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About 1500 Calligrapher Sultan 39Ali Mashhadi active late 15th

About 1500 Calligrapher Sultan 39Ali Mashhadi active late 15th


Divan of Sultan Husayn Baiqara, Sultan 'Ali al-Mashhadi (

"Dervish With a Lion", Folio from the Shah Jahan Album Artist: Painting by Padarath Calligrapher: Sultan 'Ali al-Mashhadi (active late century) Object Name: ...

Illuminated Frontipiece of a Manuscript of the Mantiq al-tair (Language of the Birds

"Portrait of Rup Singh", Folio from the Shah Jahan Album Artist: Painting by Govardhan (active ca. Calligrapher: Sultan 'Ali al-Mashhadi (active late ...

Calligrapher: Sultan Mahmud and Sultan Muhammad Nur. India and Iran. 16th century.

Folio from the Late Shah Jahan Album Possibly

Page of Calligraphy with Stenciled and Painted Borders from a Subhat al-Abrar (Rosary of the Devout) of Jami Author: Maulana Nur al-Din `Abd al-Rahman Jami ...

Illuminated folio with poetic verses from the Shah Jahan Album (verso)

Illuminated Frontipiece of a Manuscript of the Mantiq al-tair (Language of the Birds

"The Anecdote of the Man Who Fell into the Water," Folio from a Mantiq al-tair (Language of the Birds) / Sultan 'Ali al-Mashhadi / (active circa / A. 892 or ...

"Portrait of Khan Dauran Bahadur Nusrat Jang", Folio from the Shah Jahan Album

... Funeral Procession, Folio 35r from a Mantiq al-tair (Language of the Birds ...

Signed by Sultan Ali Mashhadi (d. 1520), Afghanistan, Herat Timurid period, Page from the Diwan (collected works) of Sultan Husayn Mirza, circa 1490, ...

These pages, known as qit'as (meaning both poetic fragments and calligraphic samples), were later collected, mounted onto dazzling illuminated margins, ...

The painting attributed to Bichitr, Mughal India, circa 1635-40; the calligraphy signed by Mir 'ali, Herat, Afghanistan, ...

recto: Portrait of Prince Danyal, Folio from the Shah Jahan Album ...

Calligrapher: Shaikh Hamdullah ibn Mustafa Dede (d.1520). Album of Calligraphies

... Shahi court of Bijapur.

Cover of a Qur'an made for Sultan Qansuh al-

Frontispiece with a Dedication to Sultan Khalil Tabriz, Iran datable to 882 AH AD) ink, gold and opaque watercolour on paper text (on the verso) copied in ...

A Youth with Bottle and Cup, attributable to Reza-i 'Abbasi, with calligraphy by…

Fettered camel and keeper; reverse: calligraphy panel late century Bizhad Safavid period Opaque watercolor, ink and gold on paper H: W: cm Herat, ...

This icazet highlights a particular chain of calligraphers and provides a written testament to the tutorial system through which calligraphic knowledge and ...

Shaykh Inayat Allah Kanbu of Lahore, Bihar-i-Danish ('The Romance

Mulla-Do-Piaza, Akbar's court jester

sultan mohamad gaznavi & an old woman 1587

Early Modern manuscript warfare drawing - Artilleriebuch 1582 BSB d

Ibn Sīna - by Hossein Behzad

Ottoman sword, 15th century, slightly curved, single edged blade. Topkapi Saray Museum

Halîmî Çelebi'yi Yavuz Sultan Selim'in huzurunda gösteren Âşık Çelebi tezkiresindeki minyatür

Persian calligraphy - Image: Yaali zikr qayam qaim ast

Manuscript - Lectionary 183

Rani Roopmati, was a Hindu singer, and later Queen of Malwa after her marriage

Two Daoist Immortals

Calligraphic page Place of origin: India (made) Pakistan (made) Date:

The Thousand-Character Classic Calligrapher: Wen Peng (Chinese, Period: Ming dynasty Date: 1561 Culture: China Medium: Album of eighty-five double leaves; ...

Persian calligraphy - Image: Nastaliq proportions

Persian Musketeer in time of Abbas I by Habib-Allah Mashadi after Falsafi (Berlin Museum of Islamic Art).

Iran _ From Religious Dispute to Revolut - Michael M. J. Fischer | Mohammad Reza Pahlavi | Iran

Kedar Ragini: Folio from a ragamala series (Garland of Musical Modes) Artist: Ruknuddin (active late century) Date: ca.

2000 х 1500 pixels

An Image of Majnun with Verses from the Poem Layla va Majnun, Persian, century Painting With Calligraphy

"Dervish Leading a Bear", Folio from the Shah Jahan Album Painting by Govardhan (active ca. Calligrapher: Mir 'Ali Haravi (d. Object Name: Album leaf Date: ...

Portrait of Islam Khan Mashhadi Artist: Payag (Indian, active ca. 1591–

Timurid Empire - Folio of Poetry From the Divan of Sultan Husayn Mirza, ca.

3.62 "Bichitr, Jahangir Preferring a Sufi Shaykh to Kings, from the St. Petersburg album", Mughal Dynasty, c. 1615–18. Opaque watercolor, gold, and ink on ...

Shahnameh of Shah Tahmasp - Image: Sultan Muhammad Tiran Zahhak

Shaykh Inayat Allah Kanbu of Lahore, Bihar-i-Danish ('The Romance

Haft Awrang By Jami 1556-1565 Kayfir

23ed7fabb95839ddc2fce0664c5779d5.jpg (736×1337)

... Folio from a Siyer-i Nebi (the Life of the Prophet) Artist: Painting by Mustafa ibn Vali Patron: Commissioned by Sultan Murad III (r.

Finely carved and oversized memento mori marble skull (est $4/6,000), Eighteenth-Nineteenth Century, Italian, probably from a tomb or crypt, on later stand, ...

Mi'raj of the Prophet by Sultan Muhammad, showing Chinese-influenced clouds and angels, 1539-43.

Founding of the dynasty by Shāh Ismāil I (r. 1501–24)


Painting by Abu'l Hasan | "Spotted Forktail", Folio from the Shah Jahan Album | Islamic | The Metropolitan Museum of Art

... miniature painting: Tantric folio relating to palmistry. Rajasthan, probably Mewar, circa 1820-40. Opaque watercolour with gold on wasli. 15.2 x 10.2cm

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A Nawab of Mughal dynasty, India, 17th-18th century. Color and gold

Handshake - Hera and Athena handshaking, late 5th century BC, Acropolis Museum, Athens

Pair of 17th century portraits of English nobility by John Hayls (Br., 1600-1679) brings $14,160... - Artwire Press Release from ArtfixDaily.com

A History of Muslim Philosophy

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Tomoyuki Yamashita's Sword Tomoyuki Yamashita was a general of the Japanese Imperial Army during World War II. He became known during the war after ...

The drawings of the Rococo period have exceptional crossover in artists and subject matter with the permanent collection at the Frick, both collections ...

Fadayan-e Islam[edit]

Panoramic view of Mashhad from Koohsangi

Tehran Province - Milad tower

Pir (Sufism) - Pir Dastgir, from the Mughal era

Muhyuddin Andavar Mosque - Image: Prayer niche, muhyuddin andavar mosque

with Kanembu gives the genealogy of the calligrapher, whose family had lived in Borno as

Paintings by famous Indian artist Sekhar Roy on Mojarto. Browse the list of wonderful artworks created by artist Sekhar Roy.

Shaykh al-Islām - Shaykh ul-Islam Mehmet Cemaleddin Efendi during the reign of

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Youth Holding a Pomegranate; Illustration from a Single Page Manuscript | Cleveland Museum of Art - Minyatür | Pinterest

Statistical Techniques | Statistical Mechanics - Raja Sparepart Murah - PDF Free Download

15 My contribution at age fourteen to the Neda-ye Elm family magazine (vol

12 UT Prospectus