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Black and Grey of Dr Loomis from the Halloween movie series on

Black and Grey of Dr Loomis from the Halloween movie series on


Dr. Samuel Loomis (from "Michael Myers: Absolute Evil")

Black and Grey of Dr. Loomis from the Halloween movie series on lower leg by Gina Marie of Copper Fox Tattoo Company

There's a petition that's been circulating around the net in the wake of Blumhouse and John Carpenter announcing that a new Halloween film, penned by Danny ...

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Horror Fans Launch Petition to Cast Robert Englund as Dr. Loomis in “ Halloween” 2018

Halloween 6 The Curse of Michael Myers Producer's Cut - Dr Loomis With Tommy Doyle


Will there be a new Dr. Samuel Loomis in Halloween 2018 (Haluk Bulginer)

Jamie to Dr. Loomis || Savin' Me {Happy Birthday Donald Pleasence}

Halloween 2018 The Fate Of Dr Loomis And Michael Myers Halloween 2018 Predictions (Spoilers)

File:Sam Loomis.jpg

Halloween Movie 2018 Jamie Lee Curtis Laurie Strode Dr. Loomis

Halloween (1978) | Michael Myers | Why Dr. Loomis Is A Badass | Donald Pleasence | John Carpenter

Donald Pleasence in Halloween II

Michael Myers Halloween Movie Dr. Loomis Death Has Come To Our Town T-Shirt

Doctor Samuel Loomis Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Samuel Loomis

DR LOOMIS Dreamcasting (Who should play Loomis in Halloween?)

Dr. Sam Loomis from Halloween www.emergencycarelongisland.com

The awesome Donald Pleasance would appear in ...

A series of HalloweeN movie posters if the films were made in a different time with other actors or filmmakers.

Dr Sam Loomis "Halloween IV: The Return of Michael Myers"

A series of HalloweeN movie posters if the films were made in a different time with other actors or filmmakers.

Sam tries to stop Michael.jpg

Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers


I was watching Halloween recently and admired (not for the first time) Donald Pleasence's performance of Dr. Loomis. Loomis brings Haddonfield the message ...

R.I.P. - Video About Halloween Cast & Crew Who Died (1978-2017)

After that first trailer for Halloween was released, the excitement for David Gordon Green and Danny McBride's film shot up. For the most part, ...

Halloween Dr. Loomis Death Has Come To Our Town T-shirt, Black,

Halloween Audition: The Man Who Was Almost Dr. Loomis

Halloween Custom Horror Dolls Laurie Strode, Michael Myers, Dr. Loomis

Richard Schiff as Dr Loomis in Halloween (2018) Reboot?

Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers

[YTP] Halloween 4: The Revenge of Dr. Loomis

Dr. Loomis should be referenced in new Halloween movie

Image is loading Michael-Myers-EVIL-glow-in-the-dark-T-

I am a huge fan of John Carpenter's Halloween series. It has become a sort of tradition for me every October to watch each film multiple times leading up to ...

Michael Myers Halloween Movie Dr. Loomis Laurie T-Shirt #Halloween #TShirt

Halloween Michael Myers and Dr. Loomis 8" Retro Mego Style Figure 2-Pack

cooltext1205611622 basMKhaMi2tjIL2EghSKrHi3Aoa With ...

Dr. Loomis:

Samuel Loomis/4-6 Timeline

Donald Pleasence Allan Warren edit.jpg

Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers Poster

Halloween (The Night He Came Home) - Michael Myers & Dr. Loomis -. Loading zoom

Why 'Halloween' Should Move on from Dr. Loomis

Dr Loomis and the Sheriff in John Carpenter's Halloween.

Dr. Sam Loomis. Halloween character. SamuelLoomis - Pleasence & McDowell.jpg

Halloween Sam Loomis

Sam Loomis/Halloween 2007

Still image from "Halloween"

Michael Myers Halloween Movie Dr. Loomis Laurie Was that the Boogeyman T-Shirt #Halloween #TShirt

Doctor Loomis' galleries

Dr. Sam Loomis [Voice Over] ...

Image is loading Michael-Myers-Halloween-Movie-Dr-Loomis-Must-be-

In 1989, Dominique Othenin Girard directed Halloween 5 ("The Revenge of Michael Myers"). The film stars Donald Pleasence as Dr Samuel Loomis once again, ...

Image is loading Halloween-Michael-Myers-Mask-adult-Costume-Movie-Prop-

... the Halloween film franchise. Simply entitled “Samuel Loomis” by artist Christopher Franchi, the design is a play on the Samuel Adams brand of beer, ...

Necessary Evil: Next Halloween Movie

Robert Englund As Dr. Loomis -New HALLOWEEN 2018 Movie

Sam Loomis

Halloween. Halloween2007.jpg


Dr. Loomis Is Actually The Sam... is listed (or ranked)


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Image: Halloween H20, Dimension Films

Halloween Michael Myers and Dr. Loomis 8\" Retro Mego Style Figure ...

Name: Samuel Loomis

Robert Englund Shoots Down Rumors of Playing Dr. Loomis in New 'Halloween'

... film franchise Halloween is certainly in the Horror Hall of Fame. But Myers would be nowhere as frightening without the classic character, Dr. Loomis.

John Carpenter on the set of Halloween in a rare publicity shot for the film .

Image 1 : Halloween II Dr. Malcom Loomis (Malcolm McDowell) Book Movie Props

New Halloween Movie Is Returning to an Iconic Location?

4:46 PM - 2 Feb 2015

“Halloween” 2018 Rumor Rundown: Trailer This May, No Dr. Loomis, 2 MICHAEL MYERS?

... until Doctor Loomis inevitably saves the day again. Like I said, the problem with this movie is it is simply a rinse, wash, and repeat of Halloween 4.

Marion in the Halloween franchise. Dr. Loomis and Marion

With each injury, Dr. Loomis becomes ever more determined to stop Michael once and for all! Halloween ...

Samuel Loomis From Halloween


halloween 5 michael dr. loomis. Published October 21, 2013 at 710 × 460 in ...

Despite starting off perfectly, the Halloween series becomes less scary with each film, succumbing to tonal inconsistencies, an emphasis on violence over ...

Donald Pleasence - Dr. Sam Loomis. “

I've never been the type to jump at petitions, or even support them, for that matter. I've always viewed petitions as hollow efforts.

Halloween: One Good Scare