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Been thinking about a harp for a while representing Ireland

Been thinking about a harp for a while representing Ireland


Been thinking about a harp for a while... representing, Ireland, Guinness (the beer) and Guinness (our pug).

Irish Harp Tattoo #firsttattoo

irish harp - inside the heart on the claddagh

Brian boru harp. Tattoo idea for Irish heritage instead of the .

nice piece harp tattoo from Matthew @matsy_ @dublinink #tattoo #Dublin #art

Irish harp, symbolizes the storytelling and signing tradition of the Irish culture and king David from the old testament.

Celtic Harp by Zazwicks on DeviantArt"

Design for a Celtic harp.

Six images of the Guinness harp device from 1862 to 2005—

Belfast Museum Harp


The Trinity College Harp Library at Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland, 15th Century

Celtic Harp

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Image of the Mulagh Harp, © National Museum of Ireland

Trinity College harp early 20th C postcard

Portable Harp, by John Egan (c. 1820). The O'Brien Collection.

42. Shamrock Designs


Celtic Harpist, Cliffs of Moher, Ireland There was a gentleman playing the fiddle the day I was there.

Image may contain: people sitting, table, indoor and outdoor

Can you guess what instrument was represented in the collection most prominently? The harp. The harp is the national instrument of Ireland, and it yielded ...

Inside the company that helped cement the harp as Ireland's national symbol


Music Instrument Harp Ornament

Illustrated London News, 1st November 1851. “

Lever ...

Hasan joined us via Skype while delivering a baby at Highline Hospital! This was a very romantic couple, and a very warm and friendly wedding!

Development & History of Irish flags Pt9: the Rising of 1798

Healing with a harp

Highlights of The Long History of the Celtic Harp. Although ...

Trinity College harp. Walker 1786


The best compromise I see is to put the harp in the traditional blue shield set on a green field:


Ancient Celtic Irish symbols meanings

irish tattoos

Cecilia 46 - the harp that started it all.

Northern Ireland Flag and Coat of Arms.

Ireland's Cherished Emblem

Dept Agriculture IRL

Development & History of Irish flags Pt10: Union Jacks & Green Harp Jacks



Silver Strings on a Harp

Plate from Robert Bruce Armstrong, Musical Instruments Part I, The Irish and The Highland

Restringing the Otway harp

Reversed woodcut in Dublin Penny Journal 1832

Ad for two Irish-themed films from the US production company Domino; Bioscope 12

Two weeks ago I was off to Asheville NC for the 2011 Southeastern Harp Weekend. Imagine being surrounded by 150 people who love what you love, ...



I wasn't dressed like that though.

Irish Independent (26 March 1967)

22, John Egan, Portable Harp, ca. 1820. Maple, spruce, ivory, catgut and green paint with gilt decoration. The O'Brien Collection.

The Queen Mary Harp Museum of Antiquities, Edinburgh, Scotland, U.K., 15th Century

Hire Celtic Harp Music by Anne Roos - Harpist in South Lake Tahoe, California

For obvious reason I replaced the Cross of St George with that of St Patrick, and put the NI Assembly flax plant logo on top of the harp, I also used a ...

Irish tattoos

Mariposa Harp and Holly Goodale

Submitted by Michael Billinge July, 2014

... is so-called because it looks like a harp and the Greek word for the Hebrew or Egyptian form of a harp is "nabla".pic.twitter.com/wHLwE0RRqN

Alas, the Harp ...

Graham, Jan and Row

What is interesting is that in the criticisms above no mention is made of the actual antecedents of the pre-existing harp, a symbol which has a remarkably ...

+Enlarge solo

Image Loading ... the Plate in Armstrong's Highland Harp

Video Clips

Restoration of the Brian Boru harp

Parents say…

The earlier Irish flag.

The original aim of the United Irishmen had been to seek change through reform. However McCracken became convinced that the government would not reform and ...

Flax plant crest, and a Union Flag representing N.Is place in the United Kingdom and Unionism, and a green harp flag ...

Note Taking During Recording Session.

Alas, the Harp ...

The large concert harps ...

House ...

Mariposa Punch Quote Slide 4.jpg

Terms and conditions apply, over 21s only.

The Paraguayan Harp and Its Music

Irish tricolour. For Ireland ...

This cross shaft has King David sitting in a high backed chair and playing a triangular harp. The cross is quite worn but the carving is in high relief.

The Flag of the (slightly militant) Irish Republican Socialist Party uses the Starry Plough on a red field, red flags having links with socialism and the ...

... Aaron Kahn of Paris, France, leads a song at the first Ireland Sacred Harp Convention, ...

Their is also the plus that another's flag of Ireland despite not being the national flag is a very important flag to our country and was one of the flags ...

photo of head of the Mulagh harp

Dalway reconstruction by Hobrough 3

The harp was the the national emblem of Ireland from early times to the end of the 19th century. Some brides and grooms choose to honor this by ...

Bryn Cox' Mariposa Harp

Thomas "Doc" Grauzer, Irish Harp Music

Edward Bunting's 1809 published piano arrangement of Burns March