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Aisin Gioro Yu Jin furu Aisin Gioro t

Aisin Gioro Yu Jin furu Aisin Gioro t


Aisin-Gioro Puyi 01.jpg

Yixin (Prince Gong)

Zaifeng (Prince Chun)

Puyi, (of the Manchu Aisin Gioro clan), the last Emperor of China and the twelfth and final ruler of the Qing Dynasty.

Jin Moyu, also known as Aisin Gioro Xianqi

Angela Lok Sze Jin fu-ru Aisin Gioro

Former Qing Dynasty Princess Jin Moyu's sister Yoshiko Kawashima (originally named Aisin Gioro Xianyu)

Zaizhen (Prince Qing)

Aisin-Gioro Puyi 1906 of Manchu Aisin Gioro clan, commonly known as Puyi (溥儀), was the last Emperor of China and and final ruler of the Qing dynasty.

Gen Yoshiko Kawashima.jpg. Kawashima in Manchurian military uniform. Native name, 川島 芳子. Birth name, Aisin Gioro ...

Puyi in 1922


Aisin Gioro Jin fu ru Yumiko

Khan of the Later Jin dynasty

Wanrong and Puyi in Tianjin

A three-year-old Puyi (right), standing next to his father (Zaifeng, Prince Chun) and his younger brother Pujie

Jin fu ru Aisin Gioro (Angela Yumiko)

... 1711 – 7 February was the sixth emperor of the Manchu-led Qing dynasty, and the fourth Qing emperor to rule over China proper. Born Aisin Gioro Hongli, ...

Later life (1945–1967)[edit]

Aisin Gioro Jin fu-ru Angela LS

Zaitao in the United States

Zaifeng (Prince Chun) with his escorts and German officers in Qingdao

Aisin Gioro Jin fu yu Yumiko

japan mixed race grandmother Madam Jin

Jin Moyu, also known as Aisin Gioro Xianqi, died at the age of 95

Daicing ni Taidzu Hūwangdi Aisin Gioro Nurhaci/Manchurian Later Jin Emperor Aixin Jueluo Nuerhachi 21

Aisin Gioro Jin fu ru Yumiko Kemper

Relatives of Jin Youzhi, brother of the last emperor of China, carried his portrait

The Xianfeng Emperor (Wade-Giles: Hsien-feng Emperor; 17 July 1831 – 22 August born Aisin-Gioro I Ju, was the ninth Emperor of the Qing Dynasty, ...

Aisin Gioro Jin fu ru Yumiko Kemper

Portrait of the Yongzheng Emperor in Court Dress.jpg

Aisin Gioro Yikuang was one of many corrupt ministers. Catch 1911 and many other Chinese

Prince Guo (1697 - 1738), born Yinli, was a Manchu prince of

Aisin-Gioro Pu, Yi (1964,1987, 2002). 我的前半生 [The First Half of My Life; From Emperor to Citizen: The Autobiography of Aisin-Gioro Pu Yi].

Class of 2001: Huang Shengyi, Ariel Aisin-Gioro, Wang Luodan, Jia Nailiang, Helen Yao

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Guangxu (Kuang-hsu) Emperor (14 Aug 1871 – 14 Nov 1908), born Aisin-Gioro Zaitian, was the 11th emperor of the Qing Dynasty, and the 9th Qing emperor to ...

Puyi (7 February 1906 – 17 October 1967), of the Manchu Aisin Gioro


Name: Aisin Gioro Yinsi

The Ci-Xi Imperial Dowager Empress (5).JPG

Puyi (kanan) sebagai Kaisar Manchukuo bersama Chū Kudō.

Shunzhi 1644-61 The Shunzhi Emperor's given name was Fulin. Born in March 15

Pu Yi [Aisin-Gioro], 3 years old in 1908 when he was

Aisin-Gioro Pu Yi

Prince Beile Yu Lang of China, grandfather of empress Wanrong

Helen Yao - Helen Yao, in 2012.

[Photo] Portrait of Emperor Kangde of puppet state of Manchukuo,

The Imperial Portrait of Emperor Xianfeng c. 1855

Princess Yu Fu-Jen wife of prince Beile Yu Lang, empress Wanrong's grandfather

Gillian Chung

Princess Yu ta of China

Aisin-Gioro Pǔjié, the brother of Puyi, the last Emperor of China and

Yongzheng Emperor - Image: Album of the Yongzheng Emperor in Costumes 8

Jin Yunying - Image: Gobulo Runqi and his wife and Aisin Gioro Pujie

Aisin-Gioro Puyi 愛新覺羅·溥儀;

Qiu Jin

Last Emperor Puyi and his first wife Wan Rong

... imperial family were the Aisin Gioro clan). Cixi married the daughter of her brother to her nephewGuangxu, who became, after Guangxu and Cixi's death, ...

Yoo Ji-tae, 'It's just acting, I don't want to lose any competition'

Aguda, Emperor Taizu of Jurchen Jin


Sino-Nepalese War - Kazi Damodar Pande, who led war to reduce Tibetans to

Portrait of Jalafengge (fl. 2d half 19th century)

Yoshiko Yamaguchi (Li Xianglan)

Yixuan (Prince Chun)

50-year-old Henry Pu-Yi, the last Manchu emperor of China, seen in a Communist prison in Fushan, China

The Last Emperor

Prince Duan (Tuan) of the Second Rank Leader Qing Army House of Aisin-Gioro

Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace

Posted Image

Consort Jin, on the left, older sister of Consort Zhen shown above, beside Empress Dowager Longyu on her right

Manchu Princess Derling, lady-in-waiting to Empress Dowager Cixi, attired in informal costume.

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Aisin Gioro - Image: 恩格德尔来上尊号图

Aisin Gioro - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Tonkin Expedition commemorative medal - Admiral Henri Rieunier, a recipient if the Tonkin Expedition commemorative

Puyi Unmarked garden quarters of China39s last emperor Puyi may

Zhang Zhidong (張之洞) September 1837 — 5 October was an eminent Chinese politician during the late Qing Dynasty who advocated controlled reform.

Hong Chengchou

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Jing Boran for T magazine (China)

Qing Dynasty Mandarin in winter Court robe.

[Eng sub] Empress Dowager Cixi punishes an emperor's concubine for insulting her - YouTube

France Nuyen

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Ruo Xi's devoted maid takes 4th Prince to Ruo Xi's room and shows him her most treasured belongings, including the flower pin he gave her, the little snuff ...

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