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California Karelians About the Karelian Bear Dog Breed History

California Karelians About the Karelian Bear Dog Breed History



Karelian Bear Dog #puppy - Karjalankarhukoira

Karelian Bear Dog

Karelian Bear Dog

Karelian Bear Dog ❤️

Karelian Bear Dogs : Glenbrook Farm, Growers of Select Hostas & Companion Plants

Karelian bear dog pup

Wind River Bear Institute - Meet the Team | Karelian Bear Dog Information | Pinterest | Rivers, Bears and The o'jays

Karelian Bear Dog Laying down in the Snow

Baby Karelian. Bear DogsSnow ...

Karelian Bear Dog is a very versatile dog. But it is primarily intended for hunting bears, foxes and moose. It is also called and Karjalankarhukoira.

#Karelian #Bear #Dog - a rare dog breed from Finland. Hunts big

karelian bear dog - looks like our Zero

Photo of adult Karelian Bear Dog

California Karelians: About the Karelian Bear Dog Breed. History about the KBD in the

Karelian Bear Dog

Today, the Karelian Bear Dog is one of the 10 most common dog breeds in Finland. In Finland, its country of origin, it is spelled Carelian, with a C. In the ...

karelian bear dog are some of the coolest dogs in the world, originally bred to hunt bears!

Archeological records show that dogs very similar to the modern Karelian Bear Dog have existed in

Remy's mom says: Remy was imported from Croatia as a show prospect pup. She is a Karelian bear dog, which is a rare breed. Remy is extremely energe

Shaun PuddesterProfessional Angler | Guide

Karelian Bear Dog

Both the American Rare Breed Association and the Primitive Aboriginal Dogs Society (PADS) list the Karelian Bear Dog among the primitive breeds.

karelian bear dog in garden ! - YouTube

20 of the World's Rarest Dog Breeds

California Karelians: About the Karelian Bear Dog Breed. History about the KBD in the US and the initiation of the KBD/REL controversy in the US a…

Picture of a Karelian Bear Dog

2 Top Dog Canada 2012 was the Karelian Bear Dog named Tsar Shadow's I

Karelian Bear Dogs Dog Breeds Breeders Usa Puppies For Sale In California Australia

karelian bear dog

Karelian Bear Dog - Karjalankarhukoira


It does not take a Karelian long to learn that once they locate a "victim", we want them to return to us and take us back to the victim, a relatively ...

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California Karelians: Bear Dogs in action

Karelian bear dog - Alliances Create Winners at the 2012 World Dog Show | Best In

Karelisn pups.

Karelian Karelian Bear Dog Pictures Breed

Karelian Bear Dog (relaxed tail) - Karjalankarhukoira

There is a well-studied theory among biologists that differing personalities provide a survival benefit for a species. Just as in humans, if all individuals ...

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We at California Karelians live with KBDs indoors and out. This breed does need exercise and time to freely interact with its surroundings to stay healthy ...

Karelian Bear Dog

Photo of Karelian Bear Dog puppy

Karelian Karelian Bear Puppies Breed

Three Black Karelian Bear Dogs

Sullivan Bear Dog, who looks black and white like a border collie but actually a

Begin by introducing the puppy to a variety of new stimuli, such as new noises, people, and toys. You are looking for the puppy's reactions.

During this phase, spend as much time as you can with your puppy, and take her with you as much as possible. Time your puppy spends bonding with you--and ...

Karelian Bear Dog


KARELIAN BEAR DOG Karjalankarhukoira

Karelian F Breed. The Karelian Bear Dog ...

The Karelian Bear Dog (or KBD) is a medium-sized dog prized and bred over time for its keen natural instincts and fearlessness. Considered a spitz-type ...

Two white and black Karelian Bear Dogs are standing inside of a chain link fence.

Ed and Patti RyanHappy Karelian Owners

Karelian Bear Dog

"Luchik, at five months, is a puppy with the tenacity of a full-grown working dog and an attention span for learning unknown to me in previous breeds.

Karelian Karelian Bear Dog On The Grass Breed

Dakota Dakota Dakota Dakota

Karelian Bear Dogs - Tsar Shadow Kennels, Karelian Bear Dogs.


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Left Profile - A black and white Karelian Bear dog is standing on land next to

Karelian Bear Dog

The third phase, which I call field work, should only commence once the puppy has successfully learned the basic obedience skills.

Dakota Dakota Dakota Dakota

As your puppy matures, you can very gently introduce him to such words as "come" or "sit", rewarding profusely for the slightest correct behavior.

A black with white Karelian Bear Dog is standing on a sidewalk being posed by a

Ed and Patti RyanHappy Karelian Owners

Dakota Dakota Dakota Dakota

History Named for his ability to hunt and provide protection from bears, the Karelian Bear Dog is bold enough to go after large game such as elk, ...

Dakota Dakota Dakota Dakota

How to Train Your Dog for the Trails

Breed Info. Karelian Bear Dog

Close Up upper body side view - A black and white Karelian Bear Dog is wearing

Sullivan Bear Dog, who looks black and white like a border collie but actually a

Karelian Bear Dog

A black and white Karelian Bear puppy is laying down on a hardwood floor wearing a


Dakota Cassie, Tor and Dakota

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Karelian Karelian Bear Dog Program Breed

Training a Karelian Bear Dog

Outdoors Karelian Bear Dogs

Dakota Cassie ...

After World War II, when the Russians began to selectively breed their dogs based on color, the Russians named their red-grey or grey dogs West Siberian ...


Having evolved to survive in harsh terrains, today's Karelians possess high intelligence and situational awareness. Karelian Bear Dogs make excellent ...