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Australian Army soldier Corporal Thomas McCammont from 8th/9th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment, helps a team-mate over an obstacle during the Duke of ...

Australian Army on Twitter: "@AustralianArmy Military Police from #1MPBn with their Working Dogs working hard in Afghanistan.

Australian Army soldier Corporal Levi Stripp is serving with Task Group Taji 4 at Taji Military

Australian Army Cook, Cpl Alex Shain with her colleagues in Afghanistan. (Pic:

The army's 11th Brigade reservists have been told not to turn up for training as there

Australian Army on Twitter: "Chinese, US & ADF military work together on Ex Kowari in FNQ. Building relationships thru adversity.

Serving Down Under: Australia offers military jobs to US troops facing separation

Australian Multicam Camouflage Uniform

Camouflage uniforms

Last ...

Australian Infantry/ Australian Army - Reflections from Field (Dean Caswell)

Soldiers from Adelaide's 7th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment.

Opinion: Australian Defence Force Academy should be shut down, overhauled and rebuilt from the ground up

Australian Army soldier Sergeant Francis Jakis (L) is pictured with Indonesian Army soldiers during

Army's Workforce Management

Australian Army officers Major Matt Haar (rear) and Major Shane Sarlin (front)

Thumbnail: A day in the life of a recruit at Kapooka

"New Disruptive Pattern Mid-Point Uniform (DPMU)"

Australian Army

Australian Army soldier Private Jeremy Schnalle (left) provides security for a British Army officer

An Australian soldier wearing DPDU in Afghanistan. He utilises the latest version of the DPDU uniform.

Two heavily armed soldiers walk past tourist souvenir stalls decorated with Union Jacks and selling hats

Australian Army on Twitter: "More video of our Infantry being tested in the Duke of Gloucester Cup. Go here: https://t.co/NUdKyNCJUb #defenceaustralia ...

Ken Bullman on Twitter: "Military Police officer LT Laura Holtham of Joint Sve Police Grp attends International Military Police Course in Ireland.

The U.S. Army revealed the new Operational Camouflage Pattern Army Combat Uniform on Monday, slated for release on July 1. Photo courtesy of the U.S. Army

Australian Army special forces soldiers from 1st Commando Regiment during Exercise Diamond Strike at Shoalwater Bay

"Disruptive Pattern Mid-Point Uniform (DPMU)"

As part of the exoskeleton trial, participants were fitted with a surrogate suit made of 3D printed plastic. The surrogate suit was fitted to ensure ...

Bernadette Stihec joined the #AusArmy Reserve to develop her skills as a critical care nurse. Her ambition is to become a retrieval nurse in future. ...

New ADF combat uniform

Australian Army on Twitter: "Chinese, US & ADF military together on Ex Kowari in FNQ. Building relationships thru adversity.

ADF Middle East on Twitter: "@AustralianArmy CAPT Radford mentors Afghan instructors at the Afghanistan National Army Officer Academy ...

ADF Middle East on Twitter: "Sarah is a #Toowoomba local but also an @ AustralianArmy Reserve Nursing officer deployed to #Iraq - Read more here: ...

ADF Middle East on Twitter: "See #YourADF train soldiers from commando company of the Iraqi Army's 61st Brigade from squad to company level, ...

Chaplaincy in the Australian Army

Iraqi speaking Australian Army soldier Karam Elias is part of the Task Group Taji based outside

Australian Army on Twitter: "Multi- skilled soldiers: Expert in soldiering; expert in aviation electronics. Here's a video of such soldiers: ...

Footnotes. [1] Australian Multicam Camouflage ...

Chief of Army Lieutenant General David Morrison message about unacceptable behaviour - YouTube

Australian Army on Twitter: "#YourADF team with US allies from Task Force 70 & 3d Marine Exp Bde consider amphibious challenges on Ex Polygon. ...

Fashion in the field: what Australian soldiers will be wearing in combat next year - The Citizen

Royal Australian Army Warrant Officer Class 2 Robert J. Chandler and 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit

... Corporal Dean George, and Lance Corporal Keith Hall at the Australian Multicam Camouflage Uniform launch during the biennial Chief of Army's Exercise.

Captain Karl: Today Show host Karl Stefanovic was decked out in camouflage and wielding a

Australian Army, US Navy, Royal Australian Navy, UK Marine. Notice the Australians have the same pattern, but different colours. Also notice the reflective ...

NT Police work with Military Police of the US Marines & Australian Army

Today co-host Karl Stefanovic interviews Corporal Nicholas Tison during his visit to Exercise Hamel

Three men in army and US marines uniforms kneel before a tree with their arms around

... Prince Harry joins Navy divers on training exercise

Australian Army soldiers assist Indonesian Army personnel during the Junior Officer Combat Instructor Training course conducted by the Australian Army's ...

Captain Wales on exercising with Royal Australian Navy Clearance Divers Moving through the soon to be

"Australian Army training team Vietnam: • WO2 W. Shennan, 1965 • Capt

Australian Army medical officer Major Kelly Dunne is interviewed for the Australian Army podcast during Exercise

This time Indonesia gets to chest thump....they won the Australian Army Skills comp...we didn't place.

New look: This MultiCam design is a temporary replacement for the failed Universal Camouflage Pattern

Since arriving in the Solomon Islands on the 24 July 2003, the military contingent has

Australian Army Reserve-Medic Medical Technician Australian Army Melbourne

Royal Australian Navy Petty Officer Communications and Information Sailor Timothy Hall at Naval Support Activity in

Four men in Army uniform stand in a line with a wedge-tailed eagle

Soldier's military skills recognised

Corporals Ivona Bartush and Nicole Spohn, are two of the ADF mums serving in southern

Australian-born Australian Army soldier Karam Elias is fluent in speaking Arabic thanks to his parents who fled Iraq to start a new life in Sydney in 1996.

Australian Army soldiers holding guns and dressed for Christmas in Kabul, Afghanistan.

So ...

Australian Army's Captain Amanda Walton (right) and Warrant Officer Class Two Nick England with

US Army Private wearing black beret with Distinctive Unit Insignia on the US Army beret flash

Brigadier David Thompson stands with an army truck in the background.

US Army First Lieutenant Kirsten Griest (centre) and fellow soldiers in combat training, 2015.

Part of a growing number of women enlisting as riflemen, 1RAR's Pte Jayne Sleigh has always pursued high standards and a challenge. http://bit.ly/2Fie4OG ...

A day in the life of an ADFA officer cadet. Defence Jobs Australia

Australian Army officer Captain Sandi Williams was a mentor to female Afghan military instructors in 2015.

Cadets need government and community assistance, says supporter | Mudgee Guardian

ADF Gap Year 2015 launch

... U.S. Marines, Australian Defence Force personnel grapple to strengthen bonds during Talisman Sabre 2011 |

Turbaned Sikh is face of diversity in Australian Army | SBS Your Language

These two soldiers are wearing Multicam uniforms.

The Swans AFL team help each other up the rope wall with instruction from Army Personnel

Australian Army in the field - Stock Image

Soldier coming home and getting an Aussie. God bless America and bow wow wow!

Australian Army Nursing Officer Lieutenant Jenna Brown, 28, who is currently serving in Iraq. Picture: Gary Ramage

Army - Legal Officer. Defence Jobs Australia

Australian Defence Force trains the Afghan National Army2:13

When the War is Over - The Lancer Band (Australian Army)

I don't know if the camo for tanks will be universal(all tank types have access) or unique to each tank and the respective nations that operate them.

Army fights on primarily on land and at times receives air support from air force and support from navy.

Why the ADF hates the Australian media

Army T-Shirt Auscam

Australian troops. Photo: Ian Hitchcock/ Getty.

Innovative: But the original design is said to be no improvement on wave-based

Australian Army Camouflage T-Shirt (Small)

AAC_Banners_07_08_2012_c.jpg splash image

Australian Army on Twitter: "Episode 10: Exercise Hamel - Battle Group Jacka' from the #TRADOC #Podcast is out now. https://t.co/Py9tzFsOyM… "