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CPR Co SS Princess May wrecked on Sentinel Isl Alaska City

CPR Co SS Princess May wrecked on Sentinel Isl Alaska City


SS Princess May 3c33388u.jpg. Princess May aground on Sentinel Island ...

... Collected photographs; C.P.R. Co. S.S. Princess May wrecked on Sentinel Isl. Alaska. Open original Digital object

... Collected photographs; C.P.R. Co. S.S. "Princess May" wrecked on Sentinal Is, Alaska, Aug 5 1910. Open original Digital object

Wreck of the "Princess May," August 5, 1910 :: Museum of

SENTINEL ISLAND, AK - Postcard sowing the C.P.R. "Princess May" after ground on Sentinel Island Reef in Alaska on April 11, 1910. Remained in this position ...

Postcard, Real Photo, S. S. Princes May, ship wreck, Sentinel Island, Alaska


SS Princess Sophia circa 1912

S.S. Princess May wrecked on August 5, 1910, Sentinel Island, Alaska - Stock

BC - C.P.R. SS "Princess Royal" underway on the BC coast. Built in

"C.P.R. Co. SS Princess May Wrecked on Sentinel Island, Alaska, Aug

Princess Sophia at Alert Bay, BC. A typical scene of a coastal liner calling

ANYOX, BC - Photo postcard c.1907-1914, showing the C.P.R. "Princess May" docked at what is now the ghost town of Anyox, which was abandoned in 1935.

Princess May aground, as seen from Sentinel Island.

Princess Sophia grounded on Vanderbilt Reef, Thursday 24 Oct 1918, showing the navigation buoy

SS Cottage City, moored at Skagway, AK 67 ...

Wreck of the Princess Sophia. This is on the south side of Vanderbilt Reef,

SS City of Seattle, arriving at Ketchikan, AK 52 ...

SS Delhi, wrecked on Straits Island ...

Wreck ...

SS ...

Princess Sophia on Vanderbilt Reef, Thursday, 24 October 1918. This photograph should be compared with the modern color image of the warning light on ...

Wreck of S.S. Beaver

After the wreck of Princess Sophia, a navigational beacon was placed and maintained on Vanderbilt

Princess Sophia on Vanderbilt Reef, 11:00 hrs, Friday 25 October 1918. This photograph is usually seen only in a cropped, close-up version.

SS Normandie

Union Steamship Co. "Catala" wreck

Steamship Beaver wrecked on Prospect Point, first Steamer on Pacific, 1835

Princess Sophia departing Victoria c. 1915 with troops bound for the Great War

Union Steamship Co. "Catala" wreck

SS Cottage City, Skagway Harbor, AK 66 ...

HMS "Sentinel" Cruiser. Mechanic's training ship. c

SS Island Princess - Image: Daily (steamboat)

Edition of 'The Morning Bulletim', (Edmonton, Alberta - Canada) on 28 October 1918, reporting the tragedy of the SS Princess Sophia.

["Prince Rupert" wrecked on Genn Island]

Steamship Beaver

Wreck of the SS Curacao near Culebra Island ...

SS ...

[Accident, freighter "Norwich City" after collision with Second ...

[Damage to bow of the S.S. "Charmer"]

SS City ...

SS City ...

[Starboard view of shipwreck of "Prince ...

[Samson V' Sternwheeler after burning and sinking]

Wreck of the SS Curacao near Culebra Island in Tonowak Bay 72; 73.

[Accident, freighter "Norwich City" after collision with Second ...

SS Alaska ...

1910s LITHO - C.P.R. Steamer Princess Victoria - January 1910

SS Princess Kathleen (1924)

SS Cottage City ...

1910 CARIBOU ALASKA City View Yukon Territory Photo Postcard

Photo: Princess Anne ship,PRINCESS ANNE,1910-1915,water,people

City of Sacramento (steamship).jpg

1964 Press Photo Bridge in Seward, Alaska Wrecked by Earthquake, Tidal Waves

SS Island Princess - Island Princess

SS Princess Alice 1912.jpg

C-1910 KASSAN ALASKA Waterfront HTT CO postcard 2989

SS City ...

Juneau ALASKA RP c1910 GOLD MINE Mining A.J. GOLD MINING CO. MILL Grohman Photo

SS Princess Kathleen (1924) - Another photograph of the sinking

SS ...

SS Prince Rupert

SS Princess Beatrice - Princess Beatrice aground on Noble Island, October, 1911.

Wrangell, Alaska - Overview of Wrangell

Wrecked 15 February 1930. Peacock Spit, WA. Photograph by Charley Fitzpatrick of North Beach. From the archives of the S. P. H. S.©

Photo of Stereograph,On Sentinel Point,Grand Canyon,Arizona,AZ,Sightseer

News of the tragedy in the newspaper of the time.

Princess Royal (1907 steamship)

Wreck of the AL-KI

SS Princess Marguerite

SS Princess Adelaide

SS Princess Beatrice


ADVENT, two days after her wreck. Original photo from the archives of the S.P.H.S.©

SS Cardena

Loss of S.S. BERTHA 18 July 1915. Photographer unknown. Original photo from the archives of the S.P.H.S.©

YOSEMITE Port Orchard Narrows.

ST MICHELS, AK Alaska SCHOOL HOUSE BEAR on Tether c1910s Postcard

WRECKS ❖ SHIPS A-B (12) ❖ ❖

M.F. PLANT undated photo from the S.P.H.S.

SS Princess Helene - Image: SS Princess Helene postcard


MV Princess of Acadia (1971) - The Princess of Acadia loading in St.

Two others may be by North Beach photographer C. Fitzpatrick.

VAZLAV VOROSKY wreck. The buckets of lard on the beach in top photo. The lower in this duo shows the. Lifeboat crews alongside,

1910 Ketchikan Alaska, Wrangle PPC to Grand Rapids MI, Onboard Princess May Ship

Catala in Vancouver, 1925

USS Alameda (ID-1432)

MV Princess of Acadia (1971) - MV Princess of Acadia, Saint John,

SS Princess Mary

Wrangell AK Town View H.H. Tammen Postcard c1915

SS Catala - Catala aground on Sparrowhawk Reef, off the coast of British Columbia some

Patty J August 8, 2009 U S Coast Guard Photo Air Station Sitka

1910 - 1920 Photo (8x10) of Alaska Library

Schooner Pioneer closest to the dock with two Pumpkin Fleet boats alongside