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Bulldog Mom problems She sleeps all day after waking me at 3am

Bulldog Mom problems She sleeps all day after waking me at 3am


Bulldog Mom problems. She sleeps all day after waking me at 3am each night!

He actually makes me happy when he wakes me up in the middle of the night because of his snoring.

All day, everyday #bulldog #snoring

French Bulldog Advice: The Poop Issue

Although puppies take naps throughout the day, they still should settle into a deep sleep at night. Mustang_79/iStock/Thinkstock

Bulldogs are incredibly proud. And it's badass.

"What do you mean I'm a lot of work, Mom?"

Do not ill speak of Mother Russia.

'Hurting tremendously': Coco Austin shared the sad news of the death of her

Marvels Australian Bulldogs

Baby Phyllisity Ramm, pictured with her mother Kylie, has a condition called obstructive sleep

bull dog love.

It there was ever such a thing as a cute turd.

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Waiting for morning cartoons lolol XD we watch rick and morty usually in the morning and sometimes if they have been good , I'll put on pitbulls and ...

4 Different Dog Food And Treat Companies Issue Recalls Due To Potential Salmonella Contamination

Morning . . . . . #frenchie #frenchieoftheday #französischebulldogge #franskbulldog #frenchbull #fransebulldog #frenchbulldog #frenchiepuppy #dog ...


... to lose because once that dog lays down, there's no moving him. And he totally wants to sleep with his giant fucking head on MY pillow on MY side of the ...

Why am I suddenly not getting walks?

French Bulldog? Looks like Gigi.

"I stayed home sick today, mom called the school for me", French Bulldog having a sick day ❤

We tolerate each other.

Grady, the nocturnal Chihuahua

Long day a the Dog Park

Bulldogs are too smart for their own good.

French bulldog puppy dog figurine statue resin pet 8.5" l sleeping on side new

Acid Reflux in Dogs

Dangers of Sleeping with Dogs

You can't really tell, but her right eye was still swollen

How to stop a puppy from barking in his crate at night

15) “One night I realized my whole family was in the room with me but no one was holding the baby. Panicked, I yelled, 'Where's the baby?!

and we love him to pieces. He is the most energetic 10 year old dog ever, and though I know I won't have him as long as I had The Sam, ...

Retired Maggie.

A friend of Fidose, Terry Casillas of Gulfport, Mississippi, says that she has been sleeping with dogs almost her whole adult life.

Dodo's are what my daughter calls dogs. Mimi's are cats. Here is MJ wearing Tesla's cat costume hat.

09.46hrs – I find the time en route to share this wholly necessary piece of information.

French Bulldog Advice: Crating Your French Bulldog, Stubborn Issues and Crying Issues

I am slammed with book tour, but have so much respect for the collective wisdom of you all out there. . . Kasey is out there, needing our help.

Puffy but cute in her pink harness

They need to be tended to. bulldog creases

It was very peaceful. I don't believe it hurt.

That's it. That's what he does. Sits there and doesn't move and tries his best to catch my eye. If I try to block him from seeing my eyes with my foot, ...

Embarrassed by her red paws.


Blood in the Urine in Dogs

Coccidia in Dogs

See, Mom? I'm an angel.


Dog with Cherry Eye


Well everything is going great. Just thought that you would get a laugh with these pictures. We have been showing everyone these pictures of

7. Bulldogs ...

Gastroenteritis in Dogs

Here is the link to the doggy cupcakes my mom made me. They were so good! My mom used whipped cream on top instead though, because I really really like that ...

It was great to meet you . We arrived home He didn't make a single noise and slept the whole time. After you and Larry left the airport in Knoxville ...

Rocco The Bulldog Questions: Snoring & High Energy & Wee Pads On Balconies?

Get puppy to stop peeing in crate

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him to sleep with him last night; and since it was the first night wondering if he slept in a crate or just in a dog bed. Thanks Stephanie

I have no problem falling asleep. Within 5 minutes of getting comfy, I go to sleep. It's the wakeup call at 3 in the morning, after drinking all my water, ...

... eyes are leaving me more mombie than anything, but I wouldn't trade it for the world. She's here, she's ours and she has completed our little family.

He's usually not alone longer than 4 hours. rocco1.jpg

They can both stand up and turn around, and walk in a circle if they decide.

Cuddle buddies

During crate training, a choc lab puppy sleeps in a crate with face pressed against

She's sent a message out to other dog lovers (Image: Facebook/Jodie Marsh)

^Family naps. Oh I could just squeeeeze that face!

After Rocco joined me in my home, one of the goals I had was to make sure that I was trained properly in obedience training.

Jodie Marsh left "heartbroken" after pet bulldog Louie dies just days after she saved him from choking to death - Mirror Online

She gave him CPR (Image: Facebook/Jodie Marsh)

sleeping dog

introvert sleep secrets

Making sure your puppy gets plenty of exercise during the day and having a play session

There's nothing better than coming home to a loving & happy Bully.

Mastitis in Dogs

He wanted out around 3am, just so he could sleep curled up in my hair resting in Atlanta this morning. He has met Brie the little pom.

Being a dog owner is full of surprises. Like when you go on a walk and a cat scratches your dogs eyeball. That my friends is a $200 walk. BAM!

^The car ride back home after spending the day playing in Grandma and Grandpa's garden.



They tell me I get crazy eyes when I have my ball. I don't see it.

She stuck her fingers down his throat to save him (Image: Facebook/Jodie Marsh)

Calm Your Dog on the App Store

Bichon Frise Flynn wins BIS at Westminster

brain aging in dogs, senior dog personality changes, dog behavior change

edit: for those who may be wondering, ...

Until they hog the whole bed.

How to stop a puppy from barking in his crate

The Easter egg hunt Miss Pearl ended up with an Easter egg of her own and was not happy when we took it from her – We did give her some treats in its place

She worked for around eight minutes to save Louie's life (Image: Facebook/Jodie Marsh)

Jodie is Louie's hero (Image: Facebook/Jodie Marsh)

It was a glorious day, cool wind but sun out and in a nutshell just perfect. I sat on my blanket with Madam glued to me as usual and just watched all ...

I love basking in the warmth of the window-well.

Crate training the Golden Puppy