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Asian Pangolin it39s covered in quotscalesquot made of keratin Wildlife

Asian Pangolin it39s covered in quotscalesquot made of keratin Wildlife


A pangolins body is covered with scales made of keratin the same substance that your fingernails

Discover the the eight different species of Pangolin, click to enlarge

Pangolin meat is also prized as a culinary delicacy and its body parts as an ingredient in traditional medicine in parts of Asia particularly in China and ...

Precious Pangolins

A two-week-old Chinese pangolin (Manis pentadactyla) clings to its mother, who was rescued from poachers and is now part of a captive breeding program at ...

Image Source: Google Images The pangolin is the only mammal in the world to have keratin scales covering its body! Much like an armadillo, the pangolin can ...

The pangolin's body armour protects it from all known predators – except man. Martin Fletcher travels to Vietnam, where the unique animal is being eaten to ...

Fast Fact Attack: Endangered Species No. 27 – The Chinese Pangolin #endangeredspecies

The prehistoric pangolin, which walks on its hind legs due to the length and curvature of its impressive claws. Credit: Judy Hurd

Today is World Pangolin Day. Pangolins are the only mammals that are covered in scales, which are made of keratin—just like our hair and finger nail.

Pangolin a. Scaley Anteater - Africa and Asia

Endangered pangolins

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