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Be truthful Things that make you goHmm t Aquarius

Be truthful Things that make you goHmm t Aquarius


Aquarius reads people well

That's why we're picky about choosing someone. We know we're going too love them no matter what. EBT

Very true, I'm always analysing peoples behaviour and its actually funny how they act.

Aquarians usually say exactly what they're thinking or will stay completely silent. Anyone who knows me knows this is exactly how I am.

Aquarius will never get into trouble for lying. It's their honesty that does it. Well, ain't that the truth!

Anshu so plzz dun tell me that something cannot be done cz i am an aquarius :p.

It's creepy cause it's true

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I've done this. It's so frustrating cuz you try to let the "

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Once an Aquarius makes up their mind, nothing can... - fun zodiac

So fucking true. I dont need a reason for everything I do so deal with

I wish they would stop being so ... right .

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So true... sad but true..... Aquarius ...

Yep, total honesty, openness and love conversation that has meaning

Its true, i hate yelling (but I'll do it if i have to) so I'll just use the most hurtful words possible when I'm angry. It typically blows up in my face ...

Aquarius true stuff #love #Aquarius

This true.but Aquarius. I don't understand why I see so many quotes that say Aquarians need space. Sure everyone needs a little space but for the most part ...

Aquarius I'm not a daily horoscope reader, but I must say.some of the things I do are so true.

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no joke! have an opinion already, i know you do. so opinionated about somethings then nothing on others? i doubt it.

Aquarius - Thats the exactky the trhth!


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No one has ever told me they're crazy about me, and if someone


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So true it's almost a curse. Like being some sort of witch in a good way. The first thing I do. Look 'em in the eyes: beware of those who speak and don't ...

This true.but Aquarius. I don't understand why I see so many quotes that say Aquarians need space. Sure everyone needs a little space but for the most part ...

Aquarius - Aquarius can't stand people who make things more complicated than it should be.

Yeah, I want John Cusack standing outside my house holding a boombox playing "in your eyes".

I never would've stopped fighting for you and beside you but I'll never fight you, I'll walk away and let you fight yourself.


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One lie, big or small destroys the chance of trust with Aquarius. Yup it's so true a lie is a lie.

Aquarius likes to be blunt and direct; we're brutally honest people. We don' t waste away with petty big words to make .

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Aquarius, this is so true

wtfzodiacsigns: “Aquarius can bend and form itself into what their lover wants. In return they want true feelings, no lies.


Aquarius- I'm a great listener

I am in the cusp of Capricorn n Aquarius just depends on which paper you go with. I say I'm Aquarius but cool to see which Capricorn tendencies I have.


aquarius daily astrology fact

This is insanely true.

I get pleasure from these depictions - thank you so much for sharing - aquarius

Aquarians are observers, many people don't realize this……its soo true.if u luv music n hav talent in art.u can attract aquarius

couldn't be more true

Horoscope Du Jour : Description I don't put much stock in horoscopes and star signs but for once this has hit the nail on the head.

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They are particularly attracted to people who make them laugh and make them feel good about themselves. A sense of humor is key, to go ...

FAQ: What are Aquarius Birthstones? – Aquarius Birthstones are rock crystal and blue topaz. What are Aquarius birthstone colors?

Aquarius: How is a Aquarius. Ah, my moon sign. Is it any

Aquarius' Psyche♒ on

Aquarius fact from ZodiacChic.

Aquarius woman.

“ Aquarius is a mastermind. If you watch Aquarius attentively, you'll see the genius at work. If there's something you need to know, Aquarius will provide ...

an Aquarius trait?

This is why i am Aquarius.

Zodiac Aquarius Facts.


I like the last one the best lol just the idea is fine with me.

Aquarians will give people MANY opportunities to do better and are willing to talk things through. But if they feel manipulated or taken advantage of or ...

I don't really believe in this stuff, but this is pretty true of me.

Mmm hmm

I'm a virgo sun sign and an aquarius moon. This is fairly true.

have to admit it but true

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I am nowhere near detached but everything else is ASHLEY all the way.

Experiences with the 12 Zodiac Signs. Yeah, Libra is true.

Mom-libra... Dad-Gemini... Daughter-virgo... Son- cancer. How true for all of us

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Aquarius will always find a unique and eccentric approach to the world. Don' t

This is so me!

Aquarius :) spot on.

The best thing you can do for an Aquarius is be a true and genuine person because they will not stick around for frauds.

Wow so many signs that are true mine a bit. But other ppl i know signs.

13 Things About An Aquarius That You Should Be Thankful For – Zodiac True

There's always relationships that are the exception and cause an overload of emotion Aquarius does not know how to handle.

So true about the shock thing! And the rest if I must be honest.

A humorous look at the dark side of Astrology and the negative traits of the Zodiac


“@GirlsOfAqua: An #Aquarius female as a MOTHER: pic.twitter.com/G4gM6QPYEy” 💁

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Okay, you hate Geminis? You and everyone else good on ya mate. Have

You dispense knowledge ...

You can be ...


4. •Be ...

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“@AstroIogySigns: Things the signs don't want you to know pic.twitter.com/77jg9u0cYT” me lol

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