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Archaelogical site of Nimrud before destruction UNESCO t

Archaelogical site of Nimrud before destruction UNESCO t


File:Archaelogical site of Nimrud (before destruction).webm

An exterior shot of Nineveh in May 2008

File photo of an Iraqi standing next to an ancient statue of a winged bull with

ISIS seized control of <a href="http://www

The Iraqi Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities announced in March that ISIS had bulldozed the ruins

A statue of the goddess Shamiya, or Shahiro, at Hatra in 2009

Archaelogical site of Nimrud before destruction. UNESCO

How Daesh Destroyed Ancient Iraqi City of Nimrud

Isis Iraq: Bulldozing of Nimrud and Hatra disputed by archaeologists and satellite images

The fortress spans at least four millennia, from the days of Alexander the Great,

An ancient relief lies shattered in the Northwest Palace at the nearly 3,000-year-

In this July 27, 2005 file photo, the face of a woman stares down

Is it time to rethink our ideas about preserving world heritage? | Financial Times

Isis extremists bulldoze ancient Assyrian site near Mosul | World news | The Guardian

An "oasis in the Syrian desert"<strong> </

After: Just a single arch remains after Islamic State filled the temple with explosives and

Journalists walk at the damaged ancient site of Nimrud, which was destroyed by the Islamic

Here are the ancient buildings that have been destroyed by Isis this year

The most spectacular legacy of Buddhism in the war-torn country, among the tallest

ISIS destroys Temple of Nabu at Nimrud, Nergal Gate at Nineveh | Gates of Nineveh: An Experiment in Blogging Assyriology

<strong>Before:</strong> The ruins of the 2,000

Destruction of Middle East's heritage is 'cultural genocide' The site of Nimrud ...

Nimrud before the destruction: stone entrance in front of a brilliant blue sky (picture

Islamic State fighters have looted and bulldozed the ancient city

At Iraq's Nimrud, remnants of fabled city IS sought to destroy

A Systematic Threat to Palmyra


A picture shows on March 31, 2016 the remains of Arch of Triumph, also

ISIS destroys Hatra Unesco Iraq

A part of the damaged ancient site of Nimrud, which was destroyed by Islamic State militants, some 30 kilometeImage Credit: AP


With ISIS waging war against the Middle East's ancient monuments, can archaeologists capture digital renderings of the sites before it's too late?

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Islamic State militants have destroyed remains of the 2,000-year-old city of Hatra, a well preserved complex of temples south of Mosul.

Heartbreaking: Much of the ancient city is now reduced to rubble two years after it

More than just material damage. Destruction caused by ISIS at the archaeological site of Nimrud, 30km south of Mosul in Nineveh province. (AFP)

UNESCO Director General sends rapid assessment mission to the Nimrud archaeological site in Iraq

ISIS Has Reportedly Bulldozed Two of The World's Most Important Ancient Cities

At the height of the Roman Empire, the wealthy metropolis of Palmyra was a gateway to the riches of Persia, India, and China. An ancient city even in the ...

A sledgehammer to civilisation: Islamic State's war on culture | World news | The Guardian

... Nimrud's destroyed buildings. An Iraqi Army general stands near a stone slab depicting a winged genie at the entrance

Destroyed ruins at the ancient archaeological site in Palmyra, Syria, on Sunday, August

UNESCO World Heritage Site - Standing Buddhas of Bamiyan Valley, Afghanistan (prior to destruction)

The Crusader castle from the 11th century survived centuries of battles and natural disasters, becoming

Jounalists walk near the remains of the Monumental Arch in the historic Syrian city of Palmyra in April last year. Omar Sanadiki/Reuters

Why ISIS is destroying Syrian and Iraqi heritage sites

Outcry over Isis destruction of ancient Assyrian site of Nimrud | World news | The Guardian

Islamic State group destroys ancient site of Nimrud in northern Iraq | PBS NewsHour

The taller Buddha of Bamiyan (Cultural Landscape and Archaeological Remains of the Bamiyan Valley, Afghanistan), destroyed on 2 March 2001 by the Taliban

Iraq's Nimrud before it was destroyed by Isis - video | World news | The Guardian

Iraq archaeologist Layla Salih, left, confers with UNESCO's representative in Iraq Louse Haxthausen, right, at the ancient site of Nimrud, Iraq, ...

Before and after the bombers (ASOR)

Unesco condemns Islamic State over 'war crime' destruction of Nimrud http://

Temple of Mrn, Hatra, UNESCO World Heritage Site

Detail of a glazed terracotta tile from Nimrud, Iraq. The Assyrian king, below a parasol, is surrounded by guards and attendants. 875-850 BC.

ISIS released a propaganda video showing its fighters destroying Iraq's ancient Assyrian

In an image released by the Syrian Arab News Agency on March 27, 2016 the statue is seen with its head and arm missing amid extensive destruction.

Islamic State group′s destruction of ancient city of Nimrud a war crime: UN offi

British archaeologist Max Mallowan and his wife, crime writer Agatha Christie, worked at Nimrud in the 1950s.

Assyrian lion hunt (Pergamon)

In 2012 Islamic extremists of the Ansar Dine began destroying Timbuktu's cultural treasures shortly after UNESCO placed them on a list of endangered ...

The site of an 11th century Crusader castle, the Crac des Chevaliers, is one of several Syrian sites that are being irreparably damaged in Syria's ongoing ...

Bas-relief panels from the Palace of Ashurnasirpal II are seen in Nimrud in 2009

Palmyra's Monumental Arch in 2010. Sandra Auger/Reuters

After Palmyra, the message to Isis: what you destroy, we will rebuild | Simon Jenkins | Opinion | The Guardian

#nimrud hashtag on Twitter

... https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/2/24/Hatra-71339.jpg ...


NabuTempleExplosion1 NabuTempleExplosion3 NabuTemple_2 NabuTemple_3

A video posted to a militant website Friday night purportedly shows Islamic State extremists destroying Iraq's ancient city of Hatra with sledgehammers and ...

The treasures of ancient Hatra, above, and Nimrud, may be saved by Iraqis

The giant winged bulls that once stood sentry at the nearly 3,000-year-old palace at Nimrud have been hacked to pieces. The fantastical human-headed ...

An ancient statue at the archaeological site of Nimrud

The remains of a large stone figure of a lamassu, an Assyrian winged bull deity

A picture taken on November 15, 2016, shows destruction caused by the Islamic State

At the ruins of #Nimrud south of #Mosul today. Just recaptured from #IS but the wanton destruction is irreparablepic.twitter.com/yGtUZUqkn1

The Destruction of Nimrud. 9 show all

Destroying Cultural Heritage: The End of (Syrian) History | Chatham House

Irak Ruinen von Nimrud (Getty Images/AFP/S. Hamed)

The site of one of the Buddhas destroyed by the Taliban in Bamiyan, Afghanistan.

A soldier stands guard by the ruins of the archaeological site of Nimrud, about 30km

Troop_Visit_Ancient_Ruins_of_Hatra_6.jpg License:

The Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL/IS) published pictures of jihadists destroying ancient statues in Palmyra, Syria, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Nimrud - A Ziggurat at the Royal Palace of King Ashurnasirapal II on the Nineveh plains

Palmyra: Isis captures archaeological treasure as 50% of Syria now controlled by jihadists

Palmyra's Arc of Triumph, in a picture taken on March 2014, and on March 31, 2016

Targeting a Site of Significance to Christians

A mobile phone shows Nimrud as it was, in front of Nimrud as it is

A still from the Isis video posted on YouTube shows a militant attacking an artefact with

This picture released on late Thursday, Aug. 20, 2015, by an Islamic