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Archaeologists believe they have found palace of Sutton Hoo kings

Archaeologists believe they have found palace of Sutton Hoo kings


Archaeologists believed to have uncovered palace of Anglo-Saxon royals who buried their dead at historic Sutton Hoo after illegal treasure hunters stumbled ...

Archaeologists believe they have found palace of Sutton Hoo kings

Archaeologists believe they have found the site of the royal settlement of the Anglo-Saxon kings of East Anglia. The burial mound at Sutton Hoo, ...

The Magnificent Treasures of Sutton Hoo, The Final Resting Place of Anglo-Saxon Royals

Archaeologists believe they have found palace of Sutton Hoo kings

Hidden treasure: Archaeologists believe they have found an ancient royal settlement which once spread across

Archaeologists believe they have found palace of Sutton Hoo kings #DailyMail

A map shows the relative locations of Rendlesham and the burial mounds of Sutton Hoo in

An example of classic Anglo-Saxon metalworking: a gold buckle recovered from the famous Sutton Hoo burial site. [PHOTO: wikimedia]. “We have discovered ...

Replica of the helmet found at Sutton Hoo; the original was buried with an Anglo-Saxon leader—probably King Rædwald of East Anglia—in the Early Middle ...

Anglo-Saxon `palace` found at Rendlesham near Sutton Hoo site. Archaeologists believe they have ...

Archaeologists believe they have found the site of the royal settlement of the Anglo-Saxon kings of East Anglia. The burial mound at Sutton Hoo, …

A replica model of a helmet found at Sutton Hoo, which was uncovered in 1939

Amateur photographs of the Sutton Hoo dig taken in the summer of 1939 by two visiting

Similarities: A gilded bronze mount from a harness found at Rendlesham, which is similar

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A replica of the Sutton Hoo helmet produced for the British Museum by the Royal Armouries

Archaeologists believe they have found the site of the royal settlement of the Anglo-Saxon


Anglo-Saxon 'palace' found at Rendlesham near Sutton Hoo site

On a dry weekend I enjoyed a trip to Sutton Hoo nestled in the Suffolk countryside

Shoulder-clasps from the Sutton Hoo ship burial, c.AD 625

Anglo-Saxon Royal Palace Unearthed Near Famous Burial Site

Sutton Hoo, helmet, representation

Coins found at the Rendlesham site: Last night the National Trust confirmed in a statement

Here we see a photo of the excavations in 1939, with the excavators uncovering the chamber built at the middle of the ship, and Mrs Pretty, the landowner ...

At the centre of the ship was the remains of a burial chamber, which was around the size of a small room. This structure was constructed of beams of oak ...

The continued archaeological investigation of Bamburgh Castle , once the palace site of the early medieval kings of Northumbria, has revealed a marvellous ...

Mound 2 at Sutton Hoo

Here we see a few of the most spectacular objects were found in the burial chamber that had been constructed at the centre of the ship.

Replica of the Sutton Hoo Helmet (by Ivor Lawton)

The National Trust Exhibition Hall at Sutton Hoo

A photo of an ancient brown helmet on a pole


The Venerable Bede

Colour photograph of a modern replica of the Sutton Hoo helmet.

... outbreak of the Second World War, archaeologist Basil Brown excavated an area of eighteen low mounds in the grounds of a country house at Sutton Hoo, ...

Sutton Hoo mask. I ...

The Ghost Warrior of Sutton Hoo

The excavator sees this as being the beginning of the cemetery – Act 1 of the drama. This is indeed a very high caste grave, – but it is not a royal ...

Bitumen from Middle East discovered in 7th century buried ship in UK

Gold buckle, Sutton Hoo, British Museum

Experts believe the precious artefacts, which range from fragments of helmet to gold sword decorations

Sutton Hoo, reconstructed burial chamber, exhibition

Sutton Hoo. Irresistibly, I am drawn back to our Wuffings and the beginnings of East Anglian Christianity. It may seem a dry subject to you, ...

Skeletons excavated at a site near Glastonbury are the oldest examples of monks ever found in the UK, carbon dating has proved.

Sutton Hoo Exhibition Hall with helmet sculpture by Rick Kirby

Treasure found near Woodbridge and Sutton Hoo 'adds to evidence for Rendlesham palace' | Latest Suffolk and Essex News - East Anglian Daily Times

Archaeologists' excitement at discovery of 'exceptional' royal site linked to Sutton Hoo Fields on a Suffolk farm have yielded small but hugely significant ...


The weapons on the right side of the body[edit]

There are any number of items from King Raedwald's grave that are not yet available for display at Sutton Hoo, although the list is slowly getting shorter ...

A visitor looks at an exhibition of artefacts from Sutton Hoo.

A visit to Sutton Hoo

8th Century scholar the Venerable Bede referred to a 'king's village' in his book

The west and east walls[edit]

Reunited: All 4,000 pieces of the Staffordshire Hoard have been brought back together for the

Part of the burial ground at Sutton Hoo

Archaeologists from the University of Cambridge Archaeological Unit, uncover Bronze Age wooden houses, preserved

Basil Brown, Sutton Hoo, ship burial

Sutton Hoo

... be called 'The Dark Ages' and can tell you, with some confidence, about the people, their buildings, what they wore and their way of life. What we have ...

Click to enlarge. The Sutton Hoo ...

When Was The Sutton Hoo Helmet Found

The helmet, one of the most important finds from Sutton Hoo.

Basil Brown and the discovery of the burials at Sutton Hoo

With local folk tales, it can be everything. Just as in the Australian Dreamtime where locations are mapped and explained through the stories, ...

Now before I start this, I have to admit that ancient history is not really my cup of tea. I think this is due to the number of unknowns.

A reconstruction of the princely burial chamber at the late sixth-early seventh century ship burial of Sutton Hoo.

England Rendlesham palace2

When the National Trust acquired the Sutton Hoo site and before any building began, the first job was to see if anything archaeologically interesting lay ...

Historians recreate Sutton Hoo treasures

Hoch and his family in Oakington

New free exhibit at the British Library: A - Z Murder in the Library

The village of Woodbridge and the river Deben in the distance (viewed from Sutton Hoo)


Sutton Hoo Burial Chamber Replica. In 1939 archaeologists discovered ...

A jobless treasure hunter made a find that professional archaeologists dream of in 2009, including

Replica ...

The Great Wen—King Alfred's plaque—churches and markets—Whitechapel—tide mill at Stratford—Epping Forest—medieval woodland management—Ambresbury ...

The execution burials[edit]

Click to enlarge. The Sutton Hoo ...

Archaeologists have unearthed evidence of what is believed to be the largest Anglo-Saxon building found in Scotland.

The experts also discovered that the vast majority of the Hoard would have been owned or

Now then, I think the Tower of London ought to have a quiet word with Westminster Abbey, because if the boys' remains have never been found – what's in That ...

The mounds at Sutton Hoo

The two identical shoulder-clasps

2005 Sutton Hoo Research Committee, Final Report by British Museum. £5,000

As part of the same project to provide permanent illustration of the great treasures, the Sutton Hoo Society funded copies of the sword fittings (the ...

In the final phase – Act III – the most extravagant burial method of all was adopted – ship burial. There were two ship burials at Sutton Hoo – the great ...

A few months ago it was announced that Rædwald's home had been found – exactly where it should be, at Rendlesham. It is always remarkable when archaeology ...