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Aerobatic Sonex with Commentary YouTube Homebuilt and

Aerobatic Sonex with Commentary YouTube Homebuilt and


Onex Chapter of "The Sonex Story"

Sonex rotax turbo flight

First engine start - Sonex #145

2006 Sonex Waiex

Season 5, Episode 9: Bob Carlton's Jet Powered Sonex

SubSonex JSX-2

Download High Resolution ...

Building Sonex 0367

Introducing Sonex Aerospace

DIY Personal Jet Clocks In at 200 MPH and a Cool $125K. Photo: Sonex

Sonex 1462 - First Flight - Complete Version

Read the original 1998 Sport Aviation Sonex Article!

SubSonex AirVenture 2015

Above, Oshkosh 2013: Dan Weseman selected the Corvair as the engine for his Panther prototype. He did not make the choice lightly.


Sonex Waiex...home built LSA I intend to build before I am 50

Waiex Experimental Aircraft Sonex flight to Kern Valley

Short field operations in a Turbo Waiex. Sonex Builders and Pilots Foundation

Rihn DR-107 One Design Aerobatics At East Kirkby Air Show 2016

Sonex Basic Aerobatics

Hornets' Nest R&D: Xenos Development Archive

200 mph Fly-by Sonex Aircraft Homebuilt

Cub S, Zlin Cub S, Savage Cub S from SportAir USA. - YouTube

Sonex Close Up

Sonex Aircraft

Test pilot Bob Carlton taxis back to the Sonex ramp with a big “thumbs up” after the first flight of SubSonex Personal Jet model JSX-2.

[UPDATED] Sonex CEO and Employee Remembered After Fatal Crash | All Things Aero

Sean D. Tucker - Oracle Challenger III

SubSonex September 2014 Test Flights - YouTube

Evadot Podcast #112 – Reality Check with Sonex Aircraft

Aerobatic Flight

Building a Sonex aircraft

Vans RV-14


DIY Single Seat Aerobatic Airplane: Affordable Flying Fun

Oshkosh 2012 Sponsor: Sonex Aircraft, LLC

Onex Aircraft - Photo #1


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Airshow Legend Sean D. Tucker To Retire From Solo Aerobatics In 2018

Onex concept models showing wings extended and folded, both tri-gear and standard gear configurations, and showing scale relative to standard 7 foot garage ...

nrphotography L-27-2

The Sun Flyer

Waiex B-Model Kit

Page 1

Sonex will also present the tricycle gear version of the new B-model Sonex for the first time. The B-models now include the Sonex, Waiex, and Xenos ...

Seen at the Ottawa Flying Club's Fly Day event, a Lambert Super Lambair I amphibious homebuilt.

Chris was building a Sonex airframe from a kit and met Dan as Dan's airplane neared completion. Chris opted to build a close copy of Dan's ...

P85 Phase I Flight Testing Complete

Sonex Aircraft, LLC is committed to providing the recreational aviation community innovative, cost-effective and efficient aircraft kits, powerplants, ...

flygcforum.com ✈ KIT PLANES ✈ Lancair Evolution Turbine powered HomeBuilt ✈

I'm building an aircraft! Latest update page bottom pg 2 May 16 - AR15.COM

Special deals are unusual in aviation, an industry of hand-built flying machines sold in modest quantities. This is the paramount challenge in keeping ...

ATG Javelin - Not homebuilt :( ATG developed the design in cooperation with IAI hoping to sell both to interested civilians and government organizations as ...

Sonex taildragger

Powered flight and experimental aircraft building have been among my primary passions for the last 40 years. As a youth, I was bitten by the flying and ...


... Paul and Victoria Rosales with Van's RV-6A aircraft

The Sonex homebuilt. A marvelous little aerobatic cruiser fitting under the Ultralight/LSA Category Featuring its own 'Aerovee' engine line and various ...

Clarinda Fly-In & Air Show ...

[ IMG]

Onex reveal at the Sonex open house on Sunday July 25, 2010

Sonex Begins Microjet Kit Deliveries on #AVweb


Hell yeah.. click for Youtube video

Private ...

its aluminum construction makes for ease and consistency of construction while offering proven strength and a

Sonex Aircraft

Show Changes and Cool Stuff… I think were, for the most part, good. I liked the new airshow format, the $2 water everywhere, the new food vendors with a ...

"Double Dog" Airshow -- Huskey and Black Dog

The Onex on its first flight on January 27, ...

Ferrying home our newly purchased Pawnee towplane from western New York.

A Superbly Maintained Sonex Homebuilt

Miles Magister

My daughter was visiting this weekend and made a video of me flying the CX4. If you are interested you can view it by clicking on the YouTube link below:

Here is the aviation photo of the day! This series were all taken my me at the Rockcliffe Flying Club's Canada Day Fly-in.

You just don't see a Mitsubishi in this condition anymore [OC / Orange County, ...

This schedule doesn't include all of the military performers and will obviously change a bit in the ...

Then, with the mountains shimmering in the background, 29-year-old aerobatic pilot Peter McLeod roared down the runway in ...

Russell Burzacott with his current love. A Jab 2200 powered Youngster.He does own a Sonex as well but it is a rework in progress.

And half way between the two, a home built Sonex, this one powered by a full VW

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We talk with Vicky about aerobatic performances at air shows, including training and preparation, the “chicken dance,” the maneuvers Vicky likes, ...

Now that the show is over and we are back home preparing for our own local FlyIn, I realize how much I enjoy being a member of this great organization.