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Another sea which was drying when I went to there because of the

Another sea which was drying when I went to there because of the


An image of the Dead Sea taken by a BBC drone

A salt flat on the shores of the Dead Sea on January 11, 2017.

Lake Eyre: pretty dry today, but before 50,000 years ago it was an inland sea teeming with life. Matt Malone/Wikimedia Commons, CC BY

Dust rising

Abandoned ship near Aral, Kazakhstan


California's Salton Sea is drying up, creating health problems for families


On a call-in show, I was once told that when it rains fish go under bridges to get out of the rain. We ate lunch under a bridge; that kept our chips ...


Let's remember how fast this lake is drying up. You guys? In the government??? You have to act quick.

Melting ice flows into the northern Atlantic Ocean in eastern Greenland.

boats on the sand

Cape Town faces Day Zero: what happens when the city turns off the taps? | Cities | The Guardian

Trying to get some cloths dried before the next rain. As those people know how things work here I would assume that no rain can be expected within the next ...

The Sea of Galilee, which is actually a lake, has suffered from four consecutive

A sign near the Dead Sea showing the recognised sea level - 1 December 1936

Dry lake beds are some of the largest sources of dust on the planet. It's estimated that every year, the Sahara Desert exhales 28 million tons of ...

Earth's saltiest place makes the Dead Sea look like tapwater

Ships in the Salt

An aerial photo shows sinkholes created by the drying of the Dead Sea near Ein Gedi

... I can't do any of my go-to quick hair hacks. Luckily, there's another hair hack that will make my short hair look good: a texturizing sea salt spray!

We continued hiking, came upon another river from yet another glacier that was a different, milky sage color. As the two rivers came together, ...

In this aerial photo, taken May 1, 2015, the exposed lakebed of the Salton Sea dries out near Niland, Calif. San Diego and other Southern California water ...

Three Nasa satellite images showing how the Dead Sea has changed since 1972

Cotton production linked to images of the dried up Aral Sea basin | Guardian Sustainable Business | The Guardian


Another afternoon, we visited the town of Siderno, to enjoy its beaches along the Ionian Sea. The water was crystal clear and warm.

Though dry ...

I went over to Smathers Beach early this morning to take a couple of pics of the complex and the beach. It was another beautiful day in Key West.

Float in the Dead Sea

The Arcteryx Phase SL Boxers were our favorite for active uses. Here they're

Sunset over the Sea

There is another fish farm here so its possible the dried fish would be used as feed for the larger farmed ones.

Awesome! :)

Beach Cottage Decor - another great decor idea! this is where i'll put my beach photos, some dried sea finds and my bottled beach memories!

dried squidin sea food Thailand market. Another form of preservation. Especially those who live

Striking red coloration due to halobacteria in the salt water.

Sargassum has been washing ashore on Caribbean beaches, in massive amounts, since last summer

This photo along the lake s shoreline shows the salt left behind as the lake retreats. Photo Source: Wikipedia

Panorama of the Dead Sea from the Mövenpick Resort, Jordan.

Our time in Uyuni came to a close with the decision that, instead of taking the road around the south side of the Salar over to Chile, we would see more of ...

Credit: Nicolle Rager Fuller/University Corporation for Atmospheric Research.

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Lake Mead, which forms the border between Nevada and Arizona, thirty miles from Las Vegas. The lake is fed by the Colorado and was last full in 1998.


How To Care For Your Hair After Swimming In The Ocean Or The Pool (So It's Not A Dry, Tangled Mess)

Well, you got through Leviticus, and you found that it's got a real devotional punch if you pay attention to the big ideas. And now you're in Numbers.

... Brooklyn's waterfront was lined with a wealth of shipyards, dry docks, piers, and other maritime support facilities. “When I first got into this, there ...

Pelicans at the Salton Sea, California.

Flooding of Coast, Caused by Global Warming, Has Already Begun - The New York Times

Dead Sea

Map showing proposed route of a Red Sea - Dead Sea pipeline

Above: From Nuweiba we can see the real Mt. Sinai with its blackened peak over in Saudi Arabia.

At least I got myself clean. Yet another chatty bus driver (actually two, since there was a change of busses) took me to join the ...

There's also a lake. Six thousand acres of water. Almost ten square miles. Not a natural lake, though. Technically, it's a reservoir — a man-made lake; ...

The receding shore line leaves a thin crust of salt behind as the water level of

Lionfish are one of the most infamous of the invasive fish species.

View of the mineral evaporation ponds almost 12 years later (STS-102). A northern and small southeastern extension were added and the large polygonal ponds ...

From the Magazine


Two Types of Watercolor Washes


Bull Pass Dry Valleys

Water covers around 70 per cent of the Earth's surface, but a huge amount also

The flower language of the sea anemone flower is: love people who love you.Delicate petals and black flowers, whether it is used alone or with other flowers ...


Ricardo and Kathryn Nigos receive nebulizer treatments in the ER of Pioneers Memorial Hospital in Brawley, California. Photo by Alex Welsh for The Verge

Catherine Schenck, who suffers from both Asthma and COPD, takes a nebulizer treatment at Pioneers Memorial Hospital in Brawley, California.

When the wind blows in the Imperial Valley, a faint haze of dust rises from the earth. You can taste it on your tongue. Harder gusts summon clouds that ...

Dead Sea

Artistic interpretation of the Mediterranean geography during its evaporative drawdown, after complete disconnection from the Atlantic.

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880 CPMY

Colorado River reservoirs. “

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The remains of human bones in a dirt grave.

Why is the Dead Sea called the Dead Sea?

How to use Vintage Duck Egg, Stormy Seas and Driftwood Together!


Flamingos make their nests on salt pans (Credit: Roland Seitre/naturepl.com


Sea of Galilee