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Legend of Billy the Kid

Billy the Kid

Henry McCarty, better known as Billy the Kid, and also as William H.

The only known picture of Billy the Kid. It has been cleaned up and we get to see his face clearly for the first time...all reports I have ever read said he ...

The only known photograph in existence of Billy the Kid is the one above. (The tin-type recently sold for more than $2 million; any other purported photo of ...

Pictured here is a portrait of outlaw Billy the Kid holding his revolver, with two

'Only known photograph discovered' of Billy the Kid and Pat Garrett together

Is this Billy the Kid?On the left and right are mirror images of a

This tintype photo, taken after the Lincoln County War in the late 1870s, shows Billy the Kid. A newly surfaced photo of the outlaw has attracted attention ...

Dedrick ferrotype[edit]

How civilized! A photo purchased in a Fresno, California junk shop for about 67

Rare Billy The Kid Dirty Dave Rudabaugh Regulators Tintype

Henry McCarty (1859-1881) best known as Billy the Kid, American outlaw

A newly-discovered coroner's jury report, dated July 9, 1908 has added more

This is a photo if Telesfor Jaramillo, the only son of Paulita and Jose Jaramillo

America's Favorite Outlaw: Billy the Kid

A newly-discovered coroner's jury report, dated July 9, 1908 has added more

The image is believed to be one of just two known to exist of the outlaw

A new National Geographic documentary chronicles the journey taken to verify the latest image of the

The infamous outlaw came upon the nickname Billy the Kid after adopting the alias 'William

Destined for Infamy Dossier William Henry McCarty, Jr. Bonney / Billy the Kid William Harrison Bonney / Billy Bonney William Henry Roberts /…

Photo credit: www.rogerebert.com

Henry McCarty (1859 - 1881), better known as Billy the Kid, but also known by the aliases Henry Antrim and William H. Bonney, was a 19th-century American ...

Henry Hooker, one-time employer of Billy the Kid, at his Sierra Bonita Ranch in southeast Arizona

Possible tintype of Billy the Kid


BILLY THE KID (William H. Bonney, William Henry McCarty, 1859-1881

U.S. & World History – William H. Bonney better known as Billy the Kid, was a famous 19th-century American gunman. According to legend he killed 21 men, ...

Billy ...


Dick Brewer, c. 1875

Billy the Kid looks cleaned up in latest picture to emerge of infamous outlaw | Daily Mail Online

Doc Scurlock ... gunfighter, cowboy, outlaw, associate of Billy the Kid


Billy the Kid Ash Upson Pat Garrett True West Feature

Owner: The latest picture is owned by Billy the Kid collector Ray John de Aragon

Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid

John Tunstall on a sixth plate tintype. Benefactor of Billy The Kid, his cold

old man with moustache, wide-brimmed hat and bandana around neck

Pat Garrett's most famous kill did not come from a gun battle. In he snuck into Pete Maxwell's house and shot notorious outlaw Billy the Kid to death.

William H. Bonney (1859-1881), outlaw known as Billy the Kid

only known surviving photograph of Billy the Kid, c. 1873

Texas Ranger Gus Gildea

Only Known Authenticated Photograph of Billy the Kid, 1879

Sam Peckinpah's 'Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid' Is the Last Great Western - PopMatters

Billy the Kid Randy Guijarro, the owner of this photograph, claims the picture includes William Bonney (inset), Tom Folliard, Sallie Chisum, Paulita Maxwell ...

William Henry McCarty, Jr.(Billy The Kid) with his mother, Catherine

Pat Garrett

Billy the Kid in colour

Sheriff Patrick Floyd Jarvis Garrett, Sheriff of Lincoln County, New Mexico (1850 - 1908) - Genealogy

Though his name isn't as widely known as that of Hickok, Billy The Kid or Doc Holliday, the greatest of all the old west gunfighters was Ben Thompson.

Authenticated Photo Courtesy William Koch Collection –

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Annie Oakley born Phoebe Ann Moses ~ Annie was an American sharpshooter & exhibition shooter. Her amazing talent led to a starring role in Buffalo Bill's ...

Hailed as one of Sam Peckinpah's misunderstood masterpieces, Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid is the film that ended the filmmaker's informal revisionist ...

Pat Garrett's wife, holding the gun he used to kill Billy the Kid

New Billy the Kid photo bought for $2 to sell for $5 million | IrishCentral.com

“Sam was drunk, of course,” recalls Kris Kristofferson, who plays Billy. “By the end of the day that bottle had taken over. I'll never forget Bob Dylan ...

The First Mountain Man Why is John Colter widely considered to be the first of these hardy frontiersmen?

Billy Claiborne

Another picture of the Kid surfaced last year, showing him (right) with friend

Photo of Billy The Kid Museum - Fort Sumner, NM, United States. Great

"The Authentic Life of Billy, the Kid" Title Page

“He was a great, innovative craftsman of film, but his sensibility was unique, inimitable. Action filmmakers can use an impersonal, impeccably directed ...

After a few minutes he headed back toward the car. Just as he was getting into the back seat he turned and told me he had wrecked more than a few airplanes ...

Sundance Kid

Billy the Kid

Billy the Kid was a gunman and a frontier outlaw during the American Old West era. He killed his first man at the ripe age of 15 and went down as one ...

Billy later dismisses the Joe Grant shooting as, “a game of two, and I got there first.”

Pat Garrett

Billy the Kid Ash Upson Pat Garrett True West Feature

Grave marker for Bonney

The Authentic Life of Billy the Kid

Billy the Kid is believed to have been responsible for the murders of at least nine

'Pat Garrett And Billy The Kid': Peckinpah's Unfinished Masterpiece | The ARTery

Sundance Kid and wife-clean.jpg


book cover with title and drawing of pistol over old newspaper

A group of famous gunmen of the Wild West. Wyatt Earp is third from the

Portrait of Pat Garrett from The Story of the Outlaws

Why Billy the Kid's Tombstone Says 'Pals'

Historical Marker at the site of Billy the Kid's Death