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AGGHHHHHHHH PJOHDO t Road trips Percy jackson

AGGHHHHHHHH PJOHDO t Road trips Percy jackson



Awww Percico playing Mythomagic (I think)

“ "It's a new soundtrack I could dance to this beat, beat, forevermore

percy jackson challenge day 26 the end of house of hades

percy jackson fan art viria annabeth - Google Search

percy or annabeth depending on the other person

Bus trip to Camp Half-Blood - Percabeth fanart

Solangelo Rp anyone?

Charlie, Ethan, Luke, Silena, Zoe y Bianca, all heros.

as a daughter of Apollo, I can confirm that being a child of the sun god doesn't make waking up any easier < < man, sucks to be you sunshine kid.

Did I stutter Leo?

AGGHHHHHHHH | Nico and will | Pinterest | Road trips, Percy jackson and Jackson


Percy Jackson and the Olympians

Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase. And we'll never be Romans. < <

solbabydraws: I can't wait to know what the newest little Jackson/Blofis' name is gonna be. I already love her so much. And I know Percy does as well.

Apollo and Meg McCaffrey | Lester Papadopoulos

Percy Jackson and all his friends just came out of the Giant war. Har…

Related image | Percy Jackson & the Olympians | Pinterest | Percy jackson, Thalia and Jackson

I AM SO GOING OVER THERE *star eyes* >> Wait... Percy Jackson ...

Des fan art de tous les personnages de l'univers de Percy Jackson, re… #fanfiction # Fanfiction # amreading # books # wattpad

Born a Roman, die a Roman. Jason Grace

viria: this is a post that literally doesn't have any sense except I was trying to get Leo and Nico. That's it. I should try better D:

Annabeth Chase < < she can't be on a laptop tho cuz it will. Percy Jackson ...

FRASES PERCY JACKSON. - Frase 27/ La Sangre del Olimpo.

Percy and annabeth < < < I didn't need my heart anyways.

He's not going to die alone because most all his friends are dead too. In

Jasico < < I don't ship it (SOLANGELO ALL THE WAY) but. Percy Jackson ...

"insert dirty/sweet/terrible dialogue of choice" <--- I · Percy Jackson ...

Percy Jackson has flying shoes. He's my kinda guy.

Pin by Roz Cozad on Magnus Chase | Pinterest | Magnus chase, Percy jackson and Rick riordan

Day 026 - Squeak Don't worry Magnus, it's not what you're thinking XD

Loved this moment in Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief

The thing I like most about this, is how they made all the girls look like your average girls. Most of the fan-artists don't. Coach hedge though 😂😂

I'm re reading Blood Of Olympus and I couldn't help myself. (by Noelle Vott)

BOOKS BY RICK RIORDAN Percy Jackson and the Olympians Book One: The Lightning Thief Percy ...

I like Jason. I like Piper. I like Jasper. Why wouldn't you like Jasper?

Day 2: who is your favorite demigod? NICO DI ANGELO, OF COURSE!

Imagen de hoo, pjo, and nico di angelo | PERCY JACKSON (CANON GAY SHIP) stuffffff | Pinterest | Nico di Angelo, Percy jackson and Jackson

Percy x Nico part 4, What the heck happened, im gonna kill percy if he did something to nico

Vaginas Against Trump - T-shirt | Men's Premium T-Shirt. Percy Jackson ...

0samwhich: I tried doing a painting of Percy holding up the sky because I haven't drawn any Percy Jackson in a while. I kind of gave up though :P I like ...

Chistes De Percy Jackson Y Los Héroes Del Olimpo - Profecía El Ladrón Del Rayo 4/20 - Wattpad

Percy Jackson cumple una década:

PJO - Nico di Angelo x Percy Jackson - Percico

Solangelo <--- The fact that will is in a rainbow poncho-like coat makes this 10000% better.

percy jackson and book image

10 Pieces Of "Percy Jackson" Fan Art To Celebrate The Series' 10th Anniversary

This time I made a badass Annabeth with her classic Yankees hat :) for s

anxiouspineapples: percabeth beach sketch

Things I liked from Trials of Apollo: Meg McCaffrey Acknowledging Apollo's bisexuality and making it an important part of the character's backstory and ...

I don't know why, but I loves this. Octavian Percy JacksonPercy ...

Dam you Uncle Rick. XD(Its a DAM Percy Jackson thing, you wouldn't get it.) < < < < Unless your friends with a percy jackson fan

Tyson and Ella the harpy

First it was Percy then Nico then Leo. *sigh* All my crushes are either gay, taken, unaware of my existence, way out of my league, or fictional characters.

Percy Jackson in the "The Lightning Thief" persassy jackson everbody!

i don't ship them or anything but this is adorable · Percy Jackson ...

Percy, Annabeth, and Jack Jackson, cuz that is totally what Percy named him. < < < Anabeth Will not agree

maccalon: some warm-ups i did- ; i hate everything i draw lately ughh i can' t seem to draw much these days aahhh o)–( and yes i just finished BoO like. a ...

Will's been more than who you think he is · Percy Jackson ...

Spqr tattoo Pluto - Google Search. Percy Jackson ...

Rio Lete - Percy Jackson e os Olimpianos

Wow,viria ,I'm loving /hating you right now ALL MY FEELS ARE RUNNING DOWN MY FACE LIKE RAINBOWS. < < < NOT OKAY RIGHT NOW

No wonder monsters are always trying to attack the Argo II! Piper and Annabeth are

2 (Thalia Grace, Calypso, Clarisse La Rue, Katie Gardener and Drew Tanaka)


percy jackson fan art | Tumblr

How cute!

Percy Jackson. See more. Heroes by drakonarinka

Based on a dream I had the other night where Percy dies and nico runs into

Day Camp Half-Blood or Camp Jupiter? Camp Half-Blood all the way!

Will x Nico ;*

Random CAMP HALF BLOOD camper outfit! Id change the shoes to high tops that come. Percy Jackson ...

☆BrunaGonda-Art☆ I was actually rolling around on the floor in full fangirling mode during this part

Resultado de imagem para hazel percy jackson

roman poseidon camp jupiter - Google Search

Ανακλυσμός (Riptide) i know we aren't supposed to pin anything from the books/movies but it has a trident on it and it is pretty cool though i think i'll ...

In the war against the gigantes, Poseidon rivaled against the giant Polybotes. Poseidon killed this giant by crushing him with a huge rock.

nico di angelo funny

Break in HAHA, I totally understand Nico, pomegranates are delicious! < < < I don't think Nico likes pomegranates after what he been through XD

This would so happen

Leo x Calypso part 3..... I LOVE IT SOOOOOOO MUCH!

Seven Heroes Of Olympus · Percy Jackson ...

#teamleo · Percy Jackson ...

Silena Beauregard and Charlie Beckendorf <3

the ghost king Nico Di Angelo

Riptide/Anaklusmos replica from Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters

Percy Jackson, Leo and Calypso

Lea Valdez, a genderswap of Leo Valdez.

#pjo #hdo #percyjackson #bobsayshello #newpost

Percy-jaco part 5 (end)- Yeah, Percy would probably be a Jasico shipper.

"Will Solace/Nico Di solangelo is my new OTP" I really don't understand the people who think Nico got over Percy too quickly. Hasn't he had enough pain, ...

“I have died every day waiting for you Darling don't be afraid I

YES But Percy should know who Carter is since There was a special Carter Kane meets Percy Jackson short story in the series pack o the Kane Chronicles!

this is a perfect drawing of percy and annabeth..... <3 doing what they do best- narrowly avoiding death.

Heroes of Olympus Argo II

Bem assim. Rick RiordanPercy JacksonOlympusHeroesHeroes ...

Image result for percabeth headcanons

Of course Reyna said that. Percy Jackson ...

Nico Di Angelo