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Battle of Dungeness Wikipedia BritishDutch Wars t Dutch

Battle of Dungeness Wikipedia BritishDutch Wars t Dutch


Storck, Four Days Battle.jpg

Battle of Leghorn - Wikipedia

This painting, Action between ships in the First Dutch War, 1652–1654 by Abraham Willaerts, may depict the Battle of the Kentish Knock.

On the 3rd June 1665 114 British ships meet 103 Dutch ships in The Battle of

Battle of Dungeness - Wikipedia · Anglo Dutch WarsThe ...

Council of War on Board of the “De Zeven Provinciën”, the Flagship of

Dutch ship Brederode - Wikipedia

Battle of Scheveningen (Slag bij Ter Heijde)(Jan Abrahamsz. Beerstraten).


Battle of Chatham June 1667 before Sheernesse fort and Chatham/c.1667/Skokloster. Anglo Dutch WarsGoogle ...

Battle council on the De Zeven Provinciën by Willem van de Velde the Elder, 1666

Überfall im Medway/Schlacht von Chatham (9-14.July old style protestant england Julian calendar=19-24.July Dutch Gregorian new calendar)/Admiral de RUYTER+ ...

First war (1652–1654)[edit]

Explosion of the Spanish Flagship in the Battle of Gibraltar April 25th 1607 by Cornelis Claesz

VAN DE VELDE THE ELDER oil, pen and ink, and wash en grisaille on

Third Day[edit]

HMS Swiftsure, Seven Oaks and Loyal George captured and flying Dutch colours, by Willem van de Velde the Younger

Second war (1665–1667)[edit]


Van Soest, Four Days Battle.jpg

In 1667 De Ruyter sails up the Medway. Meanwhile Henry Savile travels with the Duke of York to Chatham & Harwich. His ship The Royal Charles is later ...

Embarkment of De Ruyter and De Witt at Texel, 1667 by Eugène Isabey

The Dutch raid on the Medway

"Burning English ships" by Jan van Leyden. Shown are the events near Gillingham: in the middle Royal Charles is taken; on the right Pro Patria and Schiedam ...

Order of battle at the Battle of Camperdown - Wikipedia

Action of 22 August 1795 - Wikipedia

The Battle of the Gabbard, 12 June 1653 by Heerman Witmont, shows the Dutch flagship Brederode, right, in action with the English ship Resolution, ...

Rob Kattenburg - Notable sales - Maritime art

The ship Prins Willim was built in 1649 in Middelburg in the Netherlands and sank near Madagaskar in

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor zeeslagen schilderijen

Battle of Goodwin Sands

A British Royal Navy fleet met a Dutch fleet at the Battle of Camperdown, on this day in history, 11 October 1797. This painting is 'The Battle of ...

Michiel de Ruyter

De Zeven Provincien was a Dutch ship. The literal translation is "The Seven Provinces," referring to the fact that the Dutch Republic in the 17th century ...

Thomas Luny (British, The battle of Trafalgar, October 1805 – Nelson's flagship Victory and Téméraire in close action with the French Rédoubtable as the ...

Cornelis Coomans - Wikipedia

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Council of War on Board of the “De Zeven Provinciën”, the Flagship of Admiral Michiel Adriaanzoon de Ruyter, June 10th 1666, before the Four Days Battle: an ...

Сражение при Кентиш-Нок — Википедия | British-Dutch Wars | Pinterest | Dutch

The Dutch Fleet under Sail' is believed to be a depiction of the Dutch battle fleet prepared to set sail for the Medway and Sheerness in This expedition ...

A view of the Dutch factory at Ambon, early to mid-17th century

The Royal Netherlands Navy acquired the aircraft carrier HNLMS Karel Doorman in 1948. Its acquisition was a part of a larger military build-up by NATO ...

Dutch Ship of the Line,1665; 76 guns - National Maritime Museum

Korean War[edit]

On May 28th 1672 Henry Savile accompanies the Duke of York into the Battle of Sole

Marston Moor: English Civil War

Depiction of the Battle of Heiligerlee, 1568. The battle was the first victory for the Dutch rebels in the Eighty Years' War.

Funeral procession for Michiel de Ruijter, Dam Square and Nieuwe Kerk, Amsterdam, 18 March 1677.

The Franco-Dutch War (1672–1678) and the third Anglo-Dutch War (1672–1674)[edit]

Bol, Michiel de Ruyter.jpg

The Battle of Scheveningen, 10 August 1653

The siege ended when the geuzen opened the dikes surrounding the city causing the Spanish troops to flee.

Watersnoodramp 1953 - Watersnood van 1953 - Wikipedia

Dutch ship

Slag bij de Hoofden - Wikipedia

Holmes's Bonfire - Wikipedia

Map of modern coastline of the Netherlands, Germany, and Denmark, showing the Germanic peoples that lived there c. 150 AD.

1655 English print depicting the Amboyna massacre of 1623, which was deployed by the English party that favoured war with the Dutch for propaganda purposes ...

Castro Lorenzo Dutch East Indiaman off Hoorn

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The capture of Sint Eustatius by the British fleet in 1781. The island is sacked by the British.

On July 21st 1667 the Treaty of Breda is signed bringing the Second Anglo Dutch war

Slag bij Nieuwpoort (1600) - 2 Fases - Battle of Nieuwpoort - Wikipedia

A picture by Willem Schellincks of the raid. The view is from the south. On the left Upnor Castle is silhouetted against the flames; on the opposite side of ...

Anglo Dutch Wars, Civil War Books, Civil Wars

Zeeslag bij Duins, 1639, anoniem, Salomon Savery, Abraham de Verwer, 1649

The Conspiracy of Claudius Civilis depicts a scene from Histories where Gaius Julius Civilis persuades Celtic chiefs to join the Batavi revolt.

Battle off Lizard Point

The Moonlight Battle of St Vincent, 26 January 1780 by Richard Paton (after)

The Battle of Mobile Bay took place during the Civil War, on this day in

James, Duke of York, the Lord High Admiral of England and openly Catholic, argued in favour of a war between England and the Dutch.

1919 Kleine Bosatlas Wolters-Groningen

Antique Set of 4 Dutch Delft Tile Ship V.O.C. 19TH C

The Dutch in the East Indies[edit]


Third Anglo-Dutch War and death[edit]

Engraving showing the St. James Day Fight August 4th, 1666 between English and Dutch Ships.

Schans (verdedigingswerk) - Wikipedia. Dutch

Dutch admiral Maarten Tromp commanded the Dutch navy. In a naval engagement entitled the Battle of the Downs, which took place off the coast of England in ...

First Anglo-Dutch War[edit]


Michiel de Ruyter te Zierikzee

'Aemilia' van Tromp, Jacob Savery

Admiraalsschip van Tromp, Van de Velde de Oude, Cornelis Dankerts, 1640

Downfall: 5 Reasons Why the Roman Empire Collapsed

Bjarni Herjólfsson--The Guy Who Almost Discovered The America's and Would Have If He

De Ruyter's coffin in the Nieuwe Kerk in Amsterdam

The Great Assembly of the States General, in the Great Hall of the Binnenhof (painting by Dirck van Delen, 1651, formerly attributed to Bartholomeus van ...

Between the 18 & 20th Feb 1653 the battle of Portland. Admiral Blake meets an equal force led by Martin Tromp. Several British ships are damaged and The ...

Anton Otto Fischer. Uss ConstitutionWar ...

Military units of the Batavi[edit]


The Dutch withdraw[edit]

On February 9th 1674 the Treaty of London is signed between the English & Dutch. The English supremacy at sea was acknowledged and all Dutch vessels are ...

In 1667 Edward Montagu, 2nd Earl of Manchester is appointed a Commander of a Regiment

Petrus Johannes Schotel Naval Battle

USS John D. Edwards (DD-216) - Laundry transfer with ''

Admiralen-class destroyer - HNLMS Van Galen