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AS1610717437 Apollo 16 t

AS1610717437 Apollo 16 t


Apollo 16 Commander John Young salutes the American flag on the surface of the moon.

Apollo 16 Lunar Module Orion at the Descartes Highlands.

List of Apollo astronauts

Lunar Rover (LRV) on the Moon - Apollo 16 - HD Video Stabilized - YouTube

'If they ever did another lunar mission then I would love the chance to go


What You Don't Know About these 6 Apollo Trips to the Moon …And How They Almost Failed! – Wow Amazing

And behind the lem on this Apollo photo (AS16-113-18339), we can see a hill that we can't find on the satellite photo.

Astronaut Charles M. Duke Jr., Lunar Module pilot of the Apollo 16 mission

Painting of Astronaut John Young, commander of Apollo 16, veteran of Apollo 10 and

Lunar surface[edit]

Farting on the Moon - Apollo 16

Cuff Checklist, EVA 2 and 3, Apollo 16 (Young)

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Humanoid History on Twitter: "Apollo 16 astronauts John Young and Charlie Duke on the Moon, April 1972. Painted in 1984 by Apollo 12 moonwalker Alan Bean.

Apollo XI launch July 16th, 1969 from Kennedy Space Centre

... the flown Apollo 16 LM Lunar Surface Checklist adds a 25-foot roll of tape to the contents of the Equipment Transfer Bag (ETB) during EVA-1 Preps.

I Can't Get Enough of NASA's New Project Apollo Archive Additions

Oblique view of Rupes Recta (left), Birt (center), and Rima Birt (right), from Apollo 16

apollo 16 front and back panels

But lines are not seen on Google Moon's photo of the Apollo 16 site. (Left = North) The LEM is not near a crater, and tracks do not match.

USS Vanguard, Cape Canaveral - 16 April 1972 - Apollo Cachet ...

Apollo 16 astronauts Charles Duke, John Young and Thomas Mattingly, dressed in spacesuits with

Apollo 11 Apollo program Moon landing conspiracy theories Apollo 16 - nasa

Launch of Apollo 11 - July 16 1969 - NASA Footage

“The Apollo 16 is the most stable, sonically accurate addition to my studio by far. Its incredible metering, monitor control, and the Realtime UAD ...

And the S-IVB stage would then have crashed vertically on the moon, so that my argument of direction of the crash would become invalid. The Apollo believers ...

Apollo 16 Moonwalking Astronaut Charlie Duke Talks About His Flight In Germany

So there we are, Apollo 16 takes a photograph of stars, which is a big kick in the nuts for everyone who says they didn't.

Flight Crew of Apollo 16, left to right, Thomas K. Mattingly II,

Looking to build a professional Apollo + UAD-2 recording system? Then you won't want to miss this special end-of-year promotion.

Apollo 16 Men's T-Shirt (Athletic Fit)

See figure 3.4-4 ...

John Young enters Altitude chamber for testing

Myth 1 is that moon has a permanent dark side. This is the far side of the moon, as photographed by Apollo 16 in 1972. See? It isn't dark. Image via NASA.

Apollo 16 voice uplink

Nowadays the average person wouldn't even remember that there was a third man who didn't even walk on the moon. Worse still in the 21st century ...

Davy crater and Catena Davy from Apollo 16

Moon Landings Chart » ChartGeek.com

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Charlie Duke, Apollo 16 90 seconds of wisdom

Sadly for the film makers they didn't seem to notice that the Apollo 11 EASEP equipment was very clearly in shot.

Apollo 16 Flown 2 Dollar Bill.jpg

USS Ticonderoga & Apollo 16 Dark T-Shirt

Apollo 16 astronauts Thomas Mattingly, John Young and Charles Duke, in casual clothes with

I usually doublecheck my sources several times before making comparisons - so I don't know, I either made a mistake or wrongly trusted the source which I ...

Apollo 16 begins its journey to the Moon on 16 April 1972. Photo Credit: NASA. “

Top Ten Hoax Claims: Apollo 16 landing on moon : Apollo 16 Charlie Duke at

The Apollo 16 mission left NASA scratching its head for years but the conclusion was that UFO footage is not necessarily of an alien craft and some supposed ...

According to Apollo 16 Stowage Locations, the rock boxes are in B5 & B6 in the Lower Equipment Bay.

Representative lunar seismograms from the Apollo 16 station.

An Apollo Command and Service Module (CSM) in lunar orbit. (NASA)

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From Apollo 16, a geophone that records seismic activity (like a seismograph records earth quakes). The astronauts lobbed mortars around it, ...

Download high-res image (258KB) ...

Oblique Apollo 16 mapping camera image at lower sun angle than above

The Lunar Module and Lunar Roving Vehicle during an Apollo 16 moonwalk

The rocket stage wasn't the only thing left on the moon during this mission

Apollo 16 image

ALIEN WOMAN & Astronauts Disclosure Far Side of the Moon, Alienstructures and Crashed alien spacecraft where t.


Oblique view from Apollo 16, facing south, with Klein in upper right

Apollo 16 image of interior of Mendeleev. Fischer is above center, and Richards is in upper left. Harden is in lower right. Benedict is along bottom edge.

Apollo 11 Moonwalk FRAUD!!! Caught July 16th 2009 on Tape 1:15 aprox

This isn't space junk (Apollo 16)

Ken Mattingly - Apollo 13 Command Module Pilot American History Biographies Famous People Film Aviation &

Apollo 16-18 inch; mountain bike for sale.

Aldrin doing a "soil mechanics" test

Photograph of the Apollo 16 landing site by Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter. One of several that showed that the Apollo mission flags are still standing.

Apollo ...

Apollo 10 (AS-505) lifts off from Launch Complex 39B at teh Kennedy

Apollo 16 astronaut Charles Duke's family photo left behind on the moon

Why do some people believe the moon landings were a hoax? | HowStuffWorks

But stars were never their targets, so they don't look very good, as these UV images from Apollo 16 show:

It's not in this Apollo 16 photograph either, as like all the others it just shows a weather system. The photo below left is also often claimed to show a ...

NITED STATES - JUNE 10: Apollo 16, carrying Apollo astronauts John Young - Commander

Oblique Apollo 16 mapping camera image

Apollo 16 sample #68815. (credit: NASA/AFP/Getty Images)

Oblique view from Apollo 16

The Apollo 10 Prime Crew - GPN-2000-001163.jpg

Saturn V S-IC first stage separation. (NASA)

The Apollo 16 Command Module.

bootprint on moon

Long-exposure photo taken from the Moon's surface by Apollo 16 astronauts using the Far Ultraviolet Camera/Spectrograph. It shows the Earth with the correct ...

The moon buggy was, I think, my favorite exhibit. I thought the “tires” were really cool. The “tires” are made of wire, not rubber, so that was a very ...

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SouthClub_Band on Twitter: "💭Cy Twombly's "Apollo and the Artist" is more well known than "Apollo" where most interpret his hint of Apollo's status as god ...

Satellite craters[edit]

Apollo 16: John Young jumps as he salutes the flag and Charlie Duke takes his photograph.

I would almost say with certainty this Snoopy drawing (321443038922) was not done by Schulz... particularly with the misspelling of "Snoopies."

Duke in front of T-38 aircraft

America Celebrates the 45th Anniversary of Apollo 16

The raw image of HOPE HOPE HOPE