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Bad Santa I just don39t know what to say it39s not a heartwarming

Bad Santa I just don39t know what to say it39s not a heartwarming


Bad Santa... I just don't know what to say... it's not a heartwarming story of a mall-santa/thief who hides out at the weird home of a creepy misunderstood ...

Bad Santa... I just don't know what to say... it's not a heartwarming story of a mall-santa/thief who hides out at the weird home of a creepy misun…




Santa shares heartwarming moment with boy with autism

Billy Bob Thornton And The Appeal Of The Imperfect Christmas Hero | HuffPost


It's official. Halloween is over, and everybody's gearing up for the next big yearly bashes (or hurdles, depending on your levels of stress, cynicism, ...

“I tell them 'You know it's a really nice thing you're doing for your mom. You're trying to make it so that she has a smile – so I want to thank ...


Lily Harrison was just a millimetre from death after a piece of shrapnel tore a hole in her back (Image: Adam Gerrard/Sunday Mirror)

Such dark humor it's too funny

Bad Santa


coke santa It's my favorite time of year. No really, I'm obsessed. I love all of it—the music, the movies, the Christmas trees, the ornaments, the wrapping ...

... why it is that when people fall off the roof of the house, the lights always wrap around their ankle and stop them just short of landing on the ground.

Exclusive: Lifetime Movie The Santa Con

Jan Thijs Broad Green Pictures Miramax

On the Red Carpet: 'Bad Santa 2' New York Premiere

Mr and Mrs Claus Plates

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Bad Santa

With December comes all the Christmas spirit you could hope for and then some. Whether you're a fan of the holiday or can't wait for it to be over, ...

It's a rite of passage each year: bringing the kids to meet Santa at the mall or a local department store. But what do those brave souls who don the bright ...


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Where to see Christmas film classics like Elf, Home Alone and It's A Wonderful Life on the big screen in Cardiff - Wales Online

Universal Pictures/ Courtesy: Everett Collection

He's sorry, but he's not a magician. Santa-Claus

Heartwarming moment Manchester terror attack survivor Lily travels to Lapland to meet Santa - Mirror Online

Save Bad Santa for when the kids get in bed, OK? Billy Bob Thornton plays a conman dressed as Santa so he can rob department stores, but of course his plans ...

IMDb summarizes it, "The Martians kidnap Santa Claus because there is nobody on Mars to give their children presents," but there's a little more to it than ...

Keira Knightley as Juliet and Chiwetel Ejiofor as Peter on their wedding day in 'Love


“We're doing a really good job of making that teen boy's life a living hell.” FX

White Christmas

Don't even bother trying to outsmart them. Santa-Claus

DREADING this day....hopefully not soon. Martha Brockenbrough - Santa Letter - 4 Heartwarming Letters to Explain Santa to Your Kids

33. Too Soon

The Christmas classic about Santa that's hard to improve upon (although I'd say the '94 remake isn't half bad). Edmund Gwenn is the department store Santa ...


Here are the lovebirds now! FX

Alimi and Dahn Ballard

Die Hard is often cited as

Marcelina Hardy Says You Don't Leave Family. “

Little does she know that her life will soon change because of just 1 of those Christmas cards. It is a heartwarming story and I definitely recommend you ...

Christmas songs can be heartwarming and make you elated even when it's not the season and if you want a modern take, you will not find better songs than ...


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12 (Almost) Heartwarming Dysfunctional Family Holiday Movies

People who know me might be a bit surprised to hear that I like a film like Bad Santa. I actually went to see this at the cinema with my friends Anna ...


The jury is still out on Bad Santa 2 – maybe it won't suck?

27 Best Christmas Movies to Watch in 2016 - Best Christmas Movies of All Time - ELLE.com

12 (Almost) Heartwarming Dysfunctional Family Holiday Movies | A Practical Wedding

'Dear Santa'

It always looked kinda silly... but it's on a lot of lists... so I guess I should watch it at some point. Plus, Lauren Graham. Duh. (not ...

This is my favorite of all the letters about if Santa is real. I think Kara will be getting one like this soon. She is asking too many questions. :(

... might be a bad person, so you want to watch actual horrible people and feel better about yourself. Warning: this was the movie that proved it's possible ...

This was in 1989. I'm pretty sure they had no idea what they were. I had no idea what they were. I thought it was a version of Big Wheel, or something.

Then they decide it's time to tell him the truth about where he came from when he becomes increasingly distressed about how he doesn't fit in to the only ...

You tell me what this fellow just did. Yep, that's right, there is the poop for Santa to track across the floors. I have to admit to rather liking this guy, ...

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Bad Santa (2003)

But they are still creepy.

Christmas Movies

Is Santa real? Every year I write letters from Santa to my friends kids. This year some of them become part of the secret, here's the last letter they will ...

Hugh ...

The A.V. Club loves the holiday season, and we also love opening small doors in paintings of Santa Claus and pulling out stale chocolate the manufacturer ...

(We often see Lookwell checking under his chin for neck flange.) Meta alert: Obviously, there are sidelong references to “Batman” here — a faded onetime TV ...

The Santa Clause Screenshot

Santa Candle


holiday entertainment

This fan-made picture ...

Now we gotta reserve this one for the last. It's just adorable and funny!

(Yes, it's another new DVD release of this beloved Christmas movie treasure!)

12 (Almost) Heartwarming Dysfunctional Family Holiday Movies | A Practical Wedding

5 Reasons People Don't Take You Seriously

27 Best Christmas Movies to Watch in 2016 - Best Christmas Movies of All Time - ELLE.com

Initially found on the streets of Santa Monica, these ads take classic posters and swap in RPO's protagonists. They are, in a word, upsetting.

There comes a time in every parent's life where they have to have the dreaded “talk”. Before the birds and the bees comes the Santa talk. A child will only ...

So I'm not saying that I never found Show funny; it's just that, whenever Show reached for broad comedy as its idea of funny, I found myself not really ...