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Born in France in 1905 Andre Marthe Virot was running a beauty

Born in France in 1905 Andre Marthe Virot was running a beauty


Born in France in 1905, Andrée Marthe Virot was running a beauty salon in the port city of Brest when the Nazis invaded in 1940. She joined the Resistance, ...

Members of the French Resistance stand armed behind a barricade during the Liberation of Paris from

German soldier with uneasy French civilians. Notice the look of the woman to the far

St Mihiel, France, Sept 1944: A German soldier, caught by the French

1944- French underground soldiers spread out map as they give Allied troops the exact location

Sonia Olschanesky (1923-1944). Born Chemnitz, Germany. French Resistance worker

In France, she conveyed groups of Jewish children to the Swiss border to be rescued. As part of the French Resistance, she helped create thousands of false ...

German soldiers passing a cafe in Paris, France

"Jane Blankenship was the face of a campaign to encourage more women to become scientists in the United States during the Cold War.

run little girl!

Dr. Mary Ellen Avery, Physician and Professor at Harvard Medical School, 1960

During her three years with the Resistance – during which she was known first as Agent X and then as Agent Rose – Andrée helped save the lives of more than ...

VIII Bomber Command conducted a raid on the U-boat base at Lorient, France

Crewmen of a French tank surrendering

Occupied Paris during WW2

Normandy, France, 1944: Local people butcher a dead horse for food. The

Heat of the moment: Sources claim Durie Malcolm and Kennedy went off and got married

A defendant at the trial of French underground members in a German military court. Paris


Andrée PEEL - Nom de code : Agent Rose dans A NOS ANCIENS agentrose-150x150

Prime Minister, Mr Winston Churchill, chats with Field Marshal Sir Alan Brooke, Chief

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Sent to Auschwitz-Birkenau with another two hundred French women prisoners, Dr. Adelaide Hautval, a devout Protestant, was housed with five hundred Jewish ...

German gunners bring around a FlaK 36 AA gun in the anti-tank role near Verdun, France, In the foreground the rangefinder is already taking a reading of the ...

Simone Schloss, a defendant at the trial of French underground members in a German military

Love and war in France [September 1944]

Virginia Hall: SHE'S BEAUTIFUL TOO - Virginia organized agent networks, assisted escaped prisoners of war, and recruited French men and women to run safe ...

In the summer of 1943, Myla Racine assumed command of an underground group affiliated with

After fleeing Paris in 1940, Lise de Baissac found herself in London and applied to

Brave: Eileen 'Didi Nearne operated as an undercover agent called 'Rose' in

Emily Warren Roebling, best known for her contribution to the completion of the Brooklyn Bridge.

Marie-Madeleine Bridou-Fourcade (1909-1989)

Lucie Bernard-Aubrac (1912-2007)

Les femmes dans la Résistance, une force vive.. ..mais oubliées !

Andrée Peel Women Heroes of WWII Andree Virot The Invasion of Brest Brittany

Eliane Plewman du Special Operations Executive (SOE

Paris 1944

Jacqueline — codename Designer — and her network chief, Maurice Southgate, parachuted into Occupied France

Civilians run for cover as German snipers open fire from buildings in Paris, 26 August

"Jeanne Daman, Belgium - The Belgian teacher who was outraged by the persecution of the Jews and joined a rescue network."

Meryl Streep as a French Resistance fighter in the 1985 film 'Plenty'

Born in Marseilles, France. Joined SOE in 1943, parachuted into France in 1943. Courier, Monk Circuit. Cover Identity Eliane Jacqueline Prunier, ...

[Photo] French resistance fighter being arrested, France, Jul 1944

“born as ANN LENNOX on December 25 1954 in Aberdeen, Scotland. She is better known as ANNIE LENNOX, a Scottish musician and recording artist.

Anne Morrow Lindbergh in Japan.The Manuscripts and Archives Digital Images Database (MADID)

In a Signal Corps photograph, a French resistance fighter whose nom de guerre was “

Marysia Ajzensztadt, also known as Miriam Eisenstadt, was a lyrical soprano born in 1921

Cato Bontjes van Beek (November 14, 1920 - August 05, 1943) - From the fall of 1940 she and her sister Mietje arranged help for French prisoners-of-war and ...

Beautiful wisdom

"I am a woman who enjoys herself very much; sometimes I lose, sometimes

Amy Elizabeth Thorpe, whose code name was "Cynthia" and who later used the

Scandalous women in British history

UK/FRANCE: Violette Szabo (1921-1945) ; Code named "Louise

Maggie Smith

Philippe Liewer (1911-1948) was a French SOE agent during WWII. War

Violette Szabo - SOE agent who spied for the British in occupied France

She courageously risked her own life and worked tirelessly to save Jewish children cornered by the Nazis in France.

Alexandra Daid Neel..she was the coolest explorer ever she was born in France

World War II : Unsung heroes of the French Resistance : Mother Elisabeth.

"In 1943, Maria von Maltzan, a German aristocrat, took Hans Hirschel,

British spy in WW2, wireless operator, reported on German troop movements, took part in French Resistance missions. Executed at Ravensbruck Concentration ...

Greta Garbo: In WWII worked w/MI6 on top intelligence missions; collected info

Andrée Peel Andree Marthe Virot Peel 1905 2010 Find A Grave Memorial

Betty Compson

Elie Wiesel

Mystery: Celina Choynacka (left) was a doctor who was held in Fort VII from March to September 1943 before she was sent to Auschwitz and Ravensbruck.

Pretty women wonder where my secret lies. I'm not cute or built to suit a fashion model's size But when I start to tell them, They think I'm telling lies.

Mila Racine a fait partie d'une filière pour convoyer des enfants et des adultes juifs vers la Suisse. Arrêtée par les Allemands, elle a été déportée vers ...

Uhhh i really dont know

Noor Inayat Khan - British spy in France during WWII - sadly did not survive.

Born in Warsaw, Poland, she lived most of her young life in Otwock.

Vichy Milice take charge of pows. 1944.

Grace Coddington - Interview photographed by Craig McDean, December/January

Denise Madeleine Bloch (1916–1945, Ravensbrück, Germany) was a French secret agent working with the British Special Operations Executive in World War II.

A French "Maquisard" resistance fighter, photographed by Carl Mydans for LIFE Magazine (

Liane Berkowitz - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Violette Szabo >>> A brave operative for the SOE in WWII, she was

Lise Marie Jeanette de Baissac MBE (1905–2004) was born in Mauritius of

French rescuers, Marie-Therese Maunier and Genvieve Maunier-Valentine, stand outside their

Lecoanet Hemant - Haute Couture - Spring Summer 2000

Instead, she prosecuted her attackers and used compensation money to start schools, a women's shelter and an ...

“It's difficult in times like these: ideals, dreams and cherished hopes rise within

DOSSIER: Diane Hope Rowden, daughter of Aldred Rowden and Muriel Christian Maitland-Makgill-Crichton, was born on 31 Jan 1915 in London, .

Marthe Cohn was born into an Orthodox Jewish family on April 13, 1920 in Metz, northeastern France, one of seven children. During World War II, ...

Amelia Earhart at sixteen, St. Paul Schools, Minnesota, 1914 Schlesinger Library,

October 14, 1905: Eugene Fodor born. He's best known as the author of

Doisneau- French Resistance fighter, 1944. La Resistance

Lily Renée Wilheim Peters Phillips, (born Lily Renée Wilheim, c. 1925,

Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel at age 15 (born September

Vali Racz was a Catholic Hungarian singer who forged a successful career in show business and made many Jewish friends. These friendships led her to hide ...

Katharine Hepburn

Winona Laduke Winona LaDuke is an Anishinaabekwe (Ojibwe) enrolled member of the Mississippi Band

Celia Bertin was born in Paris, Ile-de-France on 22 October 1920. Daughter of a boureois family, she was educated in Paris where she studied English ...

Sonja Wigert - Norwegian actress and anti-German spy.

Anne Frank, born June 12, 1929 in Frankfurt, Germany.

French civilians on the outskirts of St. Lo on July 25, 1944, cheer

Fredrik (Frits) Slomp, in het verzet Frits de Zwerver of ook wel Ouderling

20 Apr 1944, Santa Maria, Italy — Lifting Veil on End of World War II Spies. Herbesthal, Belgium: These official photographs, showing the execution of ...