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Armor for Heavy Cavalry with Matching Shaffron Horse39s Head

Armor for Heavy Cavalry with Matching Shaffron Horse39s Head


Armor for Heavy Cavalry with Matching Shaffron (Horses Head Defense)

Armor ...

Ottoman Mamluk heavy cavalry, circa 1550.

Heavy cavalry armour | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Image result for medieval knight armor

Ottoman mail and plate armor for horse and soldier; Circa 16th century. this type of armor became the standard equipment for the heavy cavalry under the ...

Three-quarter armour armored knight fight field and tournament renaissance period

Medieval Armor with Sword

Syria, Persia (Iran), and Turkey, Composite armour of typical Persian heavy cavalry.

1480 Vienna, Austria, Kunsthistorisches Museum, A.60, armour of Archduke Maximillian I. | Medieval | Pinterest | Archduke, Vienna austria and 15th century

Armor of heavy cavalry [Italian (Milan or Brescia)] (2002.130a-p)

Persian mail and plate armor for horse and cavalry soldier, dating from 1450, this

Ottoman mail and plate armor for horse and soldier, this type of armor became the

... Shaffron (Horses Head Defense) of Henry II of France, When Dauphin ...

Persian mail and plate armor for horse and cavalry soldier, dating from 1450, this

Jousting Armor (Rennzeug) and Matching Half-Shaffron

Serbian knight - Heavy cavalry

This is my favorite type of knight armor because it protects the entire head. It

Left- Mongolian heavy cavalry, right- Sassanid/Persian Clibanarius | Steppe History Forum

French knights, Hundred Years War Armor and arms

"Ceremonial armor for man and century Qing Dynasty."- Knights in Central Park

Achaemenid_Persia_Armoured_Cavalry.jpg (120334 bytes)

Extremely heavy lamellar armor of a Jin Dynasty (1115–1234) "Iron Pagoda horseman" Some historians have referred to these heavy cavalry as cataphracts or ...

Armor with Matching Shaffron and Saddle Plates ');

Armour for the joust with matching shaffron, eye holes covered to prevent the horse from

Horse Armor Made for Johann Ernst, Duke of Saxony-Coburg (1521–1553)

That must be one tolerant horse! But it looks awesome!

gorgeous head armor on a horse, barding

And in this museum, wherever there is a horse standing idly about, you can guarantee that there will also be a knight of the realm showing off his armour.

Stock Photo : Corselet for heavy cavalry in burnished steel, 1640-1650, England

Soldiers of the English Civil War

Military Equipment: Decorated Parade Armour Pfrondorf facemasked helmet, cavalry sports type,late 2nd


Armor of George Clifford, Earl of Cumberland and personal champion of Queen Elizabeth I, Greenwich circa 1586. The decoration includes lovers' knots, ...

Anima/anime plate armour, this style of armor appeared in Italy in the first half of the 16th century, it is composed of multiple overlapping plates.

medieval knights armory - Google Search

Ice heavy cavalry by bitrix-studio

medieval horse armor by ampangmarin, via Flickr

Cavalier Heavy Ottoman Sipahi in full armor

Parts of an Italian Garniture from 1570 A garniture was an armour that included a number

Authentic Medieval Knight's Armour (Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC)

Rider's gothic armor comprised of original @ modern parts

Study painting from a photo I took of my armour. Spent around 7 hours completing this.

Prodromi cuirass. Iron anatomical breastplate, Corfu Archaeological Museum, the tomb in Prodromi. 4th century BCE.

Allied Greek Cavalry, right face

Medieval armor for the horse

Armor with matching Chanfron and Saddle Plates steel engraved gilt silvered and damascened in gold Italy (Milan) 1600 CE by mharrsch, via Fl.

Elements of a Light-Cavalry Armor

Champron Chamfron Shaffron etc by Vildkorpens-Laderlya on DeviantArt

Shaffron England. 1580.

Social Deception on

Find this Pin and more on King's Medeviel bedroom by tawana8703.

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Seleucid cavalry soldiers

Shaffron (Horse's Head Defense)

Detail fluting of a Maximilian armor Www.darksword-armory.com

Shaffron. Wallace Collection

Shaffron 1548

Shamfron Armor used to protect the front of a war horse's head in medieval times.

Armour of King Charles I, about 1612

http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/5/5e/Armure-cuirassier-p1030454.jpg ...

Shaffron (horse's head armor) with poll plate, about 1560 Southern Germany (Augsburg

"The Morosini Helmet" (Visored burgonet) _Milan,1550-60

Shaffron (Horse's Head Defense) Date: ca. 1620 Culture: Dutch Medium:

Real armor that used to belong to the Swedish king Gustav II Adolf, and originally worn as part of the festivities surrounding his wedding with Maria ...

The horse armor with horn inserts by Zoltán Koszta, via Behance. MXS

Shaffron (Horse's Head Defense) with arms of the Freyberg family

Half-Shaffron (Horse's Head Defense)

"Roman auxiliary cavalryman - Cavalry mount and equipment", Adam Hook


Sogdian Cavalry (left) and Turgesh Tarkhan (right).

307 best Armour & Weaponry images on Pinterest | Armors, Knights and Middle ages

Italian, 16th Century, Child's Armor of Philip III, Milan, c. 1585, etched, embossed, and gilt steel; gold damascening and silver relief work, ...

Mongol heavy cavalryman, the horse has half armour, rider armed with lance and bow and has a shield.

The Progression of Arms and Armor from Ancient Greece to the European Renaissance across Eurasia and Africa

Buy online, view images and see past prices for A cavalry light half armour.


Black Mercenary Armor

Head defense for a horse (shaffron) [Tibetan or Mongolian] (1997.242d


Ugo Serrano - Ajax

Shaffron Date: ca. 1545 Culture: German (Augsburg) Medium: Steel,

"Krug" type armour, Ottoman, 16th century photo MS_Ottoman_armour_B.jpg 15th Century Ottoman Armor. "

Full plate armor, Germany, mid. of XVI c. by Richard_Gloster, via

Sipahi or Siphi (heavy cavalry) constituted the principal part of the mounted force of

Shaffron (head armor for a horse) Origin Southern Germany, 1525-30 Materials

I think this is what we envision when we think of “knight”. Armor evolved as much as clothing and of course was designed for maximum protection of the ...

A Swiss infantry half-armour, circa 1630. Comprising burgonet with one-piece skull rising to a comb cabled with close-set finely incised lines over the top, ...

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m Fighter City guard captain med armor helm sword cape

Moro warriors armor, mail and plate shirt, brass European inspired helmet.

Shaffron (Horse's Head Defense) Belonging to an Armor for Field and Tournament Made for Duke Nikolaus "The Black" Radziwill (1515–1565), Duke of Nesvizh and ...

One set of horse armour belonging to Henry VIII, it is known as the Burgundian bard.

armored horse and rider by bobmorton, via Flickr

Half-Shaffron (horse's head armor) (high-res) Date: ca. 1553 Culture: German (possibly Brunswick) Medium: Steel, etched and blackened; leather Inscription: ...

Shaffrons , the armored horse in Europe