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Butterfly collected by Vladimir Nabokov 9 June 1941 HNM

Butterfly collected by Vladimir Nabokov 9 June 1941 HNM


Pinned butterfly from Vladimir Nabokov's personal collection.

June 1, 1941. Jackson, Tennessee Nabokov wrote to his mentor William Comstock at the Museum that most of his collecting “was done along the (more or less ' ...

Butterfly effect: Nabokov's gifts of love for sale

An Animated Look at Novelist Vladimir Nabokov's Passion for Butterfly Collecting

Evgeny Antufiev, Eternal Garden, 2017, installation view, room 3, z2o Sara Zanin Gallery, Rome

Historically collecting and pinning insects was widespread, and in the Victorian age a very popular

Nabokov's fascination with butterflies began as a child. His grandmother had been interested in natural science and engaged the distinguished professor of ...

Wallace Collection - Butterfly specimens showing Batesian mimicry, edible butterflies resemble (mimic) inedible

"Literature and butterflies are the two sweetest passions known to man." -- Vladimir Nabokov.

From the natural history cabinet of Alfred Russel Wallace; this incredible cabinet was famously discovered

Vladimir Nabokov with butterflies. Photo by Carl Mydans, 1958

Plebejus samuelis, m (from http://www.karnerblueforstatebutterfly.org/)


... my favorite line: “It is odd, and probably my fault, that no people seem to name their daughters Lolita anymore. I have heard of young female poodles ...


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Guy the Gorilla gets a new home as Natural History Museum showcases 4½billion years in stunning new exhibition

File:Dirce Beauty Colobura dirce.jpg

Vladimir Nabokov

... Lysandra ...

Nabokov wrote Lolita while travelling on butterfly-collection trips in the western United States that he undertook every summer. Véra acted as "secretary, ...

Frame By Frame Animation

Book Covers of Note October 2016

vladimir kush soul plexus tablo

[Collection of Fifty-Five Original Drawings of Cities and Villages in Spain and French Basque Country (Ainhoa), Including Madrid, Valencia, Murcia, ...

Butterfly mimicry in Danaoid Heliconiid butterflies (models on left and mimics on right in each pair):- - upper left: Mechanitis agaensis egaensis - upper ...

Vladimir Nabokov made several journeys west to hunt for butterflies, while taking notes for what would become his landmark novel, 'Lolita'


Butterflies with Typewriter Print on vintage Upcycled French English Dictionary Page

Amaranta would sigh, laugh, and dream of a second homeland of handsome men and beautiful women who spoke a childlike language, with ancient cities of whose ...

Philippe Halsman US writer Vladimir NABOKOV was a great collector of butterflies.

... Wilton Preserve posted a photo: Courtesy of Susan Coveney ...

Readers of Venus febriculosa will know that in 2009 after discovering Covering Lolita, Dieter Zimmer's online collection of covers, I sponsored a book cover ...

Vladimir Kush departure of the winged ship oil painting for sale; Select your favorite Vladimir Kush departure of the winged ship painting on canvas or ...

Vladimir Kush butterfly apple painting for sale - Vladimir Kush butterfly apple is handmade art reproduction; You can shop Vladimir Kush butterfly apple ...

I am easily won over by a conservatory with a sea view too and I sat here while Bookhound discussed the merits of a cased carp with an official who had been ...

Die Mutprobe. Roman. Deutsch von Susanna Rademacher.: Nabokov, Vladimir:

Salvador Dali BUTTERFLIES painting is shipped worldwide,including stretched canvas and framed art.This Salvador Dali BUTTERFLIES painting is available at ...

Nabokov is noted for his complex plots, clever word play, and use of alliteration. He gained both fame and notoriety with his novel Lolita (1955), ...

The Karner blue, an endangered butterfly indigenous to the Pine Bush, first identified by Vladimir Nabokov in 1944

Butterfly Print Butterflies On Antique Gramophone Print on upcycled Vintage Page

Nabokov's butterflies in first American edition of Lolita, 1958. Image via the Nabokov Museum

The Cambridge Companion to Vladimir Nabokov.pdf | Vladimir Nabokov | Lolita


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The Paradox of Intellectual Promiscuity: Stephen Jay Gould on What Nabokov's Butterfly Studies Reveal About the Unity of Creativity. “

Raven on Skull print on vintage (1850's) upcycled book page mixed media digital

Seuss's World War II Political Propaganda Cartoons – Brain Pickings

The Astrolabe Molluscs


Reading log 395

Photo by Peter Stackpole, LIFE, June 23,

Top 5000 Books of All Time 1–1000 – Bookadvice – Medium


Vladimir Nabokov

Voyage de la Corvette (atlas) 1833 217 - Hand-coloured illustrations of invertebrate marine animals from the phylum Mollusca, collected during a French ...

Limenitis populi Linnaeus, 1758 [Nymphalidae]: This is a stately Palearctic butterfly with a wingspan of 65–80 mm, dark brown with white marks and red ...

Butterfly in Love

Advertisement for Moorhead's graduated magnetic machine, One of the many electromagnetic devices which purported to cure various illnesses, Moorhead claimed ...

Interest groups in usa essays on music US Politics term papers (paper on Interest Groups: Interest groups date back to the year of when a young French ...

Sale 568 | Fine Books And Manuscripts by Leslie Hindman Auctioneers - issuu

Welcome to the official website of Charles Pendelton.

A selection of engravings from the drawings of plants collected by Joseph

Vladimir Nabokov.

Page 1, letter from Hutchison & Co Publishers, 1 December 1959. NAA:

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Kenzo x H&M Collaboration Collection Runway

Vladimir Nabokov, a Russian author also fully fluent in. English and in French

Vladimir Nabokov, Montreux, Switzerland, 1966. By Philippe Halsman.

Nabokov collage

Land Of Cervantes by Vladimir Kush.

The Cambridge History of Twentieth Century English Literature.pdf | Positivism | Modernism

Ada or Ardor by Vladimir Nabokov

She smuggled her translation out of Paris just ahead of the Nazis and published it in England in 1941. It was not released in Germany until 1948.

Gala and Salvador Dalí Cadaqués, Spain 1951 Hulton-Deutsch Collection:Corbis

The Birth of Commercial TV

Report on the SCIENTIFIC RESULTS of the Voyage of H.M.S. Challenger during the years 1873-

A Spanish version of Kafka's The Metamorphosis, illustrations (engravings) by José Hernández. Epilogue by Vladimir Nabokov. Galaxia Gutenberg (Barcelona ...

Contemporary Surrealists Collection

DNA barcoding Central Asian butterflies: Increasing geographical dimension does not significantly reduce the success of species identification

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9 Fairy Tales For Adults That Are WAY Better Than Disney

1robert houdin 1848


Toyen, The Sleeper closest thing to a self portrait some may argue

Salvador Dali >> Mysterious Mouth Appearing in the Back of My Nurse, 1941 | (Oil, artwork, reproduction, copy, painting).

Joseph Dalton Hooker, a British botanist, was born June 30, 1817. Hooker

Salvador Dali Paintings Butterfly Windmills | galleryhip.com - The .

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Eyes on Comet ISON #infovis