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Byzantine auxiliaries and mercenaries XIVXV Centuries t

Byzantine auxiliaries and mercenaries XIVXV Centuries t


Byzantine infantry: Right to left; Officer/Vargarian Guard, Bulgarian Mercenary, Peasant Levy (13th century). Osprey Publishing

10th Century Byzantine soldiers in scenes from the Book of Joshua

Byzantine Cuman mercenary

Pictures of Bulgar Warriors - History Forum ~ All Empires - Page 2

Byzantine peltast early 12th century 2. Varangian guardsman late 11th…

Manuel II Palaiologos Emperor of the Byzantine Empire, The Last Guardsman, 15th Century

Serbian auxiliary, 14th century, 2 Bulgarian auxiliary, 1345 century, 3 Serbian Knight, 15th century

Angus Mc Bride - Guerreros bizantinos - Siglo XIV

Byzantine Soldiers 12th and 13th Centuries

Angus McBride - warriors of Khazar khaganate - Alan, Khazar and muslim mercenary from Khwarazm.

byzantine auxiliary__11th century

Byzantine Cataphracts

... fully-armoured ...

Norman mercenaries gamble outside a brothel in Constantinople, 11th century

Image result for byzantine warrior 9th century

Varangian Warriors, Viking mercenaries in Byzantium, c.1000 AD

High-ranking Byzantine officer, court dress • Turkish mercenary, c. 12th

Christian Warriors of the Byzantine Empire, the Roman Empire during the Middle Ages.

наёмник рус 10 век

The Normans in the East (11th century CE.).

Roman-Byzantine army of Justinian the Great, VI Century AD.

Byzantine fresco of Joshua from the Hosios Loukas monastery, 12th to 13th century. A good view of the construction of the lamellar klivanion cuirass.

Pronoiarioi and Akritoi - Defenders of the empire in the 12th century

Roman and Byzantine Marching Camps

The Varangian Guard in Byzantium is one of the very few mercenary units whose history can be counted in centuries. The length of their service and the ...

The Cataphract armor of Byzantine Empire. #lol #funny #rofl #memes #lmao #hilarious #cute

byzantine units - Civilization Fanatics' Forums

Roman skoutatos, 10th century.

Footman soldier; Byzantine infantry;10th AD

6th century cavalry unit.

Roger de Flor is received by the Byzantine emperor. Entrance of Roger of Flower in Constantinopla (1888). Work of José Moreno Carbonero (Palace of the ...

Swedish and Finnish Soldiers, Mid-15th Century

Bulgarian foot soldier

Byzantine Military: Battle of Volturnus - Romans vs Franks

10 Fascinating Things You Should Know About The Varangian Guard.

Eastern Roman Horse-archer of the Byzantine Empire

Swiss mercenaries from the series "Scenes from the life of Medieval Germany."

Soldiers of Middle Europe 13th Century

SAGA Starter 4 Point Warband - Byzantines (The Last Romans)


the Morea garrison, 13th - 14th centuries

39. Second, the mercenaries ...

Roman and Byzantine Cavalry

The Byzantine 'Dark Age', 7th-8th centuries • Armenian aristocrat • Jacobite

Byzantine Draconarius, 6th Century 75mm Painted by Alex Marios Aggelakis

Manessis icon, S. Giorgio dei Greci, Venice, Ioannis Manessis, son of


The Gallowglass, an elite mercenary warrior in medieval Ireland, was a member of the Norse-Gaelic clans of Scotland in the High ...

... Bolghars, were semi-nomadic warrior tribes of Turkic extraction who flourished in the Pontic-Caspian steppe and the Volga region during the century.

Late Legionary - 5th century AD

Rebellion of the auxiliaries 2.

Late Roman auxiliary tribune, vexillarius and centurion

Historical Warrior Illustration Series Part XVIII

Deadliest Warrior Deathmatch: Byzantine Kataphraktoi: Warrior Bio (crazy good amount of info)

Graham Sumner - Oficiales bizantinos, c 1000 dC.

A Byzantine soldier in Turkish captivity after Manzikert

Russians capture Kazan from the Tatars (1552).

Byzantine cataphract clashes with Seljuk lancer. Likely 13th century.

Byzantine infantry reenactor

Thematic Byzantines

SZ01 Byzantine Warlord (1)

Byzantine Palace Guards - Late 13th Century confront a Knight of Frankish Greece.

Reenactor wearing the typical equipment of a late 3rd-century foot soldier. The helmet is a Niederbieber type, with cross-pattern reinforcing ridges on the ...

byzantine guards-alexios v-1204 ad

Byzantine infantryman, late X-early XI century.

The Komnenian Byzantine army or Komnenian army[2] was the force established by…

BZC11 Byzantine Light Cavalry Archers (4)

New Varangian Guard - Constantinople (personal bodyguards of the Byzantine Emperor)

Roman auxiliary soldier 3rd century AD

illustration by Christa Hook showing a Roman army warrior of the 4th century AD

A Uyghur woman and donor to the Buddha, from the Bezeklik Thousand Buddha Caves, Xinjiang, China, wall painting, 10th-11th century AD

Bilderesultat for Varangian Guard Vikings

Painting of people entering a building

Ottoman Empire 14th Century war uniform. This was one of the first uniforms warn during

byzantine army archer of emperor Justinian I in the century AD

Roman/Byzantine infantryman, VI Century AD.

Hippika schools, 2nd century AD

"Celtic marines in Romano-Byzantine service, 6th century AD", Angus McBride. "

Gothic mercenaries with Sarmatian-inspired equipment in Romano/Byzantine service, VI cent.

A 17th century depiction of Attila from Ungarische Chronica written by German writer Wilhelm Dilich

The Danube Limes - Protecting the Roman Balkans

byzantine light infantry

Portrait of two 'Efe / Zeybek' (the local 18th-19th century people's

Italian army commander, mid-14th century • Austrian man-at-arms, mid-14th century • English bowman, mid-14th century

Roman Auxiliary Archer, 2nd century CE.

The career summary in the inscription shows that Severus joined the auxiliary regiment cohors I Alpinorum, rising from eques (common cavalryman) through ...

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Normans and Anglo-Saxons

Tenth century Byzantine frontier-soldier. These units were largely native troops (non-

Thus, although it continued the Roman state and maintained Roman state traditions, modern historians distinguish Byzantium from Ancient Rome insofar as it ...

The Cretean mercenary archer of the auxiliary parts of the Roman army, 1st century BC

"Sea People" Sheridan Mercenary Versuch einer Darstellung, wie könnten die Seevölker ausgesehen haben

The Byzantine Empire between the 6th and late 9th centuries, including the themes as of c. 900. The scattered and isolated imperial possessions around the ...

Late Byzantine "Drougarios"