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Captain Lord Edward O39Bryen d 1808 in naval uniform was a

Captain Lord Edward O39Bryen d 1808 in naval uniform was a


1780 england marine uniform - Midshipman

Sir Joshua Reynolds - Capt. Philemon Pownall in naval uniform

Captain Sir George Ralph Collier, 1774-1824 - National Maritime Museum · Navy UniformsMilitary ...

“Captain Sir Charles Christopher Parker by T.

Rainer had an illustrious career in the Royal Navy, serving in the Pacific, the West and East Indies, and in India.

Rear-Admiral George Cockburn (1772-1853), by John James Halls - Sir George Cockburn, 10th Baronet - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Peter Alexander Hay - Captain William Gordon Rutherford | da irinaraquel

"Admiral Augustus Keppel" (1779) by Sir Joseph Reynolds, National Maritime Museum. "

Captain Sir Thomas Masterman Hardy, - National Maritime Museum - his adolescent name is carved into a bench in the church Hall (then a school) in Crewkerne, ...

Best Uniform - Page 214 - Armchair General and HistoryNet >> The Best Forums in

Marine Officer 1805

Portrait of a man in an ornate naval uniform festooned with medals and awards.

The Duke of Wellington by Francisco Goya, 1812–14

Patron of the Brazilian Navy Joaquim Marques Lisboa, Marquis of Tamandaré, in 1873.

As the title 'Captain' was given to any officer who commanded a ship,

think these are French marines .

Portrait of a Naval Captain- Martin Archer Shee (c. 1790s) (

NAP- France: Les Equipages del Empereur 1804-1808, by Michel Pétard.

The Marines uniforms of the day. (taken from 'Britain's Sea Soldiers: Vol 1 by Cyril Field RMLI).

Royal Navy captain's undress uniform of around 1805............. ................................♥...Nims...♥

The First Regiment of Foot Guards SOLDADO- 1808. Más en www.elgrancapitan.

Continental Navy 1776 - 1777 - Lieutenant, Midshipman, Captain, and Seaman

Spain; Line Infantry Regiment Valencia, Captain, 1808

1808 'The sailor's will and his power or a picture of Portsmouth point.'

Rear-Admiral Frederick William Fane Hervey (1863–1951), 4th Marquess of Bristol / Arthur Stockdale Cope


Napoleon's Sea Soldiers 1-Sailor,44e Equipage, Spain 1810-11 2-

Commodore of the East India Company, Sir William James- Joshua Reynolds (1784

Uniforms of the United States Navy, 1810-1815 from top to bottom, left to right: Line Officers - Midshipman - Lieutenant - Master Commandant - Captain ...

General Sir Thomas Stirling of Ardoch and Strowan (d.1808), Bt,

holdhard: “ Sir Henry Cameron-Ramsay-Fairfax-Lucy Bt, as a Major in the Life Guards by Alfred Edward Borthwick ”

Uniforms of the United States Navy, 1800-1808 by CdreJohnPaulJones.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Hugh Evelyn - Cavalry Uniforms of the British Captain royal horse guard 1813

Portrait of Commodore Augustus Keppel c.1754. Sir Joshua Reylolds b.1723 d

Monsieur le Rosbif & Johnny Frog: Lieutenant "Leaping" Larry Lightfoot

Royal Navy Uniforms Extant Garments - Captain's Dress Coat (Pattern 1812)

United States Naval Officers and Seamen Dress Uniforms 1812-1815

ROYAL NAVY - Nostromo Artigliere sulla HMS Ajax

EJERCITO+BRITANICO+1808-18150009.jpg (1110×1600)

24th Foot

Painting of an elderly man in a wig, wearing naval uniform and holding a sheet



Esercito spagnolo 1808 (60)

"Captain Sir Peter Parker" (John Hoppner, oil on canvas, In the Royal…

Sir Edward Berry Captain RN Rear Admiral Sir Edward Berry, 1st Baronet, KCB (1768 - 13 February 1831) was an officer in Britain's Royal Navy primarily known ...

Westfalia and Kleve-Berg 1-Grenadier of the guard 2-

Sir Edward Berry Captain RN Rear Admiral Sir Edward Berry, 1st Baronet, KCB (1768 - 13 February 1831) was an officer in Britain's Royal Navy primarily known ...

In April of 1808, Sir George Prevost arrived at Halifax bringing with him 3,000 soldiers. The troops sent with Prevost were meant to reinforce both Bermuda ...

The Napoleonic Wargamer: Uniforms: Prussian Landwehr

Prussian Generals 1808-15

Sir Alexander Milne (1808–1896) was concurrently KCB (civil division) and GCB (military division); he is pictured wearing both sets of insignia.

At the age of 14 he ran away from home to join a merchant ship. In 1804 he was in the East India Company's ship Marquis Cornwallis, which the government ...

“ Uniforms of the Royal Navy " ….. Circa 1850

Riflemen, 1813 (c). Coloured etched aquatint by J A Atkinson. Regular units

Les uniformes des officiers de la Marine française entre 1804 et 1814.

(Gordon Highlanders) uniforms - Officers and Colonel -

Rear Admiral George Murray.jpg

Napoleon's uniforms and epaulets - Napoleon's Grenadiers a Pied uniform/ Center of the Cross of the Légion d'honneur (Legion of Honour) of the First French ...

Private, 40th Regiment of Foot, Nova Scotia, 1742

Napoleon's Sea Soldiers

Reproduction oil paintings - Sir Joshua Reynolds - Portrait of Hugo Meynell (1735-1808

Italian Dragoon Regiments 1808-1813

This uniform, which belonged to Admiral Sir William Cornwallis illustrates the principal changes to uniform regulations for the year include the change in ...

Sir George Prevost with sword from Nova Scotia House of Assembly to commemorate his victory at Martinique. Painting by Robert Field, The Halifax Club, ...


Royal Naval uniform: pattern 1825 look at how small it is!

Prussian uniforms from the Napoleonic Period - Google Search ( 1.) Silesian Fusilier,

This jacket was worn by Lieutenant William Polhill who served with the regiment during and was present at Waterloo.

British Royal Navy Uniform, 1795 pattern, Reproduction.

The peaked cap continues to be used with the Royal Canadian Navy's service dress uniform.

“Captain the Hon John Tollemache, RN English School, in the Great Hall at Ham House

Back of Admiral Lord Nelson's undress coat that he wore at the battle of Trafalgar, Royal Naval pattern National Maritime Museum Greenwich

Soldier of 8th Regiment, 1742

La Marina 1808

25 Danish gunboats attacking the HMS Africa a third-rate ship of the line of the english Royal Navy, on the october 1808

French Artillery Train Uniform 1808 NAP- France: El Tren de Artilleria Ejercito Frances 1808

Thomas Henry Nicholson, Fragment Cut from a Larger Sheet: A Soldier in 18th Century Uniform date not known

Lieutenant General Sir Thomas Bradford depicted in uniform as colonel of the regiment circa 1825

The Drummond Children Sir Henry Raeburn (British, Stockbridge, Scotland Edinburgh, Scotland) Date: ca. Medium: Oil on canvas Dimensions: 94 x 60 in. x 153 ...