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Behind the Scenes KLZ Events Rick cosnett t

Behind the Scenes KLZ Events Rick cosnett t


KLZ Events

There are some great events coming up in the near future. In a few weeks KLZ is back in Brussels for A Con, their first “Pretty Little Liars” fan event.

ArcCon Cooldown "In the spotlight": Rick Cosnett

We met Chandler Riggs (Carl, the Walking Dead) at Walker Stalker Con London

Organzing an Event

Meeting Rick Cosnett

Image result for richard dean anderson 2016

Behind the Scenes: KLZ Events

Guess the movie!

This is our How to series. In this series we'll show you how

Billy dee

Ian Somerhalder, Malese Jow, Michael Trevino & Zach Roerig

Photo op with Robert Englund at Amsterdam Comic Con 2016

Ernie hudson

Meg foster

The eyes are the windows to the soul.

Meeting Lance Henriksen

FACTS Convention Spring Edition 2017

How Deadshot saved the day!

Lando's Secret - Meeting Billy Dee Williams | Billy dee williams and Billy dee

Meeting Lance Henriksen

Meeting Sibel Kekilli

The eyes are the windows to the soul.

Meeting Lew Temple at Weekend of Hell


Blue baseball jacket with fringes and striped top

Lando's Secret - Meeting Billy Dee Williams | Billy dee williams and Billy dee

The Vampire Diaries Julie Plec,Michael Malarkey(Enzo),Candice Accola(Caroline),Ian Somerhalder(Damon),Paul Wesley(Stefan) & I don't know who that guy in the ...

The Vampire Diaries | 5X10 | Fifty Shades of Grayson | TVD PT.2 | Pinterest | Fifty shades

Vampire Diaries Star Ian Somerhalder Takes Hilarious Selfie With Rick Cosnett

FACTS convention Spring edition 2017! Photo op with Ben McKenzie and Morena Baccarin!

The Vampire Diaries | 5X10 | Fifty Shades of Grayson

The eyes are the windows to the soul.

DIY printable fabric paper.

With the article we are about to propose, we want to take you out of the embarrassment of the usual question when there are important event

Insurgence 6 9106762655_b6378f5621_b

Excellent pattern advice! via http://koumori-no-hime.deviantart

KLZ Events

#TuesdayTip This month, conduct a costume closet cleanout. The first step in finally

Words of wisdom for crafty and creative types. http://www.flickr

Paul Wesley & Ian Somerhalder Talk About Last TVD Scene

The eyes are the windows to the soul.

Note This incredible science fiction has also been released under the title Children of Dune



Sometimes you have trouble finding the right shade of paint for a small project - don't overlook nailpolish! It comes in so many colors (it's not just “ ...

We met Nathan Fillion at FACTS convention in Belgium. Loved doing a photo op!

Ian MacNeice (Ace Ventura 2) Steven Berkoff (Red 2) Daniela Amavia (Tatort) James mCAvoy (Wanted) Susan Sarandon (Tammy) Edward Atterton (Alias)


TVD Creation - Nashville 2018 - Paul & Ian Gold Panel Montage

Paul Wesley ~ New Jersey 2017 Montage

Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder at the vampire diaries Chicago con

Alia possesses the memories and personalities of her ancestors due to being pre-born, but has trouble controlling them; her internal struggles against the ...

In Tibet, following the First World War, an American named Lamont Cranston (Alec Baldwin), succumbing to his darker instincts during the war, ...

... who intentionally sabotaged Steven's cable when he didn't call Chip back. Chip fixes the cable under the condition that they hang out again, ...

Wensicia's plot to assassinate the Atreides heirs fails, but provides Leto an opportunity to fake his own death and buy time to overcome Alia.

Children of Dune's compelling plot is executed with precision by director Greg Yaitanes, who does a bang-up job over his predecessor, John Harrison.



The Borg sphere generates and enters a temporal vortex. As the Enterprise is enveloped in the vortex, the crew briefly glimpses an Earth populated entirely ...

The Tleilaxu present Paul with a ghola in the likeness of his friend Duncan Idaho, killed during the events of Dune, but secretly conditioned to assassinate ...


This movie is stunningly produced, with excellent scenes. The characters are interesting, even if not often believable. The action is quite gripping, ...

... sea creatures and you could kick Jackie Chan's butt any day of the week, who WOULDN'T want to be you? I don't know this one's pretty extreme. Don't ask.

A brilliant movie. Very entertaining and I loved it. We don't get many westerns any more so this was a welcome addition to the genre.


The Flash- The Flash Convinces Patty Spivot Not To Kill- Running To Stand Still

1952 Sybil Danning!

How could Patty Spivot Return? - The Flash Season 4 Theory Explained

Nachtwacht Meet & Greet


With a political marriage arranged by Jessica between Ghanima and Wensicia's son Farad'n, the Corrino heir identifies his mother as the mastermind behind ...