: Shelters

July 3 – It is a Winner

New Zealand & the Te Araroa Trail: Learning to “Thru-Journey”

The first is about 2.3 km from the actual Recreation site and the other is about 50 yards from the upper falls. We chose the farther parking ...

Getting There: Depending on which direction you hike and whether you want to make it a loop, there are many options for where to park, including South Mesa ...

Welcome to the Ultimate Appalachian Trail Store! experience through volunteer-based conservation led by the ATC, a private, nonprofit organization.

John Muir Trail Highlights (Yosemite to Reds Meadow)

How to Train for the John Muir Trail

JMT Reflections: Planning

Three-Deer-John-Muir-Trail. “


My plan was to get a meal, get my resupply boxes (a candle and the Poughkeepsie Journal from Clairebear and healthy treats and a BURGER BANDANNA from Alicia ...

The trail climbed steadily through the forest, and we were grateful for the heel lifts on our snowshoes to take some of the pressure off our calves.

hiking trail just below gore lake in eagles nest wilderness colorado

One of the trail markers along the route

Share your tales of travel & adventure with our step-by-step guide. Upload trail descriptions, photos, video, and more.

Sunlit Valley

Don't let your gear weigh you down-Camino de Santiago Photo credit:

I made it back to Trout Lake all the way from Mexico. I'd been in touch with one of the old coordinators for the trail ...

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Pika on the John Muir Trail

Hardest California Hikes The Trail to Peak SoCal "Category 5" Hiking Series

Antelope Island start 2014

John Muir Trail – Days 4-6 Woods Creek to South Fork San Joaquin River

The first highlight of the hike was coming upon a grouse. We assumed he was courting a lady (who we never saw), because he paid no attention to us.

Prizes will only be shipped to the continental USA. Contest entry date is valid starting 3/15/2017, 2017 at 8am EST and will close at 3/29/2017, ...

Muir Monday: Most People Are On the World, Not In It

campsite along the john muir trail along the san jaquin river

The SoSHR is stunning cross country travel. We found a minimum of the obnoxious elements of off-trail high routes–willow-whacking, difficult navigation and ...

John Muir Trail – Days 7-9 South Fork San Joaquin River to Fish Creek

Life Changing Experience of Thru-Hiking: Brand Ambassador Arlette Laan

Watching the front move in


The Reasonable Decision to Give Outdoorsy Loved Ones Gift Cards

Clark's Nutcracker

Started climbing back out of the forest to Upper Vidette Meadow. At this point we finally left the JMT–yay! Here you have to keep an extremely sharp eye to ...