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AD 937 Olaf39s Approach Olaf Guthfrithsson King of Dublin is

AD 937 Olaf39s Approach Olaf Guthfrithsson King of Dublin is


AD 937: Olaf's Approach. The possible routes taken by Olaf Guthfrithsson, King of Dublin, in ...

Olaf crossed the Irish Sea with a Hiberno-Scandinavian army and marched through Cumberland, joined along the way by a force of Strathclyde British. In ...



The 18th century map which started off the Wirral theory in the first place (see

The Battle of Bouvines, 27 July 1214, in which the army of King Philip II of France confronted and defeated the army of Emperor Otto IV of Germany.

See detailed Map of Modern Genetic Clusters From People of the British Isles - Population genetics

Battle of Daras, 530 A.D.

Eldest son of King Edgar.

Anglo-Saxon, early 7th century AD, From Mound 1, Sutton Hoo, Suffolk, England An iron helmet covered with decorative panels of tinned bronze

Figure 1.1 Ptolemy's map; Figure 1.2 Ogam stone at Kilmalkedar, Co.

ANGSAX S E Anglo Saxon Jute AD575

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Chester's Eastgate, a traditional starting point for a walk around the walls. Look for a set of steps on the right hand side of the gate as you approach it.

It was produced by the BBC and starred Toby Stephens as Rochester, ...

"Was it past bedtime, the light no good for sewing? Beloved didn't move, said, 'Do it', and Sethe complied". History

After Athelney Abbey was dissolved the monks then built the church in the neighbouring village of East Lyng .

[August 1071: In der Schlacht bei Mantzikert (nördlich des Van-Sees) wird Byzanz unter Kaiser Romanos IV. Diogenes (gefangen) von den Seldschuken unter ...