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Aion 40 Update New Concept Arts of Bard Class

Aion 40 Update New Concept Arts of Bard Class


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Aion 4.0 Concepts - Bard

(You can also see “Gunner” and “Bard” versions of this set – yes, these class set will have different apperance tho they wear cloth and leather like other “ ...


eiriz-aion: These should be the new abyss set in. - The Art of Aion Online

http://www.daevasreport.com/2012/10/24/aion-4-0-concept-art-bard/ | pheonixempress | Pinterest | Concept art, Anime and Characters

You can see a black-clad gunslinger complete with a fedora, a duster, and a pair of pistols from the concept art. The images are taken from a Korean dev ...

Aion 4.0 / Game / New Class "Shooting Star"

[ IMG]

... 4-0_concept_art_armors_pve01.jpg ...

New aion concept artist identified thanks to. - The Art of Aion Online

This is where you describe your character... Dante is the protagonist in my Science Fiction epic, INSKY SOLEIL. He has the gift of bilocation and lives two ...

image_1362131707557.jpg ...


[Aion 4.0] Armor fashion show!

[Aion] Concepts Art 5.0

eiriz-aion: These should be the new abyss set in. - The Art of Aion Online

[4.0] Second Update: Songs of the Battlefield – Bard

The update 4.0 as been broken in 3 parts, the first updated was made in december of 2012 and brought a new class, the Technician (Gunner / Gunslinger, ...

Aion Pics, Video Game Collection

We asked Liiga more about her design, her character in Aion, and her other works!

New aion concept artist identified thanks to bashful-critter! He did the art for a lot of the gear, as well as some of the anuhart gear and the pink female ...

Here are the weapon design created by Japanese fans for two new classes in Aion 4.0, Gunner and Bard.

18-Dec-2012 ...


Tags: Aion: The Tower of Eternity, Nc Soft, Official Art

Aion 4.0 Official Thread.


Full Size Ragnarok Online 3rd Classes Concept Art

Eternal Armor from Tiamat Concept Art

... aion-elyos-female1.jpg ...

female gunner concept art - Google 검색

[New instances] Several instances has been added. They have two “versions”: 1st then your fraction occupy the fortress, 2nd then your legion has a fortress ...


Aion 4.8 Upheaval - New Monster Designs - The Art of Aion Online

(Posted Image) ...

Does that look like someone riding a mech to you? Because it does to me. If it is someone riding a mech, technology in the lore may have progressed ...

We hope you enjoyed this look at upcoming gear in Aion 4.0! Stay tuned for more info on this major update!

15 Aion 3.9 Jakie zmiany? Patch Notes - YouTube

The Art of Aion Online — New aion concept artist identified thanks to.

Aion Gun concept art by Karulox

Aion 30 Latest Gallery Wallpaper Screenshot Concept Art 1920x1200

Aion Pics, Video Game Collection

(Posted Image) (Posted Image) (Posted Image) BARD ARMOR

I am not the best Assassin in Aion. I do however think I am an amazing specimen given the Australian internet infrastructure I have to work with.

Aion: The Tower of Eternity - 4 images, pictures, videos & interesting facts

Was the Beritra Set shown in concept art for 4.0 here: http://www.heavensreapers.com/wp-con...eritra-set.png

How to download, install and play Aion Free-to-Play (tutorial)

Vision Bard

7d1d655fb3826c386fc97c785972f913.jpg (643×856)

Aion 4.0 patch will introduce two new zones – one of them is Northern Katalam. Please Click the maps for a full size.

Aion - Songweaver Hezrou by Shade-Echidna ...

Aion Art

[Aion EU] Design your own wings!

Aion 4.0 Release Date in Korea :-

Aion 5.3 Cleric DPS Stigma Build

Female Swordsman, Fantasy Concept Art, Fantasy Armor, Female Characters, Fantasy Characters, Dnd Characters, Girls Characters, Female Art, Character Art

Land Druid and it's AC problems [Archive] - Giant in the Playground Forums

A view of the Infinity Shard (AKA IS). Kinda small for a nightmarish haven of impossibility huh?

Tarot is a very powerful DPS/Support spec- if the odds are in your favor. Success or failure at Tarot depends on chance, forcing some to avoid this spec in ...

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... aion-costume-designs8.jpg ...

[4.0] Second Update: Songs of the Battlefield – Bard | heavensreapers

Aion 4.0 - Gathered information - Page 89 - Aion Forums

[아이온] AION This is our Destiny

18-Dec-2012 ...

Posted Image

'Grendal' assaults players within a confined area with five different attacks; moving outside the area causes instant death, so careful movement and precise ...

Aion Excel Crafting Database


Too Much To Do: Aion 4.0


... to achieve the desired Choir effect. Of course this is going to be hard to perfect but this why Bards are supporters so that the party doesn't depend ...

(Posted Image) ...

sfersh : 네이버 블로그 : 건.

Basaker (Dayla) Aion EU

... Weapon concept - Bard- Aion 4.0 by hannsamu

Those 3 came from Pintarest - by LightBlue Aloe (artist) and are based on Aion basically.

... for housing. People could visit your house and water your guestbloom plant daily. After x amount of time, you had a chance to get a *random* weapon or ...

Assassin female 1


Concept art of a SwordsmanThe identified "tank" of RO2, the Swordsman class is a melee class dependent on close range battles. They are generally the first ...

[Champion Concept] Raina - The Seamstress of Demacia

Aion 4.0: Elite PVP Abyss Set - The Art of Aion Online

skyforge free to play

The Tower Of Aion · download Aion: The Tower of Eternity image

As you may know, there are slight differences between male and female dances in Aion, even for the same dance. This is because there are differences in bone ...

Lilith in Wonderland~

Two ...

New S-Grade items (weapon, armor, and accessory) have been added. These items can be used by players who are level 80+.


A bard in a cave

Bard : Image Aion 4.0 ...