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Bruce Murray American planetary scientist director of the Jet

Bruce Murray American planetary scientist director of the Jet


Former JPL Director Bruce Murray Dies at 81

Bruce C. Murray

Bruce Murray in a 1991 photograph.

From left: Television team members Robert Nathan (PhD '56), Bruce Murray, Bob Sharp, and Robert Leighton sweat out the arrival of Mariner 4's first picture ...

From left: Jim Westphal, Bob Wildey, and Bruce Murray with the liquid-hydrogen-cooled, mercury-doped-germanium detector they used to map Venus's heat ...

In Memory of Bruce C. Murray

Bruce Murray. (1931-2013) Former Director of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Bruce Murray studies a model of the Voyager, which successfully launched in 1977 while Murray was director of the Jet Propulstion Laboratory.

Seated on left with other Planetary Society Founders and enthusiasts in the 1970s.

Bruce Murray (left) and Carl Sagan, alongside Louis Friedman (not pictured) founded the Planetary Society in 1979. (Photo courtesy of Caltech/Jet Propulsion ...

Bruce Murray

Yuri Milner

Lead Program Scientist

Bruce C. Murray with a model of Voyager 1 in 1979. Sent in 1977 to Jupiter and Saturn, it is now on the solar system's edge. Credit David Strick

Mihaly Horanyi

Bruce C. Murray by Mary Caputo

Carl Sagan. Planetary Scientist

Remembering Robert Willard Farquhar

Research Scientist. Systems Engineer

Investigation Scientist

Mars Rover Curiosity's Next Destination Named for Planetary Science Pioneer (Video)

ET-94 paperwork

Portrait of Dr. Alan Stern, associate vice president of the Space Science and Engineering

Mariner 4 Television Experiment Team

Kevin Grazier - Grazier speaking at the 2013 WonderCon.

Kevin Grazier - Kevin Grazier in 2015

Bruce Murray | (1931-2013) Former Director of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory – Solar System Exploration: NASA Science

Art Donovan by Lucas Almonte

... writer and broadcaster, a professor at Arizona State University as well as the Director of BEYOND: Center for Fundamental Concepts in Science

Andrei Linde - Russian-American theoretical physicist, the Harald Trap Friis Professor of Physics at Stanford University; one of the main authors o…

Bill Nye

Jupiter from Juno's seventh perijove

Andrei Linde - Russian-American theoretical physicist, the Harald Trap Friis Professor of Physics

The First 50 Years of Planetary Science

Juling Crater

Carl Sagan Planetary Society.JPG

Ceres Limb

Co-Founder and Executive Director Emeritus, The Planetary Society; Consultant

Occator Crater Rim Landslides

Martin Lim

Earthlike Planets: Surfaces of Mercury, Venus, Earth, Moon, Mars: Bruce G. Murray: 9780716711490: Amazon.com: Books

This view from Curiosity's Mast Camera shows a sloping hillside within the ' Murray Buttes'

Bruce H Murray

"Murray Buttes" on Mars - steep knobs the Curiosity rover will traverse on its way to Mount Sharp (November 13, 2013).

Journey Into Space: The First Three Decades of Space Exploration (First Thirty Years of Space Exploration): Bruce C. Murray: 9780393307030: Amazon.com: ...

Add your article Full-Circle Vista from NASA Mars Rover Curiosity Shows ' Murray Buttes'

Dramatic hillside view showing sloping buttes and layered outcrops within of the Murray Buttes region on lower Mount Sharp from the Mast Camera (Mastcam) on ...

SETI close calls: The Wow! signal

Juno Flying Over The Great Red Spot on Perijove 7

Bruce Murray

Saturn on April 1, 2018: New storm

Curiosity's observation tray, sol 2078

'Murray Ridge' on Rim of Endeavour Crater on Mars

Quentin Smith - American contemporary philosopher, scholar and professor of philosophy at Western Michigan University

Lee Murray


James F. Bell, III - Astronomer and Planetary Scientist Jim Bell (Photo Credit

Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Denis Alexander - director of the Faraday Institute for #Science and #Religion at St

Nye's "Bill Nye the Science Guy®" television series originated in Seattle in 1993. After two years in syndication, it was seen weekdays on PBS, as well.

An opaque, globe-girdling dust storm greeted Mariner 9's arrival at Mars in November 1971. As the storm subsided, these three features appeared.

Claudia Alexander (1959-2015) was a research scientist specializing in geophysics and planetary

Raymond "Ray" Kurzweil - American author, inventor, futurist, and a director

Bruce Murray

If you observe the re-entry take note of your location, time and direction and inform ESA (so they can refine their monitoring of space debris) Update 2 Apr ...

Emily Lakdawalla - Emily Lakdawalla at the Lunar and Planetary Science Conference (2013, age

Journey Into Space: The First Three Decades of Space Exploration (First Thirty Years of Space Exploration): Bruce C. Murray: 9780393307030: Amazon.com: ...

Bruce C. Murray, Who Helped Earth Learn of Mars, Dies at 81 - The New York Times

Mariner 10 shot this ultraviolet view of Venus in 1974. The blue tint approximates how Venus's cloud-streaked atmosphere would appear to the human eye.

Kevin Grazier - Dr. Kevin Grazier shooting the episode "Science Fiction / Science Fact

Title: Tensegrity Engineering: Integrating the Design of Structure, Control, and Signal Processing

CURIOSITY SELFIE: A self-portrait taken by Curiosity at 'Murray Buttes' on lower Mount Sharp in September 2016. The panorama is made up of 60 images taken ...

More than four years after it landed on the Red Planet, NASA's Curiosity rover is still beaming back images of its explorations — including a brand-new ...

Bruce Murray, co-founder of the Planetary Society and former JPL director, dies at 81

Defending Our Planet, Featuring Dr. Amy Mainzer - The Planetary Post with Robert Picardo

Bruce Peabody, professor of political science at Fairleigh Dickinson University, explains what heroism teaches us about the divide between elite and public ...

Guido Münch

Robert Park - emeritus professor of #physics at the University of Maryland, College Park and former director of public information at the Washington office ...


Founders of The Planetary Society

The US space agency NASA's Curiosity rover that has been exploring Mars in search of life has beamed back 360-degree panoramic view of Murray Buttes on the ...

Martian North Pole with indication of a Polar Vortex. MARCI color mosaic on October 22

Much of the impetus for a NASA sail study in the 1970s — a $4 million effort at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in 1977 and 1978 — can be traced back to ...

Mars Multi-Rover Mission (1977)

Challenger referenced in the 1989 pages of PopSci

Cosmos: popularizing science on TV

Le Cassini Opera, sung by Robert Picardo. The Planetary Society

Ray Bradbury

AIAA LA-LV February Dinner Meeting

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Star Trek's 50th Anniversary at Comic-Con 2016 - The Planetary Post with Robert Picardo - YouTube

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 11th Sep, 2015. Director of NASA Planetary Science