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Ahn Jun Girl on the Edge Well t Lonely girl Lonely

Ahn Jun Girl on the Edge Well t Lonely girl Lonely


Ahn Jun "Girl on the Edge"

Gorgeous series from Korean photographer Ahn Jun --Nerve-Racking Self-Portraits of a Girl on the Edge - My Modern Metropolis

Ahn Jun Photography

Jun Ahn | selfportrait of a serious rooftoper

Self-Portraits by Jun Ahn

Artist Jun Ahn can be seen looking out over New York, Hong Kong and Seoul, as well as perched dangerously on clifftops in Australia and Japan for her ...

étonnants auto-portraits de l'artiste Ahn Jun

Priscilla Ahn on her Hong Kong debut and how wedded bliss killed her songwriting | South China Morning Post

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by javabeans

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Friday, 29 July 2016

2NE1 – Lonely MV

Sohn Ye-jin (Shark) has confirmed the starring role in PD Ahn Pan-seok's new romance drama Pretty Noona Who Buys Me ...

AZM's "Edge" promotional picture.

On the Beach at Night Alone (2017) directed by Hong Sang-soo • Reviews, film + cast • Letterboxd

The members of B1A4 in the "Lonely" MV

Girl's Day "Everyday #5" promotional ...

This fantasy love story starring Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Young tells the tale of a lonely girl and a werewolf boy. This movie is one of the most ...


Brave Girls - Deepened [Easy-Lyrics | ENG]

Bad Girls | Playlist

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by CandidClown

DSP Media's rookie girl group April entered the scene last August and has released three albums since then. They've also had their fair share of pre-debut ...

15 Must-See Romantic Korean Movies

Jin and Ahn Jaehyun look really similar, it scared.

Tilda Swinton and Ahn Seo-hyun in "Okja." (Netflix)

A.Z.M's member Suhyun

TIFFANY HADDISH in Malcolm D. Lee's Girls Trip

All good things must come to an end, and it's time to say goodbye to our beloved Bong-bong and Min-min. Thankfully with most of the obstacles out of the way ...

Sjana Earp

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... beautiful moping, and it's the show's melancholy mood that draws me in so effectively—and not just regarding Shin, but with Eun-tak and Reaper as well.

On the Beach at Night Alone ...

Min-hyuk gazes up at the game room's starry ceiling, missing his Bong-soon. His calls and texts go unanswered, and he wonders if she's still working on her ...

“Who says I can't?” she returns. “One: If I see it, do we have to marry right away? Two: If I see it, will you give me that 5 million won?

Eun-tak sits on the rocks overlooking the sea, talking to her mother to ask how she's doing, and how heaven is. She starts to cry and admits that she's not ...


6. Lonely

Sun-woo tells Ki-hyungthat the culprit must know them very well, and Ki-hyung guesses that she's connecting this case to the Reaper.

But Sunny's fuming over her encounter with Reaper, and breaks into a string of curses, scaring the ghost away. Sunny asks Eun-tak if her looks aren't up to ...

kyuhyun promise ...

“Who says I can't?” she returns. “One: If I see it, do we have to marry right away? Two: If I see it, will you give me that 5 million won?


She gets up to leave him with the food, and Shin stops her to ask, “I didn't eat this, but I'm supposed to pay?” Eun-tak protests that she didn't eat either ...

Rafael Santana and Diane Kruger in the film "In the Fade." (The Match Factory)

At the Sky House, she meets Kang Ji-woon (Jung Il-woo), a soft hearted but lonely and wild-child rebel, Kang Hyun-min (Ahn Jae-hyun), a playboy plutocrat ...

He hands her the jade ring and asks her to return it to Sunny, since he doesn't think it's good for him to have that excuse to see her.

Great Choice

Grace Van Patten, Ben Stiller, Adam Sandler and Elizabeth Marvel in the film "The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected)." (Netflix/Atsushi Nishijima)

May Soon Yee (Cynthia's mother) and Foong Ying Yee (her aunt) preparing

I love this one too. Again, she's looking at her new crush subject with adoration, but this time she's looking down on him. Which fits the way way she is ...

Characters of the game modeled after BTS members (image via To the Edge of the Sky)

LBF sketch: Shin Kyung-sook on what modernity makes us forget

Millicent Simmonds in "Wonderstruck." (Amazon Studios)

Actors We Lost in 2018Looper.com

Loneliness Kills

Teaching Public Safety Through Objectifying AND Slut-Shaming Women Was a Bizarre Low, Even for Korea

19. Episode 19

We're only on Episode 3, but wow are we in for massive developments. I wouldn't say that the story is moving quickly, exactly—it likes to linger and draw ...

Gao Jun in 2004

The Girl Who Sees Smells-p1.jpg

Aside from the crass humor, I also found myself feeling frustrated with the writing. Here are a few instances where I felt the writing was not the best.

Super. Duper. Cute.

9. Always (2011)

When is an idol group not an idol group? The general definition of an “idol” tends towards any manufactured pop star. Regardless of whether a company ...

Another example of a show that other people liked that just didn't work for me. I did like it well enough in the initial episodes, for the OTP quirky-cute, ...

May We Chat

Event Details

Train to Busan (부산행) Movie Synopsis


Book review: Shin Kyung-sook – The Girl Who Wrote Loneliness

bad girls | by @spotfiy


Cast: Chae Jung Ahn, Han Ji Min, Shin Hyun Joon, So Ji Sub Description: Cho In is a very gifted doctor who has everything ...


... a near-death burn accident as well as his career as a genre icon that spans over 100 films and saw him kill more people on screen than any other actor.


Surreal self-portraits by Korean photographer Ahn Sun Mi exploring altered states of consciousness. Sun Mi sees her work as a space for transition where ...

Director Sofia Coppola signs autographs on Wednesday after a press conference for her film "The Beguiled" at the 70th edition of the Cannes Film Festival.

Here's a another great 3/4 shot (the movie is full of lots of them). We get the out of focus suburbia behind, their drab school uniforms, but notice how ...