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Andreas Gagelmann As Elbgermanen is known due to t

Andreas Gagelmann As Elbgermanen is known due to t


Another representation of a Cherusci warrior fighting on foot. He is armed with a Germanic long fighting knife which is one sided and a smaller throwing ...

"Langobard cavalryman, 17 AD", Andreas Gagelmann

"Noble germano", Pablo Ouiteral

Arminius (18/17 BC – AD 21) was a chieftain of the Germanic Cherusci who defeated a Roman army in the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest in 9 AD.

germanic warrior

[research] iberians | Celts | Pinterest | History, Warfare and Roman legion

New Evidence: Earliest Known Battle Fought By Julius Caesar On Dutch Soil

Roman Auxiliary, Rhine 9 AD

Charge of the Frankish warriors, 5th century AD.

Giorgio Albertini. Warriors of the era of Charles the Great.

"Arminius BCE – CE also known as Armin or Hermann (Arminius being a Latinization, similar to Brennus), was a chieftain of the Germanic Cherusci who defeated ...

Germanic Warrior vs Roman Legionary, early first century AD.

376BC- The Huns invade central Europe & drive out the Visigoths, who ask to settle in the Roman Empire. The Visigoths will only be granted land between the ...

"Marius and the Ambassadors of the Cimbri", William Rainey

A historical illustration I did few months ago now is OK to share. This is

Gothic mercenaries with Sarmatian-inspired equipment in Romano/Byzantine service, VI cent. AD.

La Pintura y la Guerra. Sursumkorda in memoriam

Spoils of war from the battle field. The German warriors acquired vast quantities of supplies and booty after the Battle of the Teutoburg forest.

Marcomanni and Quadi, 1st-2nd centuries AD.

A. Early La Tene period warriors,late 5th century BC. 1:Celtic

Germanic Horseman

Giorgio Albertini. Giorgio Albertini. Ostrogoth of the time of Totila.

Gothic warrior spearman

La Pintura y la Guerra. Sursumkorda in memoriam

German Warrior 9AD- by Johnny Shumate

foto_vollbewaffnung_brukterer.gif (276×429)

Visigoth warrior (pencils + color on Photoshop, 2013) Reconstruction for an article in

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Thracian aristocrat, commander of the Roman auxiliary detachment I-II in AD.

Picts charging into battle

Marek Szyszko. The battle of Poitiers, 732

Gallic noble warriors ambushing the Roman legions at the Italian Alps

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Germanic warrior with Suebian knot.The above image is a reconstruction of the clothing found at Thorsburg. © Johnny Shumate. The clothing of the Iron Age ...

Germanic boy with a boomerang, Rome's frontier on the Lower Rhine

Germanic Barbarians | Early 1st century AD Batavian German warrior illustration courtesy of .

Possibly illustrates the Battle of Abritus, also known as the Battle of Forum Terebronii, which occurred in the Roman province of Moesia Inferior (modern ...

Celtic Britons with their hill-fort in the background. The Southern British warriors were essentially a close relation to the Belgae of north west Europe.

Mercenarios rusos de la Guardia Varenga_Siglos X-XI

Lombard Lord with retainers

Risultati immagini per strassmeier goth gagelmann - late antiquity

Gaul Chieftain by Josu Araiztegi (Noblez) · Putty&Paint

Саксонский воин 6 в.н.э.

Germanic warrior from the late 1st century BC

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The People of the Steppe Part II. Volga Bulgars – 123 photos

"Another re-enactor impression of a early Germanic (Suebic) warrior. This warrior is probably a lesser chief or a high status retinue member.

"A Celtic chief from Gaul at the time of Caesar"

Ostrogoth Warlord

German; Dragoon Regiment Nr.4(1st Silesian), Lieutenant in Interimsrock, c.1875(?) by A.Legras

Frodo, by Angus McBride.

Frankish chief

Germanic warrior impression

load1467064360_050-24.jpg (1292×1800)

Gallo Senone VS Sannita? L'elmo cornuto (ve ne sono diversi in Italia, in areale appenninico e fino a Montefortino) parrebbe quello di Nola, gli schinieri e ...


Anglo-Saxon Warriors during the Viking invasion of Britain

10th Century Byzantine soldiers in scenes from the Book of Joshua

total_war1434999096_12_godofredo_01.jpg 2,297×2,862 píxeles

12 best Historical miniatures in scale...ROMAN ARMY images on Pinterest | Athens, Hand painted and Ladder

load1506292164_073-14.jpg (1852×2401) | Story Ideas Soldiers | Pinterest | History, Vikings and Arm armor

I recently returned to the Conan trail and invested in Conan The Barbarian by Robert E

Frankish warrior

Britons fighting .

guerreros celtíberos

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goths germanics - Google Search

Peter Dennis. Signifer.

My lovely little dog decided that he would consume about a quarter of the page while

Find this Pin and more on Rzym, barwa i broń by marekkonrad.

La Pintura y la Guerra. Sursumkorda in memoriam

Slavic warrior, inspirated by figure from Velestino treasure.

Germania Magna: Border in Flames- Germanic tribes invading Western Roman Empire

The Franks-The Franks were a collection of Germanic peoples that originated in the lands between the Lower and Middle Rhine in the century AD and eventually ...

Artistic reconstruction of the Medieval Hungarian Warriors

Celtic Warrior mercenary in the Bosphorus, 1st. c. BC

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армия вара

Сокровища Востока

Find this Pin and more on warriors & soldiers: Germanic by sithwraith666.

Marcomannic wars

Mercenary Genoese Pavise Crossbowmen in French service on the field of Agincourt

ostrogoth warrior - Google Search

viking hall - Szukaj w Google

Trollkona: Projekt Germania ;-)

Construction of Germanic Shield:1-shield body 2-leather cover 3-shield edging 4-Shield boss 5-boss nails 6-wood handle 7-Metal handle reinforcing 8-handle ...

f19d9df67c9a.jpg (1036×1280)

Gral Spearman

Here, one centurion, having been attacked by a number of Bructeri warriors, has

Arminius, Teutoburg Forest.

Radu Oltean. Teutoburg. Protection of man eagle

세 계 정 복 :sijuku : 네이버 블로그

Lombard warrior 6th-8th cent. A.D.

Combat of the Thirty, Hundred Years War


the early German peoples, who lived, traded, and fought with the ancient Romans—covering the period from 230 BCE to 180 CE”

Huns pick the spoils of war following the battle of Chalons, AD 451. Artwork by Christa Hook.

Viking diplomat at Lindisfarne, 793

Germanic Warrior

early germanic riders