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AlLeGaWaHo Kaw 1867 Kaw t

AlLeGaWaHo Kaw 1867 Kaw t


Allegawaho. Allegawaho, 1867

Old Photos - Kaw (aka Kansa, aka Kanza) | www.American-

Big Doctor - Kaw - circa 1867


1928 Vintage Photo by NEA Full blood Kaw Indian Women Native American tribe

A group of unidentified men of the Kaw Nation.

kaw indians | The Kanza or Kaw Indians of Kansas - Page 2

Alleguwaho, Kahhegawatiangah, and Wahtiangah, men of the Kaw Nation - 1867

Chief Washunga of the Kaw, ca. 1900

Forrest W. Chouteau and Jesse Mehojah, men of the Kaw Nation.

Little Jim, Roy Monroe, Silas Conn - Kaw - circa 1909

Kaw man - circa 1867

KAW , 1890 Akenaten Bluehorse

L-R: Albert Taylor, William Jones, Tony Butler, Roy Monroe, Elmer Franklin

Kanza people

Cha-me (aka Little Deer, aka Lucy Tayiah, aka Lucy Tayiah-Kimber-Eads, aka Chief Lucy), the daughter of the Kaw man known as Little Tayiah & the ...

Picture of a Kansas Kaw Woman

Kaw Nation Historical Marker Data Base @ http://www.hmdb.org/Photos1/164/Photo164073.jpg

In June 1859 a violent confrontation occurred between Kaws and area whites. This incident is portrayed dramatically in the Council Grove historical pageant, ...

Roseanne James-Cooper (Kaw) and her son, William Cooper (Kaw/

Sauk & Fox, Kaw Delegation in Washington, D.C. - 1867 L-R: unknown (

Interaction with the United States[edit]


Kaw men – 1868 {Note: Kaw leader Al-Le-Ga-Wa

Kaw Nation Historical Marker Data Base @ http://www.hmdb.org/Photos1/164/Photo164073.jpg | Kaw Nation Allegawaho Memorial | Pinterest

Kaw Veteran - Marine - Gaston

Standing L-R: Forrest W. Chouteau (Kaw), Almond R. Miller (

This rock in Lawrence was once located along the banks of the Kansas River at the mouth of Shunganunga Creek. The Kaw people used the 10-foot tall red rock ...

Allegawaho, Kaw leader at the time of tribe's removal from Kansas in 1872

Pierre-Jean De Smet - circa 1860-65, by Mathew Brady

Charles Bird King - Self-portrait, aged 70

Alexander Gardner, Kaw Delegates, Washington, D.C., 1867. William T. Sherman Collection of Alexander Gardner Photographs. National Museum of the American ...

Reuben Waller (1840 - 1945) Born in slavery in Kentucky Servant for slave owner

Sauk & Fox and Kaw Delegation - 1867 | Many Scalps, Charles Keokuk, Moses

Curtis credited both his maternal and paternal grandmothers (left to right, Julie Pappan and Permelia Curtis) for setting him on the path to becoming a ...

Miami people - Image: Kee món saw, Little Chief, a Chief (George

James Naismith

This photograph on display at the Kaw Mission in Council Grove arrested my attention. I don't believe it confirms the story of the beheaded butcher but it ...

Kaw man - circa 1867

Carry Nation

Quyulange (aka Eagle Plume, aka Eagle Headdress) - Kaw - 1877

The Last Kanza (Kaw) Full Blood Indian, William Mehojah Sr., dies in "The reality of being the last full-blood to me is sad and lonely," Mehojah said in an ...

The Kansas River, 1867

Sioux - Image: En chief sitting bull

Forrest W. Chouteau and Jesse Mehojah, men of the Kaw Nation.

Wah-Moh-O-E-Ke (aka Afraid Of Moon, aka Nos-

Waconda Lake Kansas | Monument Rocks - Gove Co., KS

Teresa Cuevas


Jack Kilby

Georga Neese Clark Gray, President Harry S. Truman appointed her the first woman U.S.

Henry J. Allen, owned Wichita Beacon newspaper

Portrait of Antonio Barezzi (1787-1867) father-in-law of Giuseppe

Senator Nancy Landon Kassebaum

It is paradoxical that super-progressive California would have recourse to a concept of medieval law to support its revolt against federal immigration law ...

Kaw Mission

Osage Nation - Shonka Sabe (Black Dog). Chief of the Hunkah division of

Ks Gov. Sam Brownback: Agriculture is Vital to the Kansas Economy

Portrait of Andrew H. Reeder


Miami people - Miami chief Pacanne

Allegawaho, Seth Hays

Photo of Lloyd B. Miller

Susanna Salter (1860-1961) moved from Ohio to Kansas with parents in 1872

As his political star rose in the early 20th century, Curtis morphed from "Indian Charley" into "Our Charley" in Americans' estimation.

Mokohoko, leader of the Sac and Fox people, his band stayed in Kansas after

Edith Ballou demonstrates how to make rolls in the program Washington, D.C.: It's Our Home at the 2000 Smithsonian Folklife Festival.

Jacques Marquette - 1869 portrait of Marquette

Oscar Micheaux

Covered wagons, members of the Kaw Nation, a stagecoach and a musician playing a Native American flute were all part of the Council Grove "Voices of the ...

Asa Mathat

Charles Bird King - Detail of a self-portrait aged 30, 1815

C. B. Schmidt (1843-1921), born in Germany, immigrated to U.S. in 1864, settled in Kansas in 1868 as a grocer, served as land agent for the Santa F… ...

Clara H. Hazelrigg

William Peffer

History: Howard University, The First African-American Law School .

Emily Gibson Braerton

I don't normally engage in name-calling. What is it about what I have posted about the proposal to have a referendum on ...

James Lane formed the first Kansas Colored Volunteers

Damon Runyon

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Walter and Olive Beech

Minchu Zhinga (aka Young Grizzly Bear, aka Little Bear) - Kaw - 1869

Langston Hughes, who published his first poem at age 19, and became an important

... kanza heritage trail, allegawaho memorial park

Louse Brooks, movie actress

However, it took until 1867 before what we now call the Law of Mass Action was clearly stated by the Norwegian chemist Cato Guldberg and the mathematician ...

Bad Wound Sioux Native American

"Dishing the Whigs," Punch cartoon. Lord Derby and Benjamin Disraeli "dish" their Whig opponents by introducing more liberal reforms than they had ...

On April the Kaw Nation dedicated Allegawaho Heritage Memorial Park - 168 acres of their native homeland that includes the Monument and one of the three Kaw ...

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Kaw Mission State Historic Site, Council Grove

Self-Portrait, by James Reid Lambdin (1807–1889), c. 1845, watercolor on ivory (NPG.78.213)

C. B. Schmidt (1843-1921), born in Germany, immigrated to U.S. in 1864, settled in Kansas in 1868 as a grocer, served as land agent for the Santa F… ...

Hiram Warner Farnsworth